Dll errors free fix

dll errors free fix

DLL-files Fixer. Fix Missing DLL files error · Run the built-in System File Checker tool to replace missing or corrupted operating system files · Run the DISM tool. DLL Suite is a fantastic Windows 10 DLL fixer as it can fix DLL errors, repair them. SYS BSOD, restore the missing DLL and.

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Softice start failure error code 31
Qnap vpn error 619
dll errors free fix

If you have ever tried to play any PC game or run any windows application, dll errors free fix, you might have noticed a pop-up stating some xxx.dll file is missing. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library, which is a Windows built program collection that is loaded into the memory while running an application. The missing DLL errors are referred as DLL Hell and you need to know about the DLL Fixer software out there.

Whenever a DLL error window pops up, most of us download that missing DLL file from the internet and run the program. But, have you ever wondered about the existence of a DLL fixer software.

Free DLL fixer software runs a deep scan into the registry to find out the problem and tries to fix it. If a specific DLL file is found missing, it downloads that corresponding DLL file and minimises your efforts to correct the error. Here, we have brought you the best DLL fixer software that is trustworthy and helpful to the people who face these DLL errors most commonly.

Top 10 DLL Fixer Software

DLL Tool

DLL Tool is a DLL file fixer that detects any missing DLL file and restores them straight away, dll errors free fix. You can clean your registry by dll errors free fix in depth and ensure protection from any crashes, dll errors free fix. Apart from fixing DLL files, it also resolves the errors with EXE, SYS, DRV, dll errors free fix, and FONT files. It blocks any malicious ActiveX and provides security to your PC.

DLL Tool

It optimises the internal working of the software, thereby boosting up the speed. It maintains a snapshot of the registry at various instants to ensure that there is no suspicious activity to modify the registry values.

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DLL Suite

Run a deep scan with this dll file fixer and the rest is taken care by the software. It detects any missing, corrupt or deleted dll files and repairs them instantly. If you ever require any DLL file, you check other external sites to download that file. But, if you have DLL Suite installed in your PC, you can search and download it in the software dll errors free fix is available in 20 languages, providing access to people of various regions, to use the software in their preferred languages. As a result of deep scan and error fixture, the system gives the best performance with increased speed. The best part of the software is, it comes free of cost.



CCleaner is more than just a DLL fixer. It is a PC optimization tool which speeds up your system within seconds. It ensures you a safe browsing by deleting all the cache and cookies stored in the system, blocking access to the advertisers and other website intruders.


It discerns any errors in the registry and fixes them quickly without user intervention. If your primary concern is to boost your PC performance, error fixing, and privacy protection, then download the free version of CCleaner.

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Free Window Registry Repair

Invalid registry entries are the leading cause of system crashes at times. Window Registry Repair helps you resolve such issues and make it work back to normal, dll errors free fix. This free dll file fixer increases the speed and stability of the system. It cleans the registries and frees up any unwanted data, thereby increasing the system performance.

FreeRegistery Editor

It automatically backups the repairs, dll errors free fix, so that you can restore to that point to get back to that state of your system. The software also diagnoses DLL file errors.

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Glarysoft Registry Repair

Glarysoft is dll errors free fix intelligent software that can quickly run a deep scan on the registries and identify any error or corrupt entries of the registers. Whenever a registry entry is modified, a backup is made to restore in this dll-files fixer to that point in any further crashes.


It is intelligent enough to identify 18 different types of errors. It scans, cleans and repairs registry problems efficiently. Any DLL errors are resolved easily and quickly with the software.

Smart DLL Missing Fixer

Smart DLL is a modern DLL fixer that detects and fixes the missing dll errors free fix corrupted files. It scans and identifies invalid registry entries and resolves the problem, dll errors free fix. You don’t have to use your default troubleshooter; this dll repair tool detects all the issues that even your troubleshooter may not find.

Smart DLL Fixer

It protects your browsing by deleting all your malicious plugins and setting your Internet Explorer to its original state. This tool has an automatic backup operation of register, system, favorites, and folder.

