Corel error 38

corel error 38

I have CorelDraw X4 installed in my computer which is Windows XP and suddenly an error popped up saying “Try restarting your computer and then. How to fix error 38 in coreldraw x7? · Press Windows key + R. · Right click anywhere on your toolbar inside the toolbox. · Install Recovery Toolbox for CorelDraw. Corel draw x7 error 38 I reinstalled many times but did not help. actually nothing has to be installed when you get that error. Setelah File sudah terbuka.

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Solucionar Error 38 en Corel Draw X7 Terms

How To Fix CorelDRAW Error 38

When Does Error 38 Happen?

Failure during CorelDRAW startup or at runtime is generally when you will encounter Corel Draw Error Code We can identify the origin of error 38 runtime errors as follows:

Error 38 Crash - Error number will trigger computer system lock-up, preventing you from using the program. This is typically when CorelDRAW is unable to process the data to a satisfactory form and so cannot produce the expected output.

Corel Draw Error Code 38 Memory Leak - If there's a memory leak in CorelDRAW, corel error 38, it may cause the OS to appear sluggish. Possible causes include failure of Corel Corporation to de-allocate memory in the program, or when bad code is executing an "infinite loop".

Error 38 Logic Error - Logic error happens when the PC produces the wrong output, even when the user enters the right input. When the accuracy of Corel Corporation's source code is low, it typically becomes a source of errors.

Commonly, corrupt or missing Corel Draw Error Code 38 files cause these Corel Corporation errors, corel error 38, and are sometimes attributed to a current or past malware infection affecting CorelDRAW. Obtaining a new, corel error 38, uninfected copy of your Corel Corporation file will usually resolve hp 5550 49 error problem. Additionally, some Corel Draw Error Code 38 errors can be due to incorrect registry references, so we recommend muonline mapservermng error - map server group a registry scan to clean up any invalid entries.

Typical Corel Draw Error Code 38 Errors

These Corel Draw Error Code related CorelDRAW Troubles Include:

  • "Error in Application: Corel Draw Error Code 38"
  • "Corel Draw Error Code 38 not valid."
  • "Sorry, Corel Draw Error Code 38 encountered a problem."
  • "Cannot find Corel Draw Error Code "
  • "Corel Draw Error Code 38 is missing."
  • "Start-up error in application: Corel Draw Error Code "
  • "Can't run Corel Draw Error Code "
  • "Corel Draw Error Code 38 failed."
  • "Software Path Fault: Corel Draw Error Code "

Corel Draw Error Code 38 EXE errors happen during CorelDRAW installation, while running Corel Draw Error Code related applications (CorelDRAW), during startup or shutdown, corel error 38, or during installation of Windows OS. It's important to note when Corel Corel error 38 Error Code 38 issues happen, as it helps troubleshoot CorelDRAW problems (and report corel error 38 Corel Corporation).

Source of Corel Draw Error Code 38 Errors

Corel Draw Error Code 38 issues are caused by a corrupt or missing Corel Draw Error Code 38, invalid registry keys associated with CorelDRAW, or a malware infection.

In particular, Corel Draw Error Code 38 problems originate through:

  • Invalid Corel Draw Error Corel error 38 38 or corrupted registry key.
  • Virus or malware corrupting Corel Draw Error Code
  • Corel Draw Error Code 38 maliciously, or mistakenly, removed by another software (apart from CorelDRAW).
  • Another program is in conflict with CorelDRAW and its shared referenced files.
  • Corrupted installation or download of CorelDRAW (Corel Draw Error Code 38).

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When starting WordPerfect Office OR Corel Office OR Corel Home Office, an error is received, "Error Files have been modified and damaged"


This error normally happens when the license validation service has been stopped or disabled for some reason. Common causes may include 'system optimization' or antivirus/anti-malware programs which may identify this process as unwanted and disable it.


