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astral tournament date out error

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Astral tournament date out error
Astral tournament date out error
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Toronto&#;s First Beyblade Burst Tournament Since the Release of Savior Valkyrie & Astral Spriggan

On August 21, the Toronto community gathered for Bey Fray Qt at High Park, our first ranked tournament of the year and first with brand new parts such as the Savior Blade and Astral Blade available!

In the first part of this tournament report, I outlined my 3 Step Guide To Preparing For a Competitive Beyblade Tournament based on the latest developments in my personal preparation process that came as a result of getting ready for this tournament.

What You&#;ll Learn in This Report

In this second part we&#;ll now be jumping into the tournament itself. We&#;ll be covering:

  1. What were the rules for this Beyblade tournament?
  2. What were the strongest Beyblade Burst parts in this tournament?
  3. The top 3 new Beyblade Burst DB parts for tournaments 
  4. First Stage Report – Battle Format Analysis & Matches Outline

Tournament Details

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Bey Fray Qt Tournament Article Series

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What were the rules for this Beyblade tournament?

This tournament was played primarily with the WBO Burst Format ruleset, however we also implemented a few experimental rules.

During our last event HIGH PARK THROWDOWN 12 we played with some experimental rules: a modified version of the WBBA 3on3 Format and an updated ruling for &#;Knocked-Out&#; and the &#;Play Area&#.

beyblade, justin tc, and kei sitting on railing of shelter

In this tournament, I wanted to keep pushing forward and trying more new things which could affect and improve WBO Organized Play moving forward.

It was thus decided to try out the following based on a few other areas that had been in discussion recently among WBO Staff:

Battle Limit & Consecutive Draws

All first stage matches have a battle limit of ten battles. If a tenth battle is reached or a judge calls a third consecutive draw by outspin and:

  1. One player has more points than the other: The player with more points wins the match.
  2. The score is tied: the match score remains as is and each player selects a Beyblade with all different parts from any previous incomplete match. Then, the match continues with the new Beyblades and:
    1. The first player to score a point wins.
    2. Or if the judge calls three consecutive draws by outspin, repeat step number two above.

Why did we test this rule?

The idea for this ruling came from recent issues in the community surrounding seemingly &#;endless&#; draws between two opposite spin combinations with high Life After Death.

This is thanks to the increasing prevalence of Drivers that can produce such results: the Drift Driver, Zone&#;+Z Driver, Bearing Driver, Rise Driver, and so on.

There astral tournament date out error been reports of some matches lasting 30 minutes or longer because of this, which can bring a tournament to a screeching halt as everyone waits for the match to finish.

A lot of this could be due to the way in which the WBO&#;s definition of &#;Spinning&#; is worded.

dynamite belial and astral spriggan spinning in beyblade burst standard type stadium

While discussing this internally among WBO Staff we got the feeling that it is more precise or strict than the definition used by the WBBA.

In the WBBA they seem to lean more towards whichever Beyblasde has the final movement or wobble than it does actual rotation around the axis of a Beyblade when it comes to defining which Beyblade stopped &#;spinning&#; first in a match

Changing our definition of &#;spinning&#; might be one way to solve the issue, but it would require a larger discussion to properly evaluate.

The alternative was to implement a procedure for consecutive draws and add a battle limit in order to effectively place a soft cap on how long battles are allowed to take place before they enter a figurative sudden death &#;overtime&#.

Our goal with this definition was to enable players to use whatever combinations they want and give them a reasonable chance to settle the battle without any change to their original intentions. This meant setting the battle limit to 10 and allowing for three consecutive draws before alternative measures came into place.

The alternative measures force the battle to conclude as quickly as possible.

We are also looking at trying to make sure this rule can be adapted in some fashion across all battle formats (WBBA 3v3, P3C1, etc), which made it a tricky discussion and is still ongoing.

And this issue may not be as prevalent in other formats like the Plastics Format or Burst Classic Format for instance, but nevertheless it will be beneficial to have a procedure in place to avoid any possibility of a never-ending match.

Did the rule work well in the tournament?

In Bey Fray Qt, this rule almost happened several times, but only actually came into effect once. In a battle between Lrexman and originalzankye.

The initial beys each player selected were Dynamite (F Gear) Belial Giga Drift vs. Vanish Bahamut Over Bearing and it went to three straight ties from the beginning.