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SS Registry Fixer

SS Registry Fixer comes to your rescue when you have any problem with your PC. It is a freeware with extensive features of fixing your issues with the system. It resolves the errors caused in the registry due to invalid entries.

SS Registry

It detects the missing DLL files and fixes the problem by repairing the corrupted ones and adding the missing ones. SS Registry Editor is a lightweight software with a simple user interface. It also protects your PC from harmful programs by removing any suspicious or dangerous files from your file system.


MyPCTuneUp is a performance booster that resolves all the issues that slow down the overall speed of your computer. You do not have to master any skills to use the software. The entire application runs on two commands: FIND ERRORS and REPAIR.


You just have to click FIND ERRORS to scan your system in depth with this dll fixer free and REPAIR to fix the issues that are listed as an outcome of the scan. Before making any changes, the software automatically backups data to recover if there is any failure.

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SysPair Registry Cleaner

SysPair Registry Cleaner is a kind of troubleshooter that detects and resolves issues to make the computer work for maximum performance. It detects any errors, dll errors free fix, missing files, corrupted files, and fixes these problems by repairing, replacing or adding new. It has three primary modes of working.

  • Registry Cleaner: – It scans the registry and deletes any invalid entries and cleans up the unwanted space.
  • Startup Manager: – It manages the files during the system startup.
  • Uninstall Manager: – Removes unwanted software.

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Eusing Registry Cleaner is a freeware utility that cleans the registry by deleting unwanted entries. Due to some incomplete uninstallations, the registry is filled with garbage, which is cleaned by the software.

Eusing Registry Cleaner

This dll files fixer detects and resolves issues regarding missing file, registry errors, corrupted files, etc, dll errors free fix. By freeing up space and deleting unnecessary cache, the system starts to work with ease and thereby you can notice the change in performance of the computer.

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When you are trying to play a PC game or running a dll errors free fix, you would have come across the missing DLL file error a lot many times, but you will assume this as a common issue and ignore it. The best free DLL file fixer software dll errors free fix come into use to resolve this issue with ease.

It is a Windows code library in which the “DLL file is missing” error can lead your pc to crash. Hence you should require free DLL file fixer software to overcome this process.

This problem may stay on your pc until and unless you install that lost DLL, without which you can’t run the program or application.

There is a neat process to be performed for the software to fix the missing DLL file in the library, but they cannot assure you to get your issue solved. 

So, it is essential to know about the software which can quickly resolve this issue without imposing any charge on you.

Using these traditional methods, you cannot solve the problem straight away, and you will find a lot many DLL software available on the web from which you don’t see a good option.

What Is DLL-File Fixer?

DLL-file Fixer will install the DLL file for you and makes it straightforward to urge a mistake-free Windows written record, dll errors free fix. DLL-File Fixer may be a program developed by Dll-Files.com.

The original used version is three.1.81, with over ninety-eight of all installations presently exploiting this version.

Upon installation, it defines AN auto-start written record entry that permits the program to run on every boot for the user that put in it.

A regular task is added to Windows Task computer hardware to launch the program at various regular times (the schedule varies betting on the version).

The package is to attach to the net and add a Windows Firewall exception to try to do so while not interfering with it.

The program’s main viable is DLLFixer.exe and has been seen to consume mean electronic equipment of but a hundredth, and utilizes approximately twenty-two.21 MB of memory.

The package installer includes sixteen files and is sometimes regarding fourteen.64 MB (15,354,292 bytes).

So, installing a free DLL file fixer software that can resolve this issue in a single interface with ease and also fix the pop-up errors.

10 Top DLL File Fixer Software To Download

So, here is the list of the best free DLL file fixer software to download to find a solution for the DLL file missing error.

#1. CCleaner

CCleaner dll file fixer

The CCleaner is a popular cleaning software as well as re-fixing software, which gives you a DLL fixer free. You can go dll errors free fix the Registry tab and select the Missing DLLs file, which automatically replaces the misfunctioning files. 

You can even scan your pc for malfunction and also for game optimization with one click, which works smoothly on all the versions of windows.


