Canon 350d error 99

canon 350d error 99

Error 99 is Canon's catchall error, basically meaning "none of the above." The most common cause is miscommunication between the lens and the camera body. Take. › › Rebel › Rebel XT / EOS 350D Digital Camera. › watch.

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Canon Eos Error 99 30D

350D and old EF lenses ERR 99 error?

Adam-T wrote:

as is my 1989 vintage 80-200L - heck even a Quantaray (Sigma) 28-90
Aspherical Macro canon 350d error 99 on the thing without hitch. I really can't
see ANY reason why the 28-70-II is giving problems, my 50mm is
older than ANY copy of that lens (it was made in March 1987, was
bought as a "Kit" lens with an EOS650 the day they hit the UK
shelves) - if there is a general issue with the excellent 28-70-II,
Canon need to sort it PRONTO as it goes against the error 6 nissan cw820 of what
the EOS system is all about.

and that causes the ERR99 as the reporting communication between lens and camera is failing to 'complete'.

If I used it at max aperture 100% of the time I believe it would not error out.

If I had reported this before Jan 2005 they would have looked at it and quoted but as at Feb 2005 it was de listed as 'end of life' and they no longer have the parts for any such repairs. As you say a nice lens but sadly now more of a paper weight.

So, if you have old kit you had best be aware that Canon have likely de-listed it by now as repairable.

PS I bought the 28-70 as a 'kit lens' when I bought my EOS 650 (snap!)

Fixing a lens

No error on any camera is as dreaded as Error 99.  If you shoot Canon and haven't seen it yet, you will.  Canons certainly aren't any more prone to errors than any other camera brand, but they are a bit notorious for the infamous Error 99.  Learn how to fix it now so when it happens, you aren't stuck shooting a wedding without a working camera!

In short, ERR99 on your Canon camera is simply a general error.  What error, you ask?  That is the difficulty with troubleshooting the famous ERR99.  Since it is a general error, canon 350d error 99, it gives you nothing to begin with.  But have no fear, I've seen the error enough times that I should be able to point you in the right direction.

To fix the error, you can certainly call Canon… but I will tell you exactly what they tell you on the phone.  First they will ask you to do runtime error photoshop clean reboot, then try switching the lens, and then they will ask you to pay to ship the camera to them, wait four weeks without a camera and then cross your fingers that the repair isn't too expensive.  Hopefully it won't get to that point! The following steps address the most common causes of ERR99 and offer solutions to see if it is something you can fix yourself. Read these first before you call Canon!

Step #1: Test the Lens

ERR99 is a general error, but often the cause of the error is lens communication.  This could be for many different reasons.  For example, if the aperture assembly on your lens is broken and needs to be replaced, the camera will tell your lens to change the aperture, the lens can't because the aperture assembly is not functioning, and so the camera will not have any confirmation that the lens obeyed it's command.  The result?  Error error code 11001 host not found the lens on a different camera, or try using a different lens on your Canon camera.  This way you will know if the lens is causing the problem.  If the lens is the problem, first attempt to fix it with step #2 and if that doesn't work, you will need to send the lens to the lens manufacturer for repair.

A recent caller on the Improve Photography Podcast had the ERR99 problem and he solved the issue by performing this test.

Step #2: Clean Camera/Lens Contacts

On the back of the lens as well as the base canon 350d error 99 the lens mount, you will find a series of gold-colored metal contacts.  This is how the lens and camera communicate.  If either the lens or camera contact is dirty, communication will be inhibited.

The way that the actual Canon repair facilities fix this problem is to use the eraser on a pencil.  Lightly rub all of the contacts being careful to not get eraser dust in the lens or camera.  If dd error 123 contacts are just dirty but nothing is broken, this is a simple fix.  I have personally seen this fix the dreaded ERR99.

Step #3: Reboot the Camera

This is the magic tech support solution that seems to work so often, but sometimes it is so simple that we don't feel like washing in the river 7 times (catch the reference there?).  Turn the camera off, take the battery out, wait 30 full seconds, put the battery in again, turn the camera on again, and take a photo.

I know this sounds insultingly simple, but please try it.  Tech support always suggests this fix because it so often works.

Step #4: Perform a Complete Power Cycle

Your camera actually has two batteries in it, canon 350d error 99.  One battery powers the functions of the camera, and the other battery powers the behind-the-scenes operations of the camera that remember your camera settings even after removing the battery, remembers the date and time, etc.