Second beys were Vanish Bahamut Tapered Zone&#;+Z and Dynamite (F Gear) Belial Giga Never. 

disassembled beyblade burst combos: dynamite f gear belial giga drift and vanish bahamut tapered zone dash plus z
dynamite f gear giga never beside disassembled vanish 10 over bearing beyblade burst combo

Zankye used D(F) and won the battle

Even though it only came into effect once during this tournament, my impression was that I liked it as did everyone else who seemed to agree it&#;s better than the alternative: draw &#;forever&#.

It seemed to do the job. Even if the second combos had resulted in three consecutive draws again and we had to go to a third selection, it only begins to increase the chances that at least one player will score the one point needed to win the astral tournament date out error feeling I got was that as the tournament progressed people realized that they are making the choice to put themselves in this type of position if they choose to run a combo prone to drawing against opposite spin opponents.

So, if that means they end up in this particular situation where they can lose having lost only one point, it&#;s fair. Everyone knows this going into the match.

For the sake of the tournament, astral tournament date out error, it allows things to keep moving, creates a bit of a disincentive from using high LAD stuff (although not enough to stop people from using it entirely!), and can create some interesting situations where players need to decide what&#;s going to give them the best chance to win a single round.

In the situations where we reached two consecutive draws, it actually made the match more exciting to watch because we knew there was a chance this ruling would come into effect.

I also like that this happened only once during the tournament.

The 10 battle limit seems good because it feels like the point where the battle is becoming too long.

Three consecutive draws being the alternative trigger seems fair as well. It&#;s when you get to three consecutive draws that you can tell it&#;s going to be very hard to determine a winner.

One thing I will say though is that while we got a bit more used to it as the tournament progressed, it did seem like a bit of an extra burden to have to worry about the total number of battles during each match. Not a huge deal, but I still am a little concerned about that being miscounted by some judges.

First & Final Stage Win Condition Point Value Changes

All existing point values for each win condition in first and final stage matches will remain the same as is listed in the rulebook except for:

  1. First Stage: Burst Astral tournament date out error will be worth 1 point.
  2. Final Stage: Knock-Outs will be worth progress appserver error 7175 points.

Why did we test this rule?

This particular change, if implemented across WBO Organized Play, would bring all of the win condition point values for Burst Format into alignment.

With the introduction of WBO Burst Classic Format and WBO Burst Limited Format over astral tournament date out error past few years, the decision was made to alter the points awarded for the Burst Finish and Knock-Out win conditions based on the differing metagames that exist within each format.

And even in the standard Burst Format astral tournament date out error point values have shifted over time based on what was being released, what was strong, and what might need some help.

However, the problem that this creates is that it becomes increasingly difficult for Organizers and judges to keep track of the exact differences between each format. This might not matter to everyone, but if you have a community that enjoys astral tournament date out error multiple formats, it quickly becomes confusing.

When we are crafting the rules and guidelines for WBO Organized Play we have to walk a tight line between advancing the competitive depth of the game and protecting organizational feasibility and ease of understanding for players.

The result of this is that wherever we can, it makes sense to try and standardize and simplify our rules across formats, astral tournament date out error. This is why we are continuing to work on things like this and:

There will always be other ways in which the game can be played based on personal preferences, but focusing on standardization of things like this is part of what will help create a baseline for our global competitive Beyblade framework that is easier to understand no matter what play format or battle format will be used.

Did the rule work well in the tournament?

First Stage: 1 point Burst Finish

This didn&#;t come into effect much from what I can recall.

However, it might be more about what it encouraged the usage of than what tangible effect it had on points given during matches.

When you make Burst Finishes worth one point, it inherently enables the usage of parts with lower burst resistance.

While the burst mechanic has become less important over time throughout Beyblade Burst (the peak of which was probably during Beyblade Burst Sparking due to the nature of how Rings and Chassis interacted), I do feel that it&#;s important to not forget about it and how Takara-Tomy continues to factor it into their design decisions.

The most obvious historic example of this was the Bearing Driver. It has a very obviously weaker spring than many other Drivers.

bearing driver beyblade part

The reason for this is obvious; it&#;s to nerf how powerful it would be otherwise. And in general, stamina based Drivers have always been on the lower end of the burst resistance spectrum (although, for some inexplicable reason Takara-Tomy has veered away from this slightly lately after releasing Drivers like Zone&#; and Wave&#;).

Attack type Drivers on the other hand have typically been granted increased burst resistance. Especially when Dash Drivers were introduced a few years ago.

