Createfile error 2

createfile error 2

Check the upload and download speeds of your connected devices or home Wi-Fi® gateway. Device test. error 2 in system call CreateFile The system cannot find the file specified - posted in Tftpd I have installed TFTPD32 V on a. Troubleshooting "Can not create file" error This bug has been fixed but only very recently (yesterday or 2 days ago).

Createfile error 2 - was under

Fixed: Apex Legends Error Code – CreateFile Failed with 32 [Partition Manager]

Apex Legends is a free-to-play shooter game. Unfortunately, you might encounter various problems while playing the game. In this post from the MiniTool Partition Wizard website, you can learn some solutions to Apex Legends error code

Apex Legends, a free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter game, was first released in February Nowadays, this game is available on a lot of platforms, including Microsoft Windows, PS4 (PlayStation 4), PS5 (PlayStation 5), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

Apex Legends is quite popular among game lovers. By April , this game had approximately million players.

It is a wonderful game. However, similar to other games, Apex Legends might also come with errors or problems sometimes. Error code is one of the most common ones. This error code often appears when users are trying to launch Apex Legends, and it usually comes along with an error message “CreateFile failed with 32” or “StartService failed with –”.

Why does Apex launch error happen? How to fix the error? If you encounter the same error code, you can try the following solutions.

Solution 1: Delete the File

An Epic Game is usually installed along with an anti-cheat program. Apex Legends error code indicates that the Easy Anti-Cheat program stops working. Some users have solved the problem by deleting the file. You can also have a try.

Step 1: Press Win + E to open File Explorer.

Step 2: Navigate to your Apex Legends installation folder and find the folder where Easy Anti-Cheat is installed.

Step 3: Right-click the file and select Delete.

Step 4: Restart your Apex Legends.

If the error code still exists, you can move on to the next solution.

Solution 2: Repair Corrupted Game Files

Corrupted or missing game files could also prevent Easy Anti-Cheat from working properly, leading to Apex Legends error code In this case, you should check and repair your game files.

Step 1: Navigate to the Anti-Cheat folder in File Explorer and run the file.

Step 2: Select Apex Legends.

Step 3: Click the Repair option.

Then the program will check and repair problematic game files automatically. You just need to wait until the process is finished and restart Apex Legends.

Solution 3: Disable Your Antivirus Program Temporarily

Antivirus programs are used to protect your PC from viruses and dangerous threats. However, sometimes the antivirus program might detect your game file as a threat by mistake, which could also be one of the reasons for Apex Legends error code

In this case, you can try to disable your antivirus program temporarily and check if the error code disappears. Alternatively, you can also add your Easy Anti-Cheat program to the exclusion list.

Solution 4: Reinstall Apex Legends

If all the solutions above failed to solve the Apex launch error code , you might consider reinstalling the game.

There are many ways to uninstall Apex Legends. You can use the Control Panel, App Settings, or a professional third-party uninstaller program. Here I take Control Panel as an example.

Step 1: Press Windows + S to open the Windows Search utility. Then search for Control Panel and open it.

Step 2: Select View by Category from the upper right corner. Then click Uninstall a program.

uninstall a program

Step 3: Right-click your Apex Legends and select Uninstall. Then follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the game.

Step 4: Download Apex Legends and install it again on your PC.

After reinstalling Apex Legends, you can run the game and check if it works properly.

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Custom certificate (plugin)

Troubleshooting "Can not create file" error

This discussion has been locked so you can no longer reply to it.

The first round of testing on this was successful. However, after making some changes to the watermark and background image, I get a "Can not create file" error. Here are the line errors that show up with Debugging enabled:

Stack trace:
  • line of /lib/filestorage/ stored_file_creation_exception thrown
  • line of /mod/certificate/ call to file_storage->create_file_from_pathname()
Is there an issue if I set up a certificate, generate one as a test, and then change the settings? If so, do I need to clear out all certs every time I make a change?

