Cfagent syntax error on blank line

cfagent syntax error on blank line

You should use single quotes ' or double quotes " around the URL in this case (and in general). In cfengine syntax these are called user:*: other:*: and mask:*: This variable has the same effect as the command line options --dry-run or -n. Many 3rd party extensions provide new syntax checkers and other features like alternative error displays or mode line indicators. Contents. cfagent syntax error on blank line ( IFS=. read v1 v2 v3 ; [ $v1 -ge 3 ] dir door block
matches the test string against the output of the specified command.
matches the name of the cfagent syntax error on blank line with a regular expression, cfagent syntax error on blank line.
applies only when the file object $(this) is a symbolic link. It is true if the regular expression matches the contents of the link.
matches if the command returns successfully (with return code 0). Note that this feature introduces an implicit dependency on the command being called. This might be exploitable as a security weakness by advanced intruders.
specifies the way in which the above elements are combined into a single filter.

Process filters:

process ID (quoted regex)
parent process ID (quoted regex)
process group ID (quoted regex)
resident size (quoted regex)
virtual memory size (quoted regex)
status (quoted regex)
CMD or COMMAND fields (quoted regex)
Total elasped time in TIME field (accumulated time)
Starting time for process in STIME or START field (accumulated time)
terminal type, or none (quoted regex)
PRI or NI field (quoted regex)
NLWP field for SVR4 (quoted regex)
logical combination of above returned by filter (quoted regex)

Examples: processes started between 18th Nov 2000 and now.

{ filteralias FromSTime: "date(2000,11,18,0,0,0)" ToSTime: "now" }

All processes which have accumulated between 1 and 20 hours of CPU time.

{ filteralias FromTTime: "accumulated(0,0,0,1,0,0)" ToTTime: "accumulated(0,0,0,20,0,0)" }

Complete filter examples

Here is an example filter to search for all files which are either directories or socket error code 10054, or any kind of file owned by mark, in group cfengine.

control: actionsequence = ( files ) files: /tmp filter=testfilteralias action=alert r=inf /cfengine filter=testfilteralias action=fixall r=inf mode=644 filters: { testfilteralias Owner: "mark" Group: "cfengine" Type: "dir socket


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