  • Installs quickly
  • Multiple installation choices
  • Keeps cookies that it is aware of you almost certainly don’t need to delete (like webmail logins)
  • Unobtrusive context menu addition to the Recycle Bin
  • A long history of regular program updates
  • A computer file {is created

    How to Fix DLL Not Found or Missing Errors

    A DLL error is any error with a DLL file—a kind of file ending in the .DLL file extension, dll errors free fix.

    DLL errors can appear in any of Microsoft's operating systems including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

    DLL errors are especially troublesome because there are so many of these types of files in existence, all with the potential to alication load error 2k9 trouble, dll errors free fix.

    These are general DLL error troubleshooting steps. If you haven't already, search Lifewire for the specific DLL file you're having issues with, such as jvm.dll errors or physxloader.dll errors. We may not have information for the exact DLL but if we do, the steps there will be more likely to help.

    Don't Want to Fix This Yourself?

    See How Do I Get My Computer Fixed? for a full list of your support options, plus help with everything along the way like figuring out repair costs, getting your files off, choosing a repair service, dll errors free fix, and a whole lot more.

    How to Fix DLL "Not Found" & "Missing" Errors

    Do not download DLL files from DLL download sites in an attempt to replace your missing or corrupt DLL files. In many cases, these sites are simply sources of malware.

    1. Restart your computer. It's possible that the problem that's causing the DLL error is just temporary and a restart is all you need.

      This is only an option if the DLL error isn't stopping your computer before Windows fully starts. If you have one of those more serious DLL problems, you'll need to forcefully restart your computer.

    2. Restore the deleted DLL file from the Recycle Bin. You may have simply accidentally deleted the DLL file. Most DLL errors come in the "DLL Not Found" and "Missing DLL" form. The easiest possible cause of a DLL error like this is that you've deleted the DLL file without realizing it.

      Enter Safe Mode to do this or any of the following steps if you're unable to access Windows normally due to this DLL error.

    3. Recover the deleted DLL file with a free file recovery program. If you suspect that you've accidentally deleted the DLL file but you've since emptied the Recycle Bin, a file recovery program can help.

      Recovering a DLL file with dll errors free fix file recovery program is a smart idea only if you're confident you've deleted the file yourself and that it was working properly before you did that.

    4. Run a virus/malware scan of your entire system. Some "DLL Is Missing" and "DLL Not Found" DLL errors are related to hostile programs that masquerade as DLL files.

    5. Use System Restore to undo recent system changes. If you suspect that the DLL error was caused by a change you or someone else made to your registry or other system configuration, then a System Restore could end the DLL error.

    6. Reinstall the program that uses the DLL file. If a DLL error occurs when you open or are using a particular program, then reinstalling the program should properly install and register the DLL file again.

      Don't skip this step if you can help it. Reinstalling the program that provides the DLL file is a very likely solution to any program specific DLL error.

    7. Update drivers for any hardware that might be related to the DLL error. For example, if you're receiving a "Missing DLL" error when you use your printer, try updating your printer drivers.

    8. Run the sfc/scannow command to replace any missing or incorrect operating system related DLL files.

      System File Checker (the proper name of the sfc command) will replace any damaged or missing Microsoft supplied DLL files.

    9. Apply any available Windows Updates. Many operating system service packs and other patches can replace or update some of the hundreds of Microsoft distributed DLL files on your computer, dll errors free fix.

    10. Perform a repair installation of Windows. If the individual DLL troubleshooting advice above is unsuccessful, a repair installation of the operating system should restore all Windows DLL files to their original working versions.

    11. Perform a clean installation of Windows. A clean install of Windows will erase everything from the hard drive and install a fresh copy of Windows. If a repair install doesn't correct the DLL error, this should be your next course of action.

      All the information on your hard drive will be erased during a clean install. Make sure you've made the best attempt possible to fix the DLL error using a troubleshooting step prior to this one.

    12. Troubleshoot for a hardware problem if any DLL errors persist. After a clean install of Windows, your DLL problem can only be hardware related.