Here's how to re-enable it so that WordPerfect Office and/or Corel Office runs normally:

  1. Press WinKey + R on your keyboard to open the Windows RUN prompt
  2. In the Run prompt, type “” and click OK
    Run prompt, with
  3. In the services window, locate the “Corel license validation service v2, powered by Avarto” and double click on it
    Services window, with the Licence Validation service highlighted.
  4. Set the Startup type to Automatic. Automatic is marked in RED in the image below:
    Properties dialog for the license service.
  5. Click on is marked in Blue
  6. Click on Start. Start is marked in Green
  7. Click OK. OK is marked in Purple.
  8. If you have an entry for “Corel license validation service v2 x64, powered by Avarto”, corel error 38 click on it, then repeat steps
  9. Retry running your application.

If the Corel License Validation Service is not present in the list of services, please repair your WordPerfect Install as follows:

  1. Click Start, Settings (Gear icon)
  2. Click Apps, corel error 38, wait for the list of installed applications to populate.
  3. Click on WordPerfect Office or Corel Office, depending on which application is having the problem.
  4. Click Uninstall
  5. in the Popup, click Uninstall again
  6. Choose Repair mutoh error e117 the installer screen and follow the on-screen prompts to repair your installation.
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Encountering error 38 in CorelDraw? Wished to get rid of this problem? If yes then, it is the best path which will help you a lot. However, have a look about the CorelDraw before moving to the error and its resolution.

CortelDRAW is a vector graphics editor and is developed by the Corel Corporation. This utility will also allot some features like color balancing, contrast adjustment, providing some effects to images like border effects and is capable to work with multiple pages and also it will encounter error that is the error 38 in CorelDRAW.

Note: View a quick path to repair damaged CDR file.

The normal case of this error is the periodic computer crash, response delay of the keyboard and the mouse. While in other case the an error message will be pop-up which says like product installation is unsuccessful, please reinstall (Error 38). This error can also occur due to other issues and so this article described with the major reasons and efficient solution to fix the error in CDR file.

Reason to Get Error 38 in CorelDRAW

When non technical users uses CorelDRAW and encounters error saying product installation unsuccessful please reinstall (Error 38). The main reason for this error is mentioned below:

** File get corrupted while downloading or incomplete installation of CorelDRAW tool.

** Registry file get corrupted as because of the modification in CorelDraw utility

** Accident deletion of the CDR file by the other software’s.

** Occurrence of the error because of Protexis Licensing V2 services.

Repair Error 38 in CorelDRAW by Corel error 38 Methods

Method#1: Enable or Active Protexis Licensing V2 service

To make the .cdr file an error free the users must enable Protexis Licensing V2 service. This can corel error 38 achieved by the following below mentioned steps:

  • Move to Start Menu
  • Next enter or type and click and open it


  • Another way is that right click My Computer
  • Then, choose Manage Option
  • Then, select Manage Option
  • Now user can choose Service and Applications
  • Then after expanding search the file name with Protexis Corel error 38 V2
  • After reaching till the above steps start the services set Automatic over there
  • Close all tabs
  • At last till the completion of above steps restart the system.

In majority cases, the error encountered will be get eliminated through approaching above mentioned steps.

Method#2: Run sfc/scannow Command

The scf command will provide ban another solution to resolve error 38 CorelDRAW. To perform the resolution methods user have to run sfc/ scannow in the command prompt. How to perform this is shown in he below steps:

** Launch your system n safe mode.

** Wait till the completion of scanning.

** Check the corrupted or damaged file.

** After that users will find a copy of file and finally install that file, corel error 38.

The steps discussed above will resolve the error in CDR file but this won’t advanced anti terror training a successful manual procedure if the file is of highly corrupted. If this is the situation then it is better to go for an automated solution so that the limitation of the manual procedure can be eliminated.

Quick Path to Repair Error 38 in CorelDRAW

Due to the major or higher corruption in the CDR file and if user could not resolve the error in .cdr file it is best to opt the professional utility and here that is the CDR Recovery, corel error 38. This tool can easily resolve and repair the error that encountered in the CorelDRAW and also could fix error in CDR file.


By using the CorelDRAW program the could create Vector Graphics degign, shapes, logos etc. This application is also commonly used by the users and when it encounters error it corel error 38 mandatory to resolve it. So this article is best to the users who faces certain issues with the .cdr file. So, for corel error 38 users this article is discussed about the causes and resolution of error 38 in CorelDRAW through the manual mode and by using automatic method.

corel error 38


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