Citrix xen pool error

citrix xen pool error

Exception: Citrix.Console.Models.Exceptions.ScriptException Invalid connection address. Check that the address is valid and that it references a host in the. While adding the server to pool it gave error: " Internal error: Connection failed: no host resolved " . Objective. While adding the server to pool. I am trying to migrate vm's from one pool to another pool and getting error "sm has thrown a generic python exception", Xen server version. citrix xen pool error

Rolling Pool Upgrade: VM migration fails if CPU features have changed

Symptoms or Error

When using Rolling Pool Upgrade to upgrade to XenServer 7.4, XenServer 7.3, or XenServer 7.1 LTSR, XenServer attempts to migrate a VM to the pool master after the master has been upgraded, but fails with the following error message:


This problem can be seen when upgrading to XenServer 7.4, XenServer 7.3, or XenServer 7.1 LTSR from one of the following XenServer hypervisor releases:

XenServer 7.0 with one or more of the following hotfixes applied:

XenServer 7.1with one or more of the following hotfixes applied: XenServer 7.2with one or more of the following hotfixes applied: XenServer 7.3with one or more of the following hotfixes applied:

If you have applied a subsequent hotfix to your XenServer pool that rolls up one of the listed hotfixes, that pool can experience this problem. This issue only occurs when certain recent CPU microcode is also installed on the host, which is installed by a XenServer hotfix or a BIOS update from the vendor.

Note: XenServer 7.5 is not affected by this issue.


You citrix xen pool error shut down any virtual machines running on the host to be upgraded and continue to perform a rolling pool upgrade.

However, if you prefer to keep your VMs running during the upgrade process, use XenCenter or the CLI to complete the upgrade process as described in the following sections:


Use XenCenter to install the most recent hypervisor hotfix to each upgraded host:

  1. Exit the Rolling Pool Upgrade wizard by clicking the Finish button
  2. Start the hotfix wizard by selecting Tools > Install Update
  3. On the Select Update screen, choose Download update from Citrix and select the appropriate update for your XenServer version.
    • For XenServer 7.1 CU1, select XS71ECU1017
    • For XenServer 7.3 and XenServer 7.4, you must use the CLI to install the relevant hotfix. That is, install XS73E005 for XenServer 7.3 and install XS74E002 for XenServer 7.4. For more information, see the section Installing the Hotfix by using the xe Command Line Interface in the release notes issued with the hotfix. After you have successfully installed the hotfix using the CLI, citrix xen pool error, you can resume the rolling pool upgrade process.
  4. On the Select Servers screen, select the upgraded pool master (or upgraded host) to apply the hotfix to.
  5. Proceed through the wizard to install citrix xen pool error update, citrix xen pool error, allowing the server to restart.
  6. After you have successfully instsalled the update and restarted the server, you can resume the rolling pool upgrade by selecting Tools > Rolling Pool Upgrade, and providing the necessary information.

    Note: As part of the prechecks carried out by the wizard, the wizard might indicate that a host is already in maintenance mode. Resolve this warning by clicking the Enable link next to the warning, or the Resolve All button to rectify all prechecks.

You can receive this error for other hosts in the pool, citrix xen pool error. For each host, repeat the steps above until the upgrade is complete.


Use the command line interface to install the most recent hypervisor hotfix to each upgraded host:

  1. Upgrade the pool master by following the guidance provided in the section Upgrading XenServer hosts by using the xe CLI in the XenServer Installation Guide .
  2. Before migrating any virtual machines back to the pool master, download and apply the appropriate XenServer hotfix to the master:
    • For XenServer 7.1 CU1, use the CLI to install XS71ECU1017
    • For XenServer 7.3, use the CLI to install XS73E005
    • For XenServer 7.4, use the CLI to install XS74E002
    For more information about applying hotfixes to a XenServer host, see the section Applying an Update to a Pool in the XenServer Installation Guide .
  3. Migrate the virtual machines from the next host you wish to upgrade.
  4. Repeat the above steps for each host in the pool.