    Thanks for letting us know!

    DLL Fixers are software that help you get rid of DLL errors that mostly lead to software or system crashes on Windows PCs. These software help you scan for missing or corrupted DLL files, download them easily and fix the overall problem with minimum efforts. In this post, we’re going to list the best DLL fixers, dll errors free fix, that should assist you in downloading and installing Dll errors free fix (and solving DLL problems) in Windows 10, dll errors free fix, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP. These tools maintain an online database of available DLLs found in Windows and thus, they let you find and install the missing ones from a single interface.

    DLL problems are critical issues, which if unsolved, could lead to crashes or freezes and even the infamous blue screen of death. Hence, solving the DLL problems are extremely necessary but fixing them manually is a headache, as DLLs are hard to find on the internet, and that’s where these tools come in handy. So, without further ado, here are 8 best DLL fixers you should be downloading:

    1. Glarysoft Registry Repair

    Glarysoft Registry Repair is an intelligent program that fixes DLL errors and improves your system performance. It finds and fixes the hidden, corrupted or missing DLL files. The software also lets you restore the last fixes and view the resulting logs as well. Glarysoft Registry Repair doesn’t interfere with other programs on your system and works on Windows XP & above.

    Glarysoft Registry Repair

    Pro(s): Registry Repair offers various exciting features like:

    • Backups the system before making any changes.
    • Analyzes and identifies different kinds of other problems too.

    Con(s): Registry Repair also has some shortcomings like:

    • Couldn’t clean stubborn files, mostly!
    • Doesn’t provide option to search a specific DLL file.
    • Sometimes fails to speed up the system due to background operations.


    2. DLL Suite

    DLL Suite identifies the missing, corrupted and unidentified DLL files in your system and dll errors free fix those files automatically. It uses one of the largest DLL databases for all Windows versions up to Windows 10 and thus,  hardly misses any known DLL file for Windows PCs. The program also scans the computer on startup to recognize corrupted or deleted files during shutdown.

    DLL Suite

    Pro(s): DLL Suite brings in some awesome features like:

    • Auto-scans the system for missing DLLs and fix them.
    • Allows searching and repairing the DLL files manually.
    • Details the list of system issues and instantly repairs them.

    Con(s): DLL Suite isn’t perfect, of course, and lacks at a few things:

    • Fails to find many DLL files.
    • Doesn’t solve few issues, sometimes.
    • Its email support is not fast enough, dll errors free fix, as few people have noticed.


    3. Registry Fix

    Registry Fix lets you fix those annoying error messages, and finds and repairs the DLL file issues immediately. It even fixes the stubborn DLL-file-missing problematic programs, which are not easy to solve and are spread around at different locations in your system. Moreover, the app also fixes DLL errors in the DLL registry and supports Windows XP incrementally till Windows 8.

    RegistryFix DLL Fixer software

    Pro(s): Registry Fix driver attach error in lots of great features such as:

    • Scans and optimizes your system effectively.
    • Finds and installs the missing DLL files instantly.

    Con(s): Registry Fix does lack a few things like:

    • Doesn’t support 64-bit Windows.
    • Doesn’t offer any backup/restore feature.
    • Doesn’t offer any scan scheduling features.


    4. Smart DLL Missing Fixer

    Smart DLL Missing Fixer fixes the missing or corrupted DLL files and lets you re-register DLL files that are missing. The program claims to have one of the largest databases of DLL files and allows finding DLLs directly from the tool. The software troubleshoots DLL files and also fixes the DLL registry errors in Windows XP and later releases.

    Smart DLL Missing Fixer

    Pro(s): DLL Missing Fixer brings some interesting features like:

    • Works seamlessly for most missing DLLs
    • Offers many more tools to fix & optimize whole system

    Con(s): DLL Missing Fixer couldn’t fix these issues though:

    • Doesn’t find some DLLs in its database
    • Doesn’t provide an option to fix a DLL file manually


    5. DLL Tool

    DLL Tool focuses mainly on fixing the corrupted or missing DLL files instantly on your system. The program, considered as an all-in-one DLL solution, is optimized for Windows systems and works on Windows XPVista, 7 and 8. Dll errors free fix Tool analyzes the total number of DLL errors on your system, and with one click, you can repair them all and much more.