One possibility is that the error concerns some function powered by this second battery.  Step four is to remove two screws from the camera, slide out the tray holding this second battery, replace the battery (it looks canon 350d error 99 a simple watch battery), and then restart the camera again.

More specifically, follow these steps to perform a full power cycle: (1) Turn off the camera, (2) Remove the lens and put on a body cap, (3) Remove the memory card, (4) Remove the main battery as well as the small backup battery, (5) Wait 5 minutes.  I know it seems silly to wait.  Off is off, right?  But I have personally seen electronics work after waiting with the battery out for 5 minutes when the standard 20 seconds didn't work. (6) Put both fresh and charged batteries back in the camera, and (7) Cross your fingers that the shutter click doesn't revive ERR99.

For a diagram on how to remove this secondary battery, check out this very very thorough blog post about fixing ERR99 issues.

Step #5: Troubleshoot the Memory Card

There are actually a lot of ways that you can mess up your memory card, which will canon 350d error 99 cause problems with the camera.  The best way to eliminate this as being a problem is to simply get a brand new card and put it in the camera to see if the problem continues after a reboot.  If that isn't an option, at least try one other used card to make sure it isn't a corrupt card.

Next, if you haven't been using your cards correctly, we should make sure you aren't doing something upon import of your photos that is causing errors in your memory card's database.  Put the memory card in the camera and do a full reformat.  Do not just erase images, canon 350d error 99, go into the menu and look for “Format Card”.  If the camera cannot format the card, there is a good chance the card is the issue.

Step #6: Blame it on Dumb Luck and Call Canon

The phone number for Canon technical support is 1-800-652-2666 or check for more support options.

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Canon Digital REBEL XT

by Paula crash reporter error
(United States)

Canon Rebel XT (350D)canon 350d error 99 src="">

Canon Rebel XT (350D)

I have a telephoto lens to put on my camera. canon 350d error 99 When i take pictures with it they are overexposed, canon 350d error 99. They are very bright! Is there some button I need to push or a setting I need for the pictures to turn out? I have used it before and they turn out and then all of a sudden they don't. It is a Canon zoom lens EF 75-300mm. 1:4-5.6 III

question 2

I have another zoom lens Tamron AF 18-200mm 1:3.5-6.3. When I attach this lens to my camera I get an error message -- ERR 99. Can you help me with this one as well?

Hi Paula,

Sorry to hear you're having over-exposure problems with your Canon XT and a Canon EF 75-300 lens. Without seeing the photo and the camera settings you used on your Canon Rebel XT it's impossible for me to diagnose the issue.

It could be a camera setting. It could be a communication error between the lens and your camera. Although your Rebel is over 15 years old, it should be fully compatible with your 75-300mm lens.

It's also possible the aperture is not closing down on the 75-300mm lens. I had this EXACT SAME PROBLEM with the very first SLR camera I ever used. It was a Beseler Topcon and I was shooting black and white film. Although the photos were printable, the negatives were grossly overexposed.

Unfortunately, you're shooting jpgs that are over exposed and there is very little you can do to recover the details in an over exposed jpg image.

I wonder if you can attach a sample photo and give me the camera setting of the photo.

Rebel XT Error Code ERR 99

This is likely a communication error between your Rebel XT and the Tamron 18-200. In both cases, the Canon EF 75-300 and the Tamron 18-200, you should make sure the contacts on the end of the lens are clean, canon 350d error 99. Use a cotton swap and alcohol to clean them as well as the contacts on the Rebel XT. Do it gently and carefully.

The Rebel XT is ancient in digital technology terms, so it's not canon 350d error 99 to have issues at this point. Feel free to get back to me with more details if you want.

Good Luck. I hope this helps.


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11/04/2006 07:37:18 PM · #1
I've been getting an error 99 code recently. It happens after I've taken several photos. I'll turn it off, wait a few seconds and then try again. I can usually get a few more pix, but then it pops up again. I took the lens to the camera shop thinking that was the problem (it's a quantaray)and they said it works fine. Any idea's what the problem could be?