Same thig here. Certificate module is failing again after several weeks with no problems.


I think all the bugs mentionned in are now solved in the latest release of (for certificate with course ending date, the completion date is now used).

In any case I am quite sure this is the best release of the certificate module for Moodle / If you are using any other version you must upgrade. I am quite sure of that.

Another reason to use that version is that Mark Nelson is continuously improving is so if you find some bugs, report it in the tracker (this is what I do too !) is your bestchance to get them sorted.

I've downloaded it, but before installing it (being fairly new at this), I wanted to ask if there's anything I should do to uninstall the old one, aside from deleting the folder for it in /mod and running Site Administration/Notifications. Are there any db tables, logs or other such items I need to remove, so as not to interfere with the new certificate module?

Hi Max, I followed my instincts and updated Certificate module to the latest stable release (

First I backed up my database as that's the only thing I believe it could change I wouldn't reverse. Then I went to mod/certificate and replace everything with the new version. except pix folder (I had several custom images to save). 

If you had a custom type certificate you must know the code is quite different so better start using a new one.

Once I uploaded everything, I logged in and Moodle found and installed the new module. Now certificates are issued with no problems.

Hope this might help.

Thanks, Juan. Fortunately, I have not yet started setting up a custom certificate so this should be much easier.

If I understand it, though, this module creates a PDF of the cert and stores in /moodledata. WIll this need to be cleared out before changing out the Certificate module? If not, will they interfere with any new certs?

The pdf documents created by the certificate module in Moodle/ are stored in moodledata/filedir folder only if the certificate instance has the "Save certificates" option checked.

Unfortunately you have no means to clean these documents yourself because it's quite impossible to retreive them as the folder hierarchy under moodledata/filedir has non human readable subfolder and files names.

But the place where the pdf certificate is stored is known from the certificate module so I don't think that upgrading to the version will cause any problem.

In any case it would be best if the teacher has an option to "regenerate" all the pdf documents stored by an instance of the certificate module (for instance if the teacher wants to change a graphic element of the certificate and wants to update all issued certificates), but currently to my best knowledge, that option doesn't exist.

A workaround I have used is to uncheck the "Save certificates" option, but of course that means that certificates will be reissued each time a student request to view his/her certificate.

Hi Max and Jean-Michel,

I can assure PDFs issued with the old version are recognized by the update. Unfortunately, there's no option to reissue the certificate so every student his/her own up-to-date copy.

That will be very nice actually. To have an option to reissue every certificate on a course so if we have new images they could be included.

Thank you very much for your help Jean-Michel!

I updated the Certificate module, and it does indeed work better. It is easier for the instructor and admins to go in and find issued Certs. However, I did notice one bug that still remains. In the email notice that goes out to the instructors (and others named), the link to the cert is incorrect.

For example, I get a link like this:


When I click on it, I am taken to the course site and I get the followig message:

What is the script looking for when the variable ?id=5 is passed over to it?

Hello Max,

I think this is caused by the bug I reported as CONTRIB

This bug has been fixed but only very recently (yesterday or 2 days ago)

So most probably you have downloaded the certificate module before this bug was fixed.

But good news is that I think that downloading again from, and replacing the files with the new ones (be carefull not to overwrite any customizations you could have made to mod/certificate/type and mod/certificate/pix files) wil solve your problem.

Then go to Site Administration > Notifications and see if there is an upgrade needed (I am not sure there have been any change in database so maybe it will not be necessary to do any upgrade).

Then test issuing some certificates and see if the problem is solved or not. If the link is still wrong, please report on this forum becsause I want this nasty bug to be solved so I will make more tests !

The support forum

bvautier :

May 29,

When copying files to a LaCie 2Big NAS (Raid1) I get a lot of CreateFile() error 31 errors.

Is there a way to work around this and ensure the files are copied properly.




Alex Pankratov :

May 30,


"Error 31" means "A device attached to the system is not functioning."