    DLL Tool

    Pro(s): DLL Tool has the following pros:

    • Solves DLL errors and much more.
    • Makes registry backups before making changes.

    Con(s): DLL Tool has the following cons:

    • Its 1-click repair option fails to work sometimes.
    • It does not offer searching for a particular DLL file manually.


    6. DLL-files Fixer

    DLL-files Fixer eliminates all DLL errors and registry errors from your PC. It repairs and cleans your system, removing corrupted DLL files and speeding up the performance. The good thing about DLL-files Fixer is its easy to use interface, which means that the software can be easily handled by first-time users and amateurs. Moreover, it works flawlessly on Windows versions like XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8.

    DLL Files Fixer

    Pro(s): DLL-files Fixer has got some nice features:

    • Scans and repairs the DLL errors instantly.
    • Auto-scans the full PC during system startup.
    • Backs up full system registry before making changes.

    Con(s): DLL-files Fixer has few missing problems:

    • Asks for lot of time to find a DLL file.
    • Offers only limited features in the free (trial) version.


    7. SpeedyPC Pro

    SpeedyPC Pro is a simple tool that scans and repairs the DLL errors within a few minutes. The program optimizes your PC using its DLL database and it dll errors free fix has the ability to find any specific DLL file that is missing in your system. That’s not all though, as SpeedyPC allows quick installation of a missing DLL on Windows XP and later versions, dll errors free fix.


    Pro(s): SpeedyPC Pro shines due to features like:

    • Sorts out the DLL problems easily
    • Packs lots of tools for fixing other system problems
    • Create restore points before making system changes

    Con(s): SpeedyPC Pro is inadequate due to:

    • Doesn’t offer finding a specific DLL file manually.
    • Its free (trial) version provides only limited features.


    8. DLL Suite – Windows DLL Fixer

    DLL Suite is a DLL repairing tool, which finds the missing and corrupted DLL files and fixes them without requiring your efforts. DLL Suite can download any DLL file instantly and fixes the system issues regarding the same. It also detects the system startup problems and other errors due to corrupted DLLs and fixes them all, on systems running Windows XP to Windows 8.

    DLL Suite

    Pro(s): DLL Suite has a lot to offer like:

    • It finds a particular DLL file instantly.
    • Repairs several issues with one-click.

    Con(s): DLL Suite has some issues though:

    • Doesn’t make any system restore points.
    • Its free version includes a number of restrictions.


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    Fix the DLL issues on your Windows PC with these software

    Well, those are the best DLL fixer software for Windows and you should definitely try them out, if you are facing DLL errors on your PC. So, try out a DLL Fixer and let us know the DLL fixer software which worked the best for you. Also, dll errors free fix, do you know of any other great DLL fixer software not mentioned here? Do share with us using the comments section below, dll errors free fix.

    10 Best DLL Fixer Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC: Free/Paid

    If you use a computer every day for work or entertainment, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the ‘DLL not found’ error at least once. Although it is considered a ‘general’ issue, sometimes, DLL problems may lead to a system crash or corrupted Windows. Experts recommend getting the best free DLL fixer software for Windows that can resolve the issue without putting you in trouble. The use of DLL helps in promoting modularization of code, reuse of code, optimum memory usage, and optimization of disk space. This is the reason that the operating system and all the programs load even faster and take less disk space on your machine.

    But you can fix DLL errors in Windows on your own when you face it. Let us tell you which DLL fixer software to select for your computer.

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    10 Best DLL Files Fixer Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC

    Technology allows you to access the myriads of tools to solve your day-to-day problems. When you face a DLL error on your Windows PC, you can get a plethora of free solutions available, but we’re going to list down the best DLL fixer for Windows. You can download any of the DLL repair tools listed below and get rid opened service error 1275 those annoying DLL error popups.

