Dwg fatal error unhandled

dwg fatal error unhandled

Have you been getting this error. One thing I have found online is that this error can occur if our Registry has an odd entry. This error can be caused by a variety of issues. Some of the most common triggers are incorrect LAN settings, missing Windows and AutoCAD. If the problem is one file, fix the one file, it's not an AutoCAD issue: RECOVER command, or AUDIT command, or WBLOCK out the content you want. dwg fatal error unhandled

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fatal error unhandled e06d7363h exception at autocad 2018

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Runtime error r6034 winamp

I was working with Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2007 when I started to get this error, dwg fatal error unhandled. After a couple of times I noticed that it happened when I clicked on the File menu. I did not want to reinstall and wondered what it could be. Other menues worked well so I thought about the Drawing History. I started to set Options>Open and Save>File Open>Number of recently-used files to list to 0 and restarted ADT. Now I could access the File menu. It also helped to delete this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\AutoCAD\R17.0\ACAD-5004:409\Recent File List
I can reproduce the error editing the key File1. When it is C:\ADT2007 ABC spaces construct.dwg it crashes. This is a non existing drawing. When changed to C:\test.dwg that also is non existing it does not crash. What if it was related to the lenght. I tried C:\12345678901234567890123.dwg and it crashed and C:\1234567890123456789012.dwg without getting a crash. Dwg fatal error unhandled well.
But I want the history and I want to be able to use names with more than 17 characters including .dwg. I've used files with names like this before and it worked so it's probably something else related to this problem. Still not satisfied I searched the Knowledge Base and found
TS1061587that was about the same error message but the issue was not related. I tried to enable hardware acceleration as the solution was and what do you know. It solved the problem. For a moment. Then it returned again. Workaround found but not satisfied with it. Let's see if the ADT Error Report's I sent in to Autodesk helps. If you know of a solution please add a comment.
Update! The problem has started to happen in AutoCAD 2007 as well.
2007-04-07 Update!
A solution is found. See this
KB document. This
error will occur if an incorrect version of a Microsoft DLL file MFC80U.DLL
exists on the computer.
2007-10-25 Update. Shaan posts about AutoCAD crashes when the File menu is accessed

Hi Racerman,

This error may occur if the value of the variable VIEWRES is too high. You may try the following steps and check if it works.

To resolve this error:

1. Click Start and type CMD in start search
2. Right Click CMD in Program list and select run as Administrator.
3. Enter VIEWRES on the command line.
4. Press ENTER when prompted for Fast Zooms.
4. Enter 100 when prompted for Circle Zoom Percent.

If the issue persists you may have to get in touch with Auto Cad forum for more help.

For more information, you may refer the following link:

Note:  Using Third Party Software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from booting properly, dwg fatal error unhandled. Microsoft cannot guarantee that any problems resulting from the use of Third Party Software can be solved. Using Third Party Software is at your own risk.

Hope this information is helpful.

Praseetha. K.
Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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AutoCAD crashed, dwg fatal error unhandled, and you saw an error message similar to the following:

Fatal Error: Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x70d94980 Exception at fb8a7664h

Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x70d94980 Exception at fb8a7664h



You may also have seen a message similar to this one: FATAL ERROR:Unhandled e0434352h Exception at fd5ba06dh




We've been seeing this issue from time to time with AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 installations. A quick fix from AutoCAD Service Pack 1 will take care of the problem.



AutoCAD cannot continue

1. You might see the error message pictured to the left as well.


Click No to close the error message.




2.Follow this link to Autodesk's AutoCAD 2017 Service Pack 1 page.




Click the correct AutoCAD 2017 SP1 version

3. Scroll down on the Service Pack 1 page until you see the download options pictured to the left.


Click the correct AutoCAD 2017 SP1 version for your computer (64-bit or 32-bit).

This step will actually require you to download and install two separate files When you click the download link, your browser will either prompt you to download multiple files or open a secondary pop-up window, which may be easily overlooked or hiding behind the browser. (What you see will depend on your browser settings.) You may need to poke around a bit to find them. See the images below for examples.


Using Google Chrome? You should see a message that the Autodesk site wants you to download multiple files. Click Allow.

Allow downloads

Using Mozilla Firefox? You'll have two download windows, which may or may not be hidden behind the browser window. Click Save File in each message.

two download windows



4. The following two files will download to your computer:

  • AutoCAD_2017_SP1_Part_2_Genuine
  • AutoCAD_2017_SP1_64bit


Take note of the file names, and save the files in a location where you autocad fatal error unhandled e06d7363h exception find them easily.




5. Run each of the files you downloaded. Allow a few minutes for the Service Pack to install and repair your installation.

Run each of the files you downloaded




the service pack was installed successfully

6. You'll see a message that the service pack was installed successfully. Click OK.




You should now be able to use AutoCAD 2017 or AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 without getting the error.



Try the following solutions to resolve this behavior, dwg fatal error unhandled. Test AutoCAD after each.

Install the latest updates for AutoCAD

Install the latest AutoCAD updates. Downloads are available in the Autodesk Account in the Product Updates section.
Note: For versions 2018, make sure to install also the Autodesk License Service (x64) - 5.1.5 Hotfix.

Install the latest Windows updates

Make sure that your version of Windows has all the available updates provided by Microsoft.

Update the graphics cards drivers and configure your graphics settings

Check Autodesk Certified Graphics Hardware to see if the current video card installed in the machine is listed there.

If it is, install the video drivers mentioned in the list, otherwise try installing the latest graphics driver available from the specific card manufacturer's website. 
If you are using a laptop with dual graphics card, make sure to configure the software to use the high-performance graphics card. See How to dwg fatal error unhandled Autodesk software to use high-performance graphics.

Update Microsoft .NET Framework

Check the Microsoft .NET Framework Download Page for the latest recommended version.
Download and install it to see if it helps with the crashing.

Install the Autodesk License Hotfix (versions 2014/2015)

Install the Autodesk Licensing Hotfix - POODLE SSL v3 vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566) to potentially resolve any errors when launching.

Confirm that the LAN and firewall settings are correct

  1. Go to the Windows Control Panel and search for "Internet Options."
  2. Select the "Connections tab."
  3. Click "LAN Settings."
  4. Deselect all options.
  5. Go to Windows Firewall.
  6. Be sure the necessary Autodesk URLs and protocols are white-listed. See Which URLs/Protocols need to be white listed for Autodesk subscription Licenses.

Reset AutoCAD to default

Use the following guide to reset AutoCAD to default settings: How to reset AutoCAD to defaults

If the problem persists, continue to troubleshoot using the solutions in AutoCAD randomly crashes or freezes, dwg fatal error unhandled.
Perform a Clean Uninstall to resolve an improper or corrupted installation. 

Windows Event Viewer 

Look for .dll file failure and consider repairing/reinstalling it.

Note. If the above steps don't work out it may be due to Windows operating system being corrupt and requires reimage of the windows OS. dwg fatal error unhandled Digital SignatureUse the following guide to disable Digital Signature.



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