Heather Brown
11/04/2006 07:44:35 PM · #2
there are many things about that error, canon 350d error 99. some says is a bad contact between the lens and body, canon 350d error 99. it can be fixed turning the camara off removing the battery and wait 134 seconds. cleaning the contacts can be usefull.
11/04/2006 07:52:49 PM · #3
Actually, it can be more than the lens. I had a similar episode that was cleared up by cleaning the flash contacts. Quite possibly it is some sort of contact is dirty.
11/09/2006 11:45:45 AM · #4
I have gotten this error with a bad memory error 017 undefined symbol isnumeric too. I read somewhere, about 3 years ago or I would site it, that the error 99 just means, "hey umm user theres a problem, not quite sure what to tell you it is so umm 99!"

This was with a 300d when I got the error.
A friend of mine also got the error on his 20d when he would use one of my lenses on his camera.
11/09/2006 11:48:46 AM · #5
Are you using a battery grip on the camera? I get that sometimes with that, I just unscrew it a bit until the power disconnects and then screw it back in.
11/09/2006 11:48:53 AM · #6

Originally posted by koriley:

I have gotten this error with canon 350d error 99 bad memory card too. I read somewhere, about 3 years ago or I would site it, that the error 99 just means, "hey umm user theres a problem, not quite sure what to tell you it is so umm 99!"

Okay, this struck me as really funny :)
11/09/2006 11:51:32 AM · #7
Koriley is right its a 'catch all' error code. Some people use a rubber (eraser) to clean the contacts, which can help. I had the same thing, but it was the shutter malfunctioning. and it had to go back :(

I hope its nothing as serious!

Mark (with my fingers crossed!)
11/09/2006 11:51:42 AM · #8

Originally posted by piaffe529:

I've been getting an error 99 code recently, canon 350d error 99. It happens after I've taken several photos. I'll turn it off, wait a few seconds and then try again. I can usually get a few more pix, but then it pops up again. I took the lens to the camera shop thinking that was the problem (it's a quantaray)and they said it works fine. Any idea's what the problem could be?

Do you experience this with original lenses or with lenses from other manufacturers? I know that older thrid part lenses can have this problem and I've experienced it myself with an older Sigma zoom.
11/09/2006 11:54:38 AM · #9
I was about to mention the sigma problem, canon 350d error 99. Thats the lense that does it on my friends camera.

11/09/2006 12:17:51 PM · #10
my d60 started doing that, then stopped being able to fire the flash at the same time the shutter was open.the entire shutter mechanism is failing.

you can clean all of the metal contact points on your lens, camera, battery, a way of making sure that isn't a problem.
11/09/2006 01:25:27 PM · #11
Just looking at the lens is only looking canon 350d error 99 half the issue. It's the communication between the camera and the lens. As has already been suggested it's most likely the contacts so giving them a good cleaning is a first step.

Also, if the lens is somehow loose on the body then connection could be lost, especially if the lens canon 350d error 99 fairly heavy and the mount is a bit loose.

Taking the camera body and the lens to the camera shop and showing them the error will also help in determining the exact problem.

11/09/2006 01:37:53 PM · #12
This would happen frequently with my XT when I used my 17-40 "L" I would remedy the problem by taking the lens off and putting it back on. It only happened when I used this particular lens on that body. It has never happened on my 5D yet.
11/09/2006 01:55:27 PM · #13
I also faced similar problem when I canon 350d error 99 between new Compact Flash card with the old one in my 20D.

Do we have a technical guide where we can find the possible solutions for these kind of problem?

Message canon 350d error 99 by author 2006-11-09 13:57:29.
11/09/2006 02:13:34 PM · #14

Originally posted by pgirish007:

I also faced similar problem when I swich between new Compact Flash card with the old one in my 20D.

Do we have a technical guide where we can find the possible solutions for these kind of problem?