Any virtual machines that have not been stopped and started since the application of the hotfix and/or microcode update which enabled the features can migrate successfully. As such, it is possible that during the rolling pool upgrade some VMs successfully migrate onto upgraded hosts before you encounter the error. In this situation, to apply the hotfix to the upgraded host, you must do one of the following actions:

  • Shutdown these VMs
  • For pool members that are not the master, manually migrate the VM to an already upgraded host

    It is not possible to migrate a VM from the pool master to another host during the rolling pool upgrade, as you cannot migrate to a non-upgraded host

  • Use storage motion to move the VM to another XenServer pool

Problem Cause

The hotfixes listed in the Environment section of this article introduced virtualization support for new microprocessor features. These features were delivered by the processor vendors typically in the form of updated CPU microcode. These features were introduced as a mechanism to address the issues described in the following articles:

This microcode can be obtained either through an update from your hardware vendor, or in the form of an updated microcode package in XenServer.

To check if a host is using the level of microcode that can cause this error, run the following command on the host console:


URL Error While Upgrading XenServer Through the Rolling Pool Upgrade

Symptoms or Error

You may get an error that the URL is invalid even though the URL is able launches in a browser.  It is suggested that a 3rd party tool be used


Perform the steps below to resolve this issue:

  1. Obtain 3rd party program called ngix to set a local http entry for the exploded disk.
  2. Copy the portable version of NGINX somewhere on the machine that XenCenter is on.
  3. Open the portable folder and go into the http folder and remove everything found.
  4. Copy the exploded installed CD contents to the http folder.
  5. Run the NGINX program as administrator and then attempt RPU w/ HTTP instead.

Problem Cause

FTP was configured to be on port 80 but that was taken up.


Citrix is not responsible for and does not endorse or accept any responsibility for the contents or your use of these third party Web sites. Citrix is providing these links to you only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement citrix xen pool error Citrix of the linked Web site. It is your responsibility to take precautions to ensure that whatever Web site you use is free of viruses or other harmful items.

grep Host

The output looks like this:
  Host b7ebfbff:77fef3ff:2c100800:00000121:0000000f:019cfffb:00000008:00000100:00000000:0c000000
If there are any non-zero values after the last colon (0c000000 in this example), you have both the microcode and version of Xen that causes VMs started on the host to be unable to live migrate during a rolling pool upgrade.

To citrix xen pool error if an individual VM is unable to live migrate during an RPU, run the following command on the host console:

xe vm-list params=last-boot-CPU-flags,name-label power-state=running The output looks like this: name-label ( RW) : Guest-746 last-boot-CPU-flags ( RO): vendor: GenuineIntel; features: 17cbfbff-f7fa3223-2d93fbff-00000123-0000000f-019c4fbb-00000008-00000000-00001000-0c000000
If the final segment (0c00000 in this example) contains any non-zero values this VM cannot migrate during RPU.

Any virtual machines started on hosts that have both the hotfix and the appropriate microcode installed, citrix xen pool error, can make use of these new microprocessor features. VMs with these new microprocessor features 

Additional Resources

What Citrix is doing

Citrix is working on improvements to help mitigate this problem. If you are experiencing any issues when upgrading a host using the Rolling Pool Upgrade wizard as described in this article, follow citrix xen pool error instructions documented in the Solution section.

HTTP 404 Error When Upgrading to XenServer 7.0 Using Rolling Pool Upgrade

Symptoms or Error

When attempting to upgrade from XenServer 6.5 SP1 to XenServer 7.0 using XenCenter 7.0.x and the Rolling Pool Upgrade feature, XenCenter reports the following error

<date and time> <hostname> ERROR: Failed to open XS-REPOSITORY-LIST: HTTP Error 404: Not Found The XS ISO doesn't have this run-time error 1004 application-defined or object-defined error the following commands on the Control Domain (Dom0) of the host to remove the RPU002 hotfix used during the Rolling Pool Upgrade process.
# rm -f /var/patch/applied/3f92b111-0a90-4ec6-b85a-737f241a3fc1
# xe-toolstack-restart

  • Re-run the Rolling Pool Upgrade process using XenCenter 7.0.x, which will prompt to reinstall the RPU002 hotfix.

  • After installing the RPU002 hotfix, continuing with the Rolling Pool Upgrade process should then complete successfully.

  • Problem Cause

    This issue is citrix xen pool error to be seen if customers have previously attempted to upgrade from XS 6.5 to XS 7.0 using XenCenter 7.0.x. This action installs the RPU002 hotfix on a XenServer 6.5 host.

    Installing the RPU002 hotfix also introduces the associated stamp file in the /var/patch/applied directory.

    Later, installing XenServer 6.5 SP1 overwrites the RPU002 hotfix with an older version to the one present in XenCenter 7.0.x. However, the stamp will not be updated. After installing XenServer 6.5 SP1, when XenCenter 7.0.x is used to execute a Rolling Pool Upgrade from XenServer 6.5 SP1 to 7.0, XenCenter sees the stamp file for the RPU002 hotfix exists and expects the hotfix to be the newer version of RPU002. Therefore, XenCenter does not attempt to update the RPU002 hotfix with the newer version.

    When the Rolling Pool Upgrade executes the RPU002 hotfix, it runs the older version of the RPU002, which references a variable XS-REPOSITORY-LIST which existed on the XenServer 6.5 media, but does not exist in the XenServer 7.0 installation media. This causes XenCenter to report the error.

    Error Migrating a Virtual Machine from XenServer Pool

    Symptoms or Error

    When migrating Virtual Machine (VM) from one XenServer pool member to another pool, the following error message appears in XenCenter:
    Internal error: INTERNAL_ERROR: XenguestHelper.Xc_domain_restore_failure(1, " error setting the HVM context\\\"")

    Verifying XenServer logs during migration process, displays the following error message:
    Caught exception INTERNAL_ERROR: [ Xapi_vm_migrate.Remote_failed ("unmarshalling error message from remote" ) ] at the last Minute during migration.


    To resolve this issue, complete the following procedure:

    1. Shutdown all VMs from the XenServer that is hosting the affected VM.

    2. Restart the XenServer where the affected VM is currently on.

    3. Access the server’s BIOS (Processor Options).

    4. Enable no-Execute Memory Protection in the BIOS.

    5. The BIOS settings are displayed on HP servers as the following screen shot:

      User-added image

    No-Execute Memory Protection enables the hardware portion of a feature that allows systems to be protected against malicious code and viruses. In combination with an OS that supports this feature, memory is marked as non-executable code, citrix xen pool error. Some viruses attempt to insert and execute code from non-executable memory locations. These attacks are intercepted and an exception is raised.

    Problem Cause

    This behavior is because the No-Execute flag on CPU is disabled on the server that VM is being migrated from. When comparing the CPU of the machine where the VM is migrating from and the CPU where the VM is migrating to, no-Execute flag is found not enabled on the XenServer of the initial VM.

    CPU flag of the XenServer, citrix xen pool error, VM is migrating to:

    User-added image

    CPUs flag of XenServer, VM is migrating from:

    User-added image

    Error: "Invalid connection address" when adding XenServer host connection

    Symptoms or Error

    The following error is seen when attempting to add a Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer) hosting connection:

    Error Id: XDDS:49D3D465

    Exception: Citrix.Console.Models.Exceptions.ScriptException Invalid connection address.
    Check that the address is valid and that it references a host citrix xen pool error the XenServer pool.
    InvalidOperation: (:) [Set-Item], InvalidOperationException + FullyQualifiedErrorId :
    Citrix.XDPowerShell.HostStatus.ConnectionAddressInvalid,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.SetItemCommand Set-Item : The supplied connection address is invalid. (.)


    In host connection URL enter XenServer host name in into host connection URL using the same case (upper or lower) as in the corresponding identity certificate of the XS host.

    Problem Cause

    In case citrix xen pool error https connection to XenServer pool, citrix xen pool error, XenServer host name is case sensitive. The XenServer host name in the URL must match the case of the host name in the certificate.  For example, if the host name on the certificate is all UPPERCASE, then when entering the URL, use ALL UPPERCASE characters.


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