If we are trying to produce a the roots of terrorism where the incentive to use attack types despite their risk is balanced with a similar risk on the stamina side thanks to lower burst resistance, it seems logical to me to award burst finishes two points.

In reality it&#;s not always so black and white, but especially given the immense overall power of stamina types in the Beyblade Burst metagame … I&#;m not sure it makes sense to enhance their ability to use very strong stamina parts with lower burst resistance by making Burst Finishes worth only one point.

beyblade players watching beyblades inside black stadium during match

When this was first proposed internally, astral tournament date out error, what I said was:

My first thought is that I kind of like the idea of Burst Finishes being worth one point in the standard format, astral tournament date out error. It could maybe make it more viable to use some parts that are prone to bursting.

That&#;s definitely true. But I think it encourages the usage of parts astral tournament date out error combinations that are already strong enough even with Burst Finishes at two points.

Some people argue that two point Burst Finishes encourage &#;random&#; results. I don&#;t agree with this.

There are quasi-random elements to how a battle may play out, so if you want to look at it purely from that viewpoint an argument could be made that a particular result is &#;random&#. But every player makes the conscious decision to use a particular combination.

They are responsible for having an understanding of how likely it is to burst against certain opponents. With that in mind, they need to have made the decision that the risk versus reward balance of making that choice is more likely to be in their favour than against them in any particular battle. Otherwise, they should have made another decision to use something with higher burst resistance and accept risk in another area.

A good practical example of this right now that is relevant in the metagame is the Rise Driver. It has some great upside in many areas, but one of its downsides is that it has relatively low burst resistance. When you make burst finishes one astral tournament date out error rather than two, you buff parts like this even further than they probably need to be.

judge and spectator watching two players launch beyblades <b>astral tournament date out error</b> stadium

Early in Beyblade Burst the argument could be made that two point Burst Finishes were unfair because attack types had few options when it came to improving their burst resistance. They were basically limited to using specific Disks like Limited or Armed which may or may not have been the best option for them in terms of enhancing their attack ability. But now, they have Dash Drivers and in the case of newer seasons many different Chip/Core options to tune their burst resistance.

With first stage burst finishes at one point in this tournament, you basically got to have your cake and eat it too as a stamina user.

Final Stage: 2 point Knock-Out

Here&#;s what I expressed internally when this was first proposed:

I feel some hesitation about two point KOs in the finals that I can&#;t fully explain, but I&#;m willing to try it and see how it goes.

We changed it to one point because of how easy it was becoming to KO things thanks to the Zwei Layer Base and Judgement Layer Base. The one point KO switch made attack types ironically more viable in my opinion at that time because there was less worry about self-KOing and you weren&#;t worried about KOing your opponent at the time when you did shoot well because of how powerful the attack types were.

However, now there might be another type of &#;easy&#; KOs thanks to the Drift Driver, astral tournament date out error. But maybe that is a good thing and could deter people from using Drift in more aggressive ways in certain situations.

And I guess making KOs two points again may overall be useful for traditional attack types that are not as powerful as they were when the previous rule change was introduced. There&#;s also a bit less random wall bounce KOs because the Beyblades are heavier and don&#;t have as much recoil as something like Judgement.

The response to this change during Bey Fray Qt was a bit mixed. 

I will preface all of this however with the fact that both one point or two points for knock-outs in WBO Deck Format are valid. It just changes the game a lot either way.

After making it to the finals of this event and relying heavily on attack types, I realized that with two point knock-outs you need to be acutely aware of the score and how many mistakes it affords you. 

It means that it’s actually advantageous to use your attack type(s) earlier in the match because at a score of, and you still have the ability to make at least one mistake resulting in a self-knock-out (or more if you get lucky with a non-contact self-KO or outspin).

If you are able to take advantage of this you can perfect your shot early and all it will take is three total wins to get the required six points … or maybe even two if you get one point in some other way.

If you bring in your attack type later in the match for the first time, you’re placing a lot of pressure on yourself to perform flawlessly.

That’s not a good recipe for success when using attack types.

After playing in the finals of this event (as you will learn about in part three of this report), I stand by my assessment that the one point knock-out ironically heightens the viability of attack types in WBO Astral tournament date out error Format.

The argument for two point knock-outs has always been that it gives players a chance to quickly mount a comeback.

This carries some weight given how the format was designed. When you&#;re ahead you do hold a significant advantage because it enables you to take a loss and then counter your opponent directly.