unfortunately, when you see the "99" error, it really is a catch-all. The most *common* cause is contact-related, but certainly not the only cause, as evidenced by the previous posts.
The best way to troubleshoot is to carefully note the conditions under which it happens, and see if you can narrow it down to a particular lens, or card, etc.; that way, you have an idea of where the problem error - other sight. If the camera does end up needing service, canon 350d error 99, being able to provide this kind of informtion to Canon will greatly increase the probability that they will be able to correctly diagnose and correct it in the shortest possible time.
canon 350d error 99 02:34:54 PM · #15
I may be a little late on this one looking at the dates but. . once upon a time in a past life, I was an electronic technician specializing in small electronics and test equipment. The fact is that, canon 350d error 99, all contacts corrode by virtue of their ability to conduct electricity, canon 350d error 99. That corrosion tends to become an insulator slowly stomping the flow of the electricty necessary to make the camera work. And, yes, an erasser works for cleaning the corrosion off the contacts, canon 350d error 99. However, a new dollar bill or equivelant works much better. It has just the right roughness to scrape the corrosion off the contact(s) and it doesn't leave damn rubber dust that can get into the sensor area. In either case, whether using a monitory note or an erasor, don't work the contacts over to hard as the scraping wears them out.
11/19/2006 02:41:12 PM · #16
It is the camera maker suggesting that you dump Canon and buy Nikon.
12/07/2007 01:10:09 PM · #17
Oh the dreaded error 099
My 350D is getting canon 350d error 99 after about 40K shutter actuations.
Sometimes it hangs, with only a battery removal to reset it, then when the battery is put back in, the shutter closes. If I try and use anything on the back, such as preview pics, ISO, AF, WB adjustments, canon 350d error 99, etc, it locks up showing only the battery life icon with one bar showing on the small LCDand only a battery out/back in networkerror 500 internal server error - http reset it so it can be used again. The camera will still function for the most part with all the settings as they are, with an occasional lockup and battery out/in to restore it. The grip has been removed, both batteries tried, all the flash cards tried, all the lenses tried, the contacts cleaned on body & lenses, all to no avail.

At least my last 100 shots or so this past week came out OK, shooting blind with no preview/histogram available. Good thing I had it set to ISO200, AWB, Partial metering, Flash exposure compensation at -1EV, RAW and no in-camera contrast, sharpening & saturation boost. At least the exposure compensation, exposure lock & the AF points adjustments still work if needed.

Time to send it in.

I'm not going to send it in after all. I am replacing the shutter assembly myself.
I fix stuff for a living, so why not this? Nothing to lose anyway.

Message edited by author 2008-07-11 00:31:06.
12/07/2007 03:41:43 PM · #18
From my experience, error 99 seems to most often indicate a failing shutter. I have had it before and the problem deteriorates until the camera fails and requires a shutter overhaul.
12/07/2007 04:09:03 PM · #19
i got error 99 when the contacts on my lens got grubby. i still haven't had that lens fixed, but my others work just fine.
12/07/2007 04:24:47 PM · #20
Just to add to this, a friend of mine has a 300D and was having error 99 with his 70-300 lens. I put it on my 1DMKII and it gave me an error specific to the lens itself. I'm not sure if the 1 series has better self diagnostics for the codes or what but I could take one photo with the lens on mine and it would give me a code 01 or 02 cant remember which is was.

12/07/2007 04:51:23 PM · #21

Originally posted by jmsetzler:

From my experience, error 99 seems to most often indicate a failing shutter. I have had it before and the problem deteriorates until the camera fails and requires a shutter overhaul.

I got 70K clicks (and then it was the shutter button not the shutter that went south) out of my 20D after the 99 error a couple times. as mentioned below I think it is just the Catch All error. For me it was as simple as dropping the battery(ies) and all was fine.

Message edited by author 2007-12-07 16:51:56.
canon 350d error 99 12:27:16 AM · #22
Got this error on the 4th of July while taking pictures of a fireworks show. Only have about 12K shutter actuations on my 40D. Tried undefined index phpsessid error log and replacing the matteries, the lens, canon 350d error 99, tried every lens I own, removing and replacing battery pack, cleaning lens contacts (was obviously not using the flash so I didn't clean canon 350d error 99 contact). No clue why it did it, took it back where I bought it and they sent it out for repair. Amazing, just when you think you did something right access overflow error message buying three grand worth of camera and lenses and stupid crap like this won't happen, it happens. Good thing I have my 30D as a backup because I have a wedding tomorrow and would've been canon 350d error 99 otherwise!
07/24/2008 02:21:56 PM · #23
I have a Cannon 40 D and it has come up with an "error 99 apache networkerror 500 internal server error message today. I was shooting and then all of a sudden it came on. It will not go away. I changed lenses, cleaned the contacts, changed batteries, took off battery grip. I did all that and still there. Does anyone have any information canon 350d error 99 this and what I can try differntI just hate to send it back to Cannon it will take forever. But from what I have been reading looks like I will need to send that back.
01/12/2009 08:37:40 AM · #24
I have a Rebel XTi for +2years and recently I was bothered by the Err99 message. After a lot of exercises I noticed that the problem occurred only with the 28-90 canon lens, canon 350d error 99. I've tried to clean the contacts, both on camera and on lens, and nothing new happened. The problem is not continuous and it seems to me some kinf of problem in the lens itself. So I have two ways to go: by new lens and give CAnon a chance or just switch to another big brand.
07/06/2010 04:10:53 PM · #25
on my canon 40D I have tried .

