Cuda c# error 8

cuda c# error 8

How should I go about using CUDA in my C# applications? Would it be better to code it in say C++ and GridDimensions = new dim3(8, 1, 1); addWithCuda. Add this in path for Windows: C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v\extras\CUPTI\libx CUDA is a model created by Nvidia for parallel computing platform Step 8: Execute the code given below to check if CUDA is working or.

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CUDA Crash Course (v2): Visual Studio 2019 Setup comment code grep cuda- f4bbd8a9a9fffd5bc77dca34 MD5

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Could not find an applicable discussion about our specific problem after searching online and in this forum.

First attempt at real world CUDA programming. Have a C++ CUDA project which is loaded and called by a C# using ManagedCuda. (yes, the GPU usage is inefficient but first we need to get it to just work)

The CUDA function works fine when called during unit testing of the C# method.

But when the CUDA function is called in the application it always crashes with CUDA_ERROR_ILLEGAL_ADDRESS.

Debugged using NSight CUDA Debugging. Says all of the input array variables point to invalid memory - ???
The first two int parameters have correct values.

Any ideas why the memory pointers are wrong? TIA!

Here are the calling function and the CUDA function:

global void cudaPeak(int width, int height, int *data, int *lines, __int64 *result)
int y = threadIdx.x + blockIdx.x * blockDim.x;
if (y >= height) return;


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Attempt to use the DefaultLogger but none has been registered, problem of "" in c# #

thanks, cuda c# error 8, @aorgishafter adding and cuda c# error 8 to $PATH the code runs on GPU but I got a new exception which does not happen when I'm using CPU,
I wonder that maybe the version mismatch between onnxruntime and installed cuda,cudnn cause below exception:
onnxruntime : cuda is cudnn is
docker : cuda is cuddnn is

"[ErrorCode:Fail] Non-zero status code returned while running FusedConv node.
Name:'Conv__Relu_' Status Message: CUDNN error executing cudnnFindConvolutionForwardAlgorithmEx( CudnnHandle(),
s_.x_tensor, s_.x_data, s_.w_desc, s_.w_data, s_.conv_desc, s_.y_tensor, s_.y_data, 1, &algo_count, &perf,, AlgoSearchWorkspaceSize)"

cuda c# error 8


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