But I think that keeping knock-outs at one point rewards players with skill and perseverance to enable them to make a slow comeback without worrying that their aggressive play will backfire.

When you play with knock-outs at two points, players who play conservatively are at an advantage because they don&#;t have to worry as much about losing two points as a direct result of their own actions. Instead, they can rely on outlasting their opponent or the mistakes of their aggressive opponent.

In other words, despite knock-outs being worth two points, passive play is what actually is rewarded in this scenario.

group of people inside shelter during beyblade tournament

We should work to create a scenario where the risk of playing aggressively has an appropriately balanced reward and minimal penalty for failure when considering the realities of what it takes to make it work (practice, confidence, execution). Passive play on the other hand is a valid strategy, but relative to aggressive play the reward for this style should be lower because it is easier to score points this way.

When you&#;re using an attack type, your stamina type opponent grazes you, and you get knocked-out for two points … It feels bad.

What could be the solution?

After this event beyblade and I were talking about this change and lamented the fact that we couldn&#;t just make the two-point KOs apply only to &#;attack types&#; using rubber or something like that … because the intention is that aggressive play is rewarded.

However, because such a ruling would be too complicated to enforce or define, the next best alternative in my eyes is to keep knock-outs at one point in order to minimize the penalty for failing with an attack type.

And to be more specific, this is what I feel the outcome should be for both first stage and final stage win condition point values across all WBO Beyblade Burst formats (Burst, Burst Limited, Burst Classic):

First Stage (Standard Type/P3C1):
  • Burst: 2 point
  • Knock-Out: 1 point
  • Outspin: 1 point
Final Stage (WBO Deck):
  • Burst: 2 points
  • Knock-Out: 1 point
  • Outspin: 1 point

Players more familiar with the Burst Limited Format and Burst Classic Format may feel differently about this. I also recognize that this may be a subjective discussion in many ways, astral tournament date out error. I can understand the desire for tweaks to this based on personal preference, but what I&#;ve proposed above feels the most natural to me.

This series astral tournament date out error literally called &#;Beyblade Burst&#. Ignoring everything else that is part of my argument, that alone indicates to me what the intention is with regards to what should be focused on or rewarded the most.

One way or another we&#;ll have to make a decision that allows us to unify these point values across all formats.

What were the strongest Beyblade Burst parts in this tournament?

You can find the exact combinations used by the winning players of Bey Fray Qt in the second part of this report. 

In terms of specific strong Beyblade Burst Parts, there were many in use at this event such as the:

Each of these and more can be interchanged in many different ways depending on your play style, personal preferences, astral tournament date out error, and situation. And I&#;ve spoken about each of them in previous articles such as What Are The Best Beyblade Burst Dynamite Battle Combos For Tournaments?

The Top 3 New Beyblade Burst DB Parts For Tournaments

However, I&#;d like to comment in more detail specifically about how the Astral Blade, Over Disk, and Savior Blade were used in Bey Fray Qt, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and answer some of the top questions you may have about them.

They represented some of the strongest new parts that have been released by Takara-Tomy recently. It was our first event with them available for use.

1. Astral Blade

beyblade burst part astral blade
What was the most popular Beyblade combo with the Astral Blade?

The number one contender was definitely the Astral Blade in combination with the Over Disk and Bearing Driver.

Both myself and Justin TC had independently come to the conclusion that it was one of the safest picks for the first stage of the tournament thanks primarily to its combination of high same- astral tournament date out error opposite-spin stamina.

It has the ability to outspin a lot of things when in the same spin direction as its opponent, such as the popular Drift and Zone&#;+Z Drivers. The opposite spin performance of Bearing is in my opinion a slight step below Drift, but it has a chance to win against it.

Bearing has better defensive capabilities in the same spin direction because it does not suffer from the same fate that Drift often does in the same spin direction when it suffers a direct hit and it begins to circle the tornado ridge and kill its stamina or get KOed.

The Astral Blade itself has better same-spin stamina than astral tournament date out error Vanish Blade, but slightly worse opposite spin performance, defense, and in my experience it can be knocked off balance a bit easier than Vanish.

The Astral Blade with Over Bearing is not the best combination in any category, but it is proficient enough in many categories simultaneously. This is what made it one of the most popular Beyblade combos at Bey Fray Qt.

Is the Astral Blade better in left-spin or right-spin?

Left-spin is better, but right-spin is serviceable.