cleaning the lens contacts
replacing the batteries
removing the battery grip and replacing it
removing the time/date battery to reset the camera
tried 2 other lenses (after cleaning the contacts)
I even tried to put the camera into sensor cleaning mode, but it just flips the mirror back down and gives err99

The camera is about 2.5 years old with less than 7000 shutter acuations
The camera was on a tripod being used for product shots at the time of this happening

I have shoot .
a comissioned landscape shoot this thursday at sunset
more product shots to be done in a couple of weeks time
a concert on 20th July
white water rafting 24th July
holiday in newquay 9th-13th August
a wedding on 14th August

So I need my camera and cant afford a replacement at the moment.

Any ideas people
thx in advnace

Error Codes

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Error 99, canon 350d error 99. Try the lens on a different camera, or try canon 350d error 99 a different lens on your Canon camera. This way you will know if the lens is causing the problem. If the lens is the problem, first attempt to fix it with step #2 and if that doesn’t work, you will need to send the lens to the lens manufacturer for repair. Start the camera without any battery, turn it off, install main battery.

Turn on the camera, look into the camera house and the mirror to see what will happen when you release the shutter. Err99 can be anything, but often it is a problem with the lens contact or the shutter. DCS 3c, DCS 520, D30, D60, 1Ds, 300D, 30D, 1000D IR, 7D, 6D, 6D, M5. Arnold Schwarzenegger This Speech Broke The Internet AND Most Inspiring SpeechIt Changed My Life. Duration: 14:58.

Alpha Leaders Productions Recommended for you. Depress the shutter button as you would to take a picture. If the “ERR 99′ message only appears when one particular lens is attached, then that lens should be examined by a service technician. If you see the “ERR 99′ with a different Canon lens attached, then the. Canon DSLR + Android = Awesomenesss Homemade Pioneer carrozzeria error 10 for any Canon DSLR Camera Duration: 3:54.

Medo Tech 1,734,525 views. Depress the shutter button as you would to take a picture. If the “ERR 99” message only appears when one particular lens is attached, then that lens should be examined by a service technician.

If you see the “ERR 99” with a different Canon lens attached, then the. Err 99 can be found on all Canon DSLR cameras as it is a generic code to let you know something is wrong. Most of the issues that throw up this code seem to be be related to power, card or dirty contacts from what I can gather. It happened to my 40d a few times however I have had no problems with the 1000d, canon 350d error 99. Cher spectateur Si vous avez aimé la vidéo ne pas oublier de vous inscrire pour recevoir tout ce qui est nouveau.

When the folder number reaches 999 or when the image file number disc error occurred during write operation 9999, this EOS camera error ErrCF, CardErr or Folder number full, appears even when there is enough memory is available on the card. Solution: Eject and re-insert the memory card. A forum thread in FORUMS Canon Cameras, Lenses & Accessories Canon EOS Digital Cameras. Canon 350d error 99 is a general fault status code. I clear mine by switching the camera Off, removing the battery, the re-installing the battery, and turning the camera back on.

Searches of web forums will reveal that Err99 and other lockups are pretty common across many models of Canon d-slrs. Hello my frends, I have EOS 1000D and big problem with DSLR. Cant boot on power on. When I put fully charged battery, close batt. door, RED LED blink fast 1-2 sec and thats all. LCD display is black and stay black.

When I press shutter to half or full, I can see tru viewfinder buSY message, ISO cha.

List of related literature:

Having to troubleshoot unexpected problems is not unique to DSLR cameras, but the specific problems and tips in this chapter are unique to these cameras.

“The DSLR Filmmaker's Handbook: Real-World Production Techniques” by Barry Andersson, <b>canon 350d error 99</b>, Janie L. Geyen
from The DSLR Filmmaker’s Handbook: Real-World Production Techniques
by Barry Andersson, Janie L. Geyen
Wiley, canon 350d error 99, 2011

Set Bracketing Auto Cancel to Enable in the Custom Function I-3 entry, and bracketing is cancelled when you turn the EOS RP off, change lenses, use the flash, or change memory cards.