    1. Advanced PC Cleanup-

    Advanced <b>Dll errors free fix</b> Cleanup Invalid registry

    Advanced PC Cleanup is one of the best solutions to fix your PC issues caused by registry errors. Since DLL files dll errors free fix software works in clearing up invalid registry entries, this tool can be your savior. It can easily scan for the invalid Windows registry on your system and then clean it from the computer. It also comes with additional PC cleaning software like junk cleaner, startup manager, uninstaller, dll errors free fix, and malware protector. Advanced PC Cleanup is capable of giving you accurate results and thus fixing the DLL error on your system.

    Features –

    • Invalid registry values.
    • One-click solution.
    • Cleans junk.
    • Frees up storage space.


    • Malware protection.
    • Clears browsing data.


    • Driver updater is missing.


    2. CCleaner

    dll fixer software

    CCleaner needs no introduction as it’s quite a popular cleaning tool, which has been quite popular since Windows XP. Apart from basic cleaning, dll errors free fix, CCleaner works excellently as a Windows 10 DLL fixer. You can discover the feature by navigating to the Registry tab, selecting Missing Shared DLLs. Click on Scan for Issues that displays the list of missing or malfunctioning DLL files. As a DLL Files fixer can fix the issues instantly by clicking the Fix Selected Issues button. This tool is a single interface to deal with basic to advanced level optimizations, making it one of the best software to fix DLL errors in Windows 10.

    Features –

    • Speed up the computer.
    • Real-time monitoring.
    • Analyzes performance.
    • Driver updater.


    • Updates software.
    • Clears history automatically.


    • Free version has limitations.

    3. Advanced System Optimizer

    Advanced System Optimizer

    Advanced System Optimizer is a power-packed Windows software to help your computer perform better. It can work to repair the errors occurring in DLL files due to registry entry, thus preventing system crashes. With additional tools such as a game optimizer and a cleaner, it continually helps the computer to stay in a healthy state. This application works great as a DLL repair tool on Windows 10, dll errors free fix, Windows 8, dll errors free fix, 8.1, 7, Vista, and XP. Advanced System Optimizer offers to minimize the CPU usage with its multiple features along with the use as a DLL files fixer.

    Features –

    • Minimize CPU usage.
    • Fixes system errors.
    • Memory optimizer.
    • Repair registry entries.


    • Prevent unwanted dll errors free fix crashes.
    • Optimizes your PC.

    Cons dll errors free fix trial available for 24 hours only.



4. DLL Suite

dll files fixer


DLL Suite is a fantastic Windows 10 DLL fixer as it can fix  DLL errors, repair them, dll errors free fix. SYS BSOD, restore the missing DLL and remove the malicious.EXE files. DLL Suite is one of the best free DLL fixers for Windows 10, Windows 7, dll errors free fix, 8, and 8.1 that is available in 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. DLL Suite’s overall scan dll errors free fix you identify and fix missing, corrupted, and damaged DLL files, resulting in a higher performance of the PC.

Features –

  • Advanced tools.
  • Downloads missing DLL files.
  • Fixes execution errors.


  • Freeware
  • A dedicated app to fix DLL errors.


  • Not available for the latest Windows versions.


5. Smart DLL Missing Fixer

dll repair tool


Smart DLL Missing Fixer is a dedicated Windows 10 DLL fixer that scans to identify and fix the corrupt or missing DLL files. This DLL fixer software not only takes care of the DLL malfunctioning but also optimizes your machine and offers to back up your Registry, System, Favorites, and Folders. Smart DLL is free to download; however, its pro version provides you with some extra features and benefits.

Features –

  • Easy to use.
  • Downloads DLL files for programs.
  • Scans for missing DLL files.


  • Smart engine for finding DLL files.
  • Large database of DLL files.


  • Unavailable for the latest Windows versions.


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dll repair tool


SpeedyPC Pro is another free DLL fixer for Windows 10, Windows 7, and other Windows variants. The tool is popular for its optimization capabilities. SpeedyPC Pro uses its in-built DLL database while optimizing and identifies any missing DLL in your machine. Once the missing DLL gets highlighted, the tool installs it then and there. Though the DLL repair tool-free version expires and requires a paid registration after the trial run.

Features –

  • Fixes registry errors.
  • Runs comprehensive scan.
  • Improves performance.


  • Free to use.
  • Fixes computer errors.


7, dll errors free fix. Glarysoft Registry Repair

windows 10 dll fixer


Glarysoft is known for its exemplary performance towards DLL error fixing and improving dll errors free fix performance. The tool helps you find and fix missing or corrupted DLLs. Glarysoft, as a DLL repair tool, makes sure to identify and resolve the issues related to hidden DLL errors, which may occur in the future. The DLL fixer software works well with Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 without interfering with other programs.

Features –

  • Registry repair tool.
  • Takes backup of registry entries.
  • Fast scanning engine.


  • Robust engine.
  • Improves system stability.


  • Automatic backup in pro version.


8. SS Registry Fixer

windows 10 dll fixer

SS Registry Fixer is a great app to scan and fix the DLL errors on your computer. DLL repair tool detects corrupted and modified DLLs in your computer and fixes them with a click. With the freeware of this tool, you can analyze and optimize the registries of your computer. You just need to select the Shared DLLs option and see the magic happening with this Windows 10 DLL fixer.

Features –

  • Scans for errors.
  • Analyzes the computer.
  • Removes unwanted file extensions.


  • Free tool.
  • Scans for missing DLL files.


  • Very basic functionality.


9. Free DLL Fixer

dll fixer


Free DLL Fixer is among the few tools that don’t need a paid registration to resolve DLL errors on your PC. The tool goes ahead on the search and finds the missing, corrupted DLL and fixes them quickly. As a DLL repair tool free of cost and supported by almost every Windows operating system, this is a good choice. Free DLL Fixer may not be fancy in looking; it is great at what it is intended to do.

Features –

  • Fixes DLL errors.
  • Runs scan to search for DLL files.
  • Downloads missing DLL files.


  • Works on older Windows versions.
  • Free software.


  • Not updated in a long time.


10. DLL Care

dll fixer


If you’re afraid of uninvited Trojans, adware, and malware that may arrive with any of the DLL fixers, DLL Care is made for you. This DLL Fixer on Windows 10 can clean and disinfect your machine from corrupted and missing DLL files. It uses its intuitive interface, which is handy to use and dll errors free fix sure that your computer is better than ever before. Apart from DLL fixing, it boosts your computer and supports Windows 10, Windows 7, and other Windows variants.

Features –

  • Repairs common issues.
  • Fixes DLL files errors.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a DLL files fixer?

Dynamic Link Libraries or DLL is a part of a program file that contains the codes to execute the commands for the programs on the system. When DLL files go missing or get corrupted, you face issues such as system crash and program execution failure. DLL Files Fixers are error sql statement ignored pl sql that is used to repair the DLL error.

Q2. How do I fix DLL errors?

If you are facing DLL errors constantly while using your system, you must learn how to fix it. Rather than going for dll errors free fix manual method that can be tedious for users, try a good tool. Using a good DLL files fixer will be the best method to fix DLL errors on your computer.

Q3. How do I fix missing DLL files in Windows 10 8 7?

When you get a .dll file missing error on your computer, it denotes that the command won’t be followed properly. Therefore, it is required to fix the issue as soon as you encounter it. The best way to fix missing DLL files in Windows 10, 8, and 7 is to use one of the best DLL Files Fixer.

Q4. How do I repair DLL files in Windows 10?

DLL errors along with the registry errors make the most common issues faced by consumers on Windows. It needs to be repaired to have a smooth operation on Windows PC. We advise you to use DLL files fixer for your computer to get rid of all the DLL errors.


Now that you have the list of best free DLL fixer software for Windows, you can select the one you wish to go with. Though DLL errors are hard to get, these DLL repair tools are tested and verified with a maximum success ratio. If you’ve got some sophisticated data in your machine, it is advised to keep a backup of the same.

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