At the moment, it has likely the best left-spin stamina in the game. In right-spin, it is OK but I am not convinced yet that it&#;s better than the Dynamite Blade with F Gear or the Tempest Ring. Would love to hear opinions from any of you who may have tested this more.

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2. Over Disk

beyblade burst part over disk
Is the Over Disk better than the Giga Disk?

Yes and no. The reason is because while when all else is equal I believe the Over Disk may have the edge over the Giga Disk, astral tournament date out error, results can vary significantly because of both launch strength and the combination in use.

The Over Disk is wider than the Giga Disk which means that if you are using a combination that makes use of something with a low height like the Never Driver, the time at which you begin contr terrorism 3 epizod scrape the stadium floor will begin sooner than if you had used the more compact Giga Disk.

On the other hand, if you are using something that does astral tournament date out error fall over like the Drift Driver or something taller like the Wave Dash Driver, you may find that the Over Disk is the better choice.

In Bey Fray Qt you&#;ll see in part two that Over was a very popular choice on the Bearing Driver.

Is the Over Disk the heaviest Beyblade Burst Disk?

No. But it&#;s a close second!

Released alongside the Astral Blade in B Astral Spriggan Customize Set, the Over Disk is actually a bit lighter than the new Nexus+S Disk that can now also be built thanks to the S Gear attachment included in the set.

My Over Disk weighs g and Nexus+S g. For comparison, the Giga Disk weighs g.

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3. Savior Blade

beyblade burst part savior blade
Is the Savior Blade good for attack type Beyblade combos?

Yes! The Savior Blade has quite literally saved the Beyblade Burst right-spin attack type metagame. It&#;s exactly what has been missing after the viability of combos with the Judgement Layer Base started to fade in

The Savior Blade was very popular on the Xtreme Dash Driver, Metal Xtreme Driver, and Quick Dash Driver during Bey Fray Qt. Particularly in the final stage as you will learn in part two of this report.

It can stand up to basically any right-spin combo and even do decently well against left-spin Beyblade combos using parts like the Vanish Blade or Roar Blade.

How to awaken the Savior Blade

One of the features of the Savior Blade is the ability for three small rubber blades to break off after extensive battling which then allow for the Savior Blade&#;s three massive smash and spike attack points to be exposed. This increases attack power.

rubber piece attached to unawakened savior blade
rubber piece broken off awakened savior blade

There are many ways to approach awakening the Savior Blade, but I would recommend one of the following:

  1. Put it up against a very aggressively designed opponent such as Rage Longinus Destroy Dash 3A. Here&#;s an example you can watch of Zankye doing this.
  2. Put it up against a stationary opponent using the Quest Driver and use an attack type Driver with decent stamina like the Quick Dash Driver on Savior. I used the Astral Blade and Dynamite Blade on Giga Quest as basically a punching bag. I liked this method because it ensured that Savior would have a chance to inflict several strong blows before the battle was over.

I wasn&#;t able to fully awaken mine before this tournament, but did get two pieces broken off!

If anyone has other tips for how to quickly awaken the Savior Blade, please comment below.

Does the Savior Blade self-burst too much? 

If you use a tight Dash Driver, it will not.

I specify &#;tight&#; Dash Driver because throughout my testing I discovered that most versions of the Xtreme Dash Driver cause the Savior Blade to self-burst much more frequently.

silver, <b>astral tournament date out error</b>, black, purple, and red beyblade burst xtreme dash drivers

If you want to use Xtreme&#; with Savior, you need to use the silver Xtreme&#; from B Super Satan 6 Xtreme Dash 1S.

In my testing with all other versions of the Driver, it self-burst a lot more. Especially against left-spin opponents.

One other Driver I found to do well in terms of not self-bursting was the Variable Dash Driver.

The Metal Xtreme Driver also seemed to do well when Justin TC used it at this event, but the sample size was a bit too small to judge.

beyblade burst part metal xtreme driver

Takara-Tomy almost blew it for right-spin attack types once again like they did with the glass cannon known as the Burn Ring from the B Beyblade Limit Break DX Set autoit _inetsmtpmail error 50 but thankfully there are some specific Drivers that help to mitigate the chances of the Savior Blade self-bursting.

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Zankye&#;s Best Beyblade Burst Dynamite Battle Combos

Zankye–who participated in Bey Fray Qt–also put together his own video outlining five of the top combos in his opinion from this event. Check it out:

First Stage Report

Bey Fray Qt was our first Swiss tournament format event since Papabey&#;s Winter Solstice Classic back in December There were 19 total participants and the top eight players from five rounds of swiss would advance to a single elimination WBO Deck Format final.

group photo outside covered area at park

First Stage Battle Format: Standard Type (Single Beyblade Best 3-of-5 Format)

As per current rules for ranked events, the first stage was played using the Standard Type match format, which the traditional single Beyblade best 3-of-5 format that most players should know.

As of late, a narrative has been built within the community that this format is somehow less competitive than alternative formats.

I even said in my HIGH PARK THROWDOWN 12 report that I wasn&#;t sure I wanted to play in another ranked tournament that uses it before:

The more I play with these alternative formats, the more it becomes clear that both are superior to the traditional single Beyblade format. So much so that I’m not sure I really want to play in another ranked tournament using the traditional format anymore.

man wearing white shirt and red hat looking down into open black case filled with Beyblades

In retrospect, astral tournament date out error, this may have been a little harsh.

While formats like Pick 3, Choose steam error application load error or WBBA 3on3 do offer strong alternatives in their own way, I do think there is an argument to be made for this traditional single Beyblade battle format &#; It challenges you in different ways. There is depth hidden behind its simplicity.

The one aspect which I admire the most about how it challenges players is the inherent restrictiveness of the format. Because both players are locked into a single Beyblade, it can very much come down to things like launch strength, launch technique, and confidence.

Unlike WBBA 3on3 for instance, both players are forced to use their combos multiple times consecutively. Different tweaks in strategy often emerge because of this that can change the final outcome of the match.

Just like in the testing of Beyblades, the more rounds you play against something, the more accurate the result will be.

action shot of two players launching beyblades into white stadium

One other aspect it challenges is players&#; picking ability, which must be informed by a significant base of knowledge. The pressure to make the right choice is huge in this format.

Multi-Beyblade formats can sort of bail you out because there is less reliance on a single Beyblade. Picking ability is still important in multi-Beyblade formats, but it isn&#;t as critical as the single Beyblade format.

And when someone breaks from the mold in this format to use something that isn&#;t the safest combo, they demonstrate a higher degree of bravery and it&#;s much more exciting to watch because of it.

Every battle format has positives and negatives, but after playing in this event I would say that my perspective astral tournament date out error shifted back towards being a little bit more neutral than it was before when it comes to comparing this format to others like Pick 3, Choose 1 or WBBA 3on3.

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Blader Kei’s First Stage Matches

Round 1 – Astral Bahamut Over Bearing-0 (Kei) vs. Lord Spriggan 0 Cross Xtend+ (Aigasrage)

Final Score: Kei

I had little idea of what Aigasrage would use in this match, so it was an easy choice to stick to my strategy going into this tournament and pick

I was able to easily outspin to win the match

Round 2 – Astral Bahamut Over Bearing-0 (Kei) vs. Astral Fafnir Giga Bearing-0 (Tahoor)

Final Score: Tahoor

It seemed likely based on what information I had that Tahoor would be using a combination with the Bearing Driver. But I didn&#;t know what spin direction it would be.

I took a bit 3194 iphone 4 restore error a risk by choosing to stick with because if he had been right-spin and using something like Tapered Bearing, it might have been a bad matchup.

However, he chose At first, I was confident about this matchup because based on my testing the Over Disk had a bit better stamina than the Giga Disk.

That being said, the performance of Bearing Drivers can vary wildly, astral tournament date out error. I went upbut Tahoor then astral tournament date out error a comeback to take the match

kei and tahoor launching beyblades into black stadium

A few of the reasons for this were probably that the Bearing Driver I was using was relatively new compared to his, which meant the tip was sharper. With a sharper tip, Bearing starts to lean over on its side earlier.

This, in combination with the wider Over Disk meant that Tahoor&#;s was able to astral tournament date out error my combination down and cause it to scrape earlier.

After seeing this happen, I had some regret because in HIGH PARK THROWDOWN 12I had relied on my semi-worn Bearing and was successful in most of my matches, astral tournament date out error. I had decided to switch to my new one for this tournament hoping that it would have better same-spin stamina, and it did seem to during my testing.

It seems to me that semi-worn is really the sweet spot because if it&#;s sharp you run into the problem I had in this match. If it&#;s too worn and almost flat, you may get a slight boost in opposite spin performance, but it