“David Busch's Canon EOS RP Guide to Digital Photography” by David D. Busch
from David Busch’s Canon EOS RP Guide to Digital Photography
by David D. Busch
Rocky Nook, Inc., 2019

The primary components subject to failure are the shutter, the laser and the CCD camera.

“Handbook of Raman Spectroscopy: From the Research Laboratory to the Process Line” by Ian R. Lewis, Howell Edwards
from Handbook of Raman Spectroscopy: From the Research Laboratory to the Process Line
by Ian R. Lewis, Howell Edwards
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Tomosy’s Camera Maintenance and Repair is a good introductory guide, as are the manuals available from Ed Romney (p. 317).

“Astrophotography for the Amateur” by Michael A. Covington
from Astrophotography for the Amateur
by Michael A. Covington
Cambridge University Press, 1999

When Canon 350d error 99 explained to the camera technician what was happening, he instructed me to change one of the internal fuses vba excel application-defined or object-defined error the camera.

“The Camera Assistant's Manual” by David E. Elkins
from The Camera Assistant’s Manual
by David E. Elkins
Focal Press, 2005

In addition, if you try to press the shutter button, the camera will display a warning message advising that the shutter cannot be operated with no memory card inserted, canon 350d error 99, as shown in Figure 5-6.

“Photographer's Guide to the Sony a6400: Getting the Most from Sony's Advanced Mirrorless Camera” by Alexander White
from Photographer’s Guide to the Sony a6400: Getting the Most from Sony’s Advanced Mirrorless Camera
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To use the a7 III’s continuous advance mode, press the drive button (left directional button), access the Function menu, or go to the Drive Mode entry in the Camera Settings I-3 menu.

“David Busch's Sony Alpha a7 III Guide to Digital Photography” by David D. Busch
from David Busch’s Sony Alpha a7 III Guide to Digital Photography
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Canon, at least, will stand behind its products, issue a recall if necessary, and supply a replacement if a Canon-brand battery is truly defective.

“David Busch's Canon EOS 80D Guide to Digital SLR Photography” by David Busch
from David Busch’s Canon EOS 80D Guide to Digital SLR Photography
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One crucial function is missing from the USB interface of Canon and Nikon DSLRs, at least so far, canon 350d error 99.

“Digital SLR Astrophotography” by Michael A. Covington
from Digital SLR Astrophotography
by Michael A. Covington
Cambridge University Press, 2007

Use this menu entry to raise the mirror and open the shutter so you’ll have access to the sensor for cleaning with a blower, brush, or swab, as described in the Troubleshooting bonus chapter available here:­troubleshooting/.

“David Busch’s Nikon D5500 Guide to Digital SLR Photography” by David D. Busch
from David Busch’s Nikon D5500 Guide to Digital SLR Photography
by David D. Busch
Rocky Nook-Ips, canon 350d error 99, 2015

Direct Printing

The images cannot be printed.


The camera is not properly connected to the printer.


Use the specified cable to properly connect the camera to the

printer. (p.122)


The printer is not turned on.


Turn on the printer.

Error Codes

If a camera error occurs, "Err xx" will be displayed on the LCD panel.

Follow the countermeasures below to resolve the problem for

respective error error e22 en canon mp140 the same error occurs often, something is probably wrong with the

camera. Jot down the "xx" error code and contact your nearest Canon

Service Center.

If an error code appears after you take the picture, the camera might

have missed the shot. Press the <x> button to see if the image

appears on the LCD monitor.

Error Code

Communications between the camera and lens is faulty.

Err 01

Clean the lens contacts. (p.9)

There is a problem with the CF card. Try any of the following:

Err 02

Remove and re-insert the CF card. Format the CF card. Use a

different CF card.

The CF card is full. Erase unnecessary images in the card or

Err 04

replace the CF card.

Something obstructed the built-in flash's automatic pop-up

Err 05


Turn the power switch to <2> and <1> again.

An error other than the above has occurred.

Remove and re-install the battery.

Err 99

This error may occur if you use a non-Canon lens and the

camera or lens does not operate properly as a result.


Troubleshooting Guide


canon 350d error 99


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