The message comes from Windows meaning that when the OS was trying to talk to your NAS, the device either misbehaved or went offline altogether. This is not Bvckup 2 specific in any way. Your best bet would be to ping LaCie support, see if it's a known issue (it probably is) and if there's an updated firmware for the device that resolves it.


bvautier :

May 30,

Thanks. I managed to avoid the error messages. I forced Windows to use smb10 instead of smb20 when communicating with the NAS and haven't had any issues since.

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Lost Ark Forums

I’m having quite a hell with EAC:
Some times it loads fine and the game loads, but some other times EAC ask for administration rights, I allow it, but then gives an error (CreateFile 32) and doesn’t let me play. It’s annoying as hell.
I tried repairing from the lost ark game folder using
(C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Lost Ark\Binaries\Win64\EasyAntiCheat)

I tried deleting the
(C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyAntiCheat)

I tried checking the game integrity files with steam (no problems found).

Rebooting the computer.
It happens some times and then I can’t play for several hours, until magically I try to play, EAC doesn’t ask for administrator rights and loads the game fine.

Can you help me @Affiliate , please, please, please?

This is the error info EAC gives:
GameID: (32bit)
Windows Version: (Build )
Error Code:
Process Exit Code: 0h
UUID: e30dc-3ffd7f-7ccfc6f
Process list:
dragon gaming
memory compression
nvidia web
razer synapse
razer synapse service
razer synapse

error 2 in system call CreateFile The system cannot find the file specified

Ok, Happy New Year. I finally figured everything out and those errors in TFTPD32 are normal. I successfully installed Windows XP SP3 via PXE on a Dell Latitude C (no floppy or cd drive) using the steps outlined in sprers.euocke-boot-windows/. If you previously screwed around too much with XP network and file permissions, I suggest you do a fresh install of XP on your host machine as a fresh starting point. I do think that the main thing to get right is the "IP pool starting address" in TFTPD32 which is never actually explained correctly in various tutorials. Example my "IP pool starting address" is , my "Server interfaces" IP is , I had set the size of pool to DNS and subnet mask settings are self explanatory. After getting that right TFTPD32 on my host machine communicated flawlessly with my laptop and installed pretty fast too. The errors in TFTPD32 are pretty much the same, what they mean I have the slightest clue but that was the only thing I could think of that was holding me back. I hope this may be able to help someone in the future who is having problems. :)

When Bandicam can't save the recording file, you may see the 'Failed to create file' error message.

Error message - Failed to create file

Please try the solutions below to solve the 'Failed to create file' error message.

1. Try 'Screen Recording' mode in Bandicam.

Try 'Screen Recording' mode of Bandicam as shown below:

2. Set the output folder as another folder such as the "Desktop" or "Downloads" folder.

If you set the output folder to a USB storage device or a network drive, in certain folders for which you don't have writing authority, the error message may appear. Please click the [] button under the General tab, and set the output folder as another folder such as the "Desktop" or "Downloads" folder.

3. Start the recording target as an administrator.

If you have to use 'Game Recording' mode, start the recording target as an administrator, and then try it again.
(Right-click the recording target, and then click "Run as administrator")

run as administrator in Internet Explorer

4. Start Bandicam as an administrator, uncheck "compatibility mode."

Please uncheck "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and check "Run this program as an administrator" as shown below, and then try it again.

run as administrator

5. Reinstall Bandicam

If you still have the same problem, uninstall Bandicam and download the latest version of Bandicam from, and then try it again.

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The data to write. Can be either a string, an array or a stream resource.

If is a stream resource, the remaining buffer of that stream will be copied to the specified file. This is similar with using stream_copy_to_stream().

You can also specify the parameter as a single dimension array. This is equivalent to .

The value of can be any combination of the following flags, joined with the binary OR () operator.

Search for in the include directory. See include_path for more information.
If file already exists, append the data to the file instead of overwriting it.
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