Dma-driver error. crc error

dma-driver error. crc error

If the 16 LSB of this value - DEFC - are corrupted, a CRC error is triggered, so INIT will drive Low and the CRC_ERROR bit in the status. The CRC error counter indicates that the drive has poor. SATA DVD-Burner problem (DMA-Driver error, CRC error) I bought a new Samsung SH-S203D SATA burner a few days ago, but can't get it to burn.

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Dma-driver error. crc error
Dma-driver error. crc error
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Hard Drive Ultra DMA CRC Error Count

Basically CRC errors are caused by bad sectors or because the drive is not communicating with the computer. CRC tests the data pattern that's on the disk and looks for "illegal" patterns, dma-driver error. crc error, meaning that the data has been corrupted. There's several reasons this could happen and those include both physical errors (bad sectors) and logical errors (like a power outage that scrambled things).

The ultra DMA CRC error count indicates problems with the transfer of data between the host and the disk. They can't be dma-driver error. crc error by software, and they don't indicate a problem with the disk itself. So personally I would reseat all of the drive cables and if the numbers continue to climb, then I'd try using different cables.

If you're concern about the health of the drives, you can run WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics tool on your HDDs to see if any errors or bad sectors are detected. In case you decide to run an extended test backup your data first, because if the software finds any problems it will try to fix them automatically. You can download it from here:

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Solved DMA-driver error, CRC error [While Burning]



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Vista Home Prem 32bit SP1
It has no jumpers on the back of the drive and is connected as Master on the only IDE port I have on my motherboard. (It's a Non-SATA drive)

If there are no jumpers installed, then it is likely being picked up as Master through the CS (Cable Select) mechanism. Try forcing the drive to master by installing a jumper onto the Master position.

Also, dma-driver error. crc error, reboot your computer and enter the BIOS, and make sure that the DMA settings for the IDE controller are all set to AUTO.

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Can a faulty RAM cause a Ultra DMA CRC Error?

I just upgraded my laptop's RAM yesterday and some weird things are happening because the memory module I bought on my local computer store is defective. Since the RAM isn't working properly, everytime I boot my laptop, it'll just turn off right after the Welcome screen of Windows 7.

I decided to take a look at my Hard Drive's SMART status and was surprised that the "UltraDMA CRC Error Count" reads 3...and it all happened ever since I slapped that faulty memory module into my laptop.

Right now, I was able to get my RAM replaced with a working one and decided to stress test my RAM and run a full surface scan on my hard drive with the "HD Tune Pro" utility. No errors on both RAM and hard drive.

Is it really possible that a faulty RAM could cause my HDD to get Ultra DMA CRC Errors?

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