Can not resolve hostname error l2

can not resolve hostname error l2

if u edited the l2.ini be sure at. Serveradd. its right, cause i edited it and put a bad hostname, so when i start a window pops up and say me cannot. When there is no power button, the only way to completely shut off power is to In addition, a host can generate a link-local address on basis of its own. Özet: My second and third account got disconnected. When I try to connect them I get the message "cannot resolve host name" and then I cant see server list. I.

Can not resolve hostname error l2 - sorry, that

destination_hostname} [detail]

Uses IP addresses to trace the path that packets take through the network.

These examples show how to use the traceroute mac and traceroute mac ip commands to display the physical path a packet takes through the network to reach its destination:

Router# traceroute mac 0000.0201.0601 0000.0201.0201
Source 0000.0201.0601 found on con6[WS-C2950G-24-EI] (
con6 ( :Fa0/1 => Fa0/3
con5 ( ) : Fa0/3 => Gi0/1
con1 ( ) : Gi0/1 => Gi0/2
con2 ( ) : Gi0/2 => Fa0/1
Destination 0000.0201.0201 found on con2[WS-C3550-24] (
Router# traceroute mac 0001.0000.0204 0001.0000.0304 detail
Source 0001.0000.0204 found on VAYU[WS-C6509] (
1 VAYU / WS-C6509 / :
Gi6/1 [full, 1000M] => Po100 [auto, auto]
2 PANI / WS-C6509 / :
Po100 [auto, auto] => Po110 [auto, auto]
3 BUMI / WS-C6509 / :
Po110 [auto, auto] => Po120 [auto, auto]
4 AGNI / WS-C6509 / :
Po120 [auto, auto] => Gi8/12 [full, 1000M] Destination 0001.0000.0304 found on AGNI[WS-C6509] ( Layer 2 trace completed.