Dev/net/tun error permission denied

dev/net/tun error permission denied › note-cannot-open-tun-tap-dev-dev-net-tun-p. Error when trying to get container running on Debian11 -> Error: /usr/bin/slirp4netns failed: "open(\"/dev/net/tun\"): Permission denied. I am developing a program which requires opening /dev/net/tun and issuing ioctl() on it but without root user I get permission denied. dev/net/tun error permission denied off }
txqueuelen PACKETS down
allmulticast { on grep TUN # [ 12.3456] tun: Universal TUN/TAP device driver, 1.6

If you’ve passed all of the above steps, then TUN is ready, it’s just needs to be turned on!

sudo modprobe tun

This error meansy you are missing the tun.ko.xz or tun.ko.gz in your kernel modules. This can be because your current kernel is not compatible with the current version of the TUN/TAP device driver. This would generally only ever occur in Linux distros with Rolling Release models. It should never happen on a stable or long-term distro such as Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, or RHEL.

If you received that error in a stable distro, dev/net/tun error permission denied, then check if the header is there first:

find /lib/modules -iname tun\.* dev/net/tun error permission denied /lib/modules/5.6.13-arch1-1/build/include/config/tun.h # /lib/modules/5.6.13-arch1-1/kernel/drivers/net/tun.ko.xz

If you see only one of the above lines when you run that command, tun was BUILT but not LOADED, try rebooting.

You can try removing any network related kernel packages you’ve installed.

Check for any added kernel modules that didn’t load.

dkms status

for any

Try simply updating or upgrading your system.
If you receive an error when you run sudo modprobe tun:,

modprobe: FATAL: Module tun not found in directory /lib/modules/5.6.11-arch1-1

Always reboot after installing or updating kernel modules, or the Linux kernel itself.

After rebooting (if you failed the above command) you dev/net/tun error permission denied see if it’s installed now:

find /lib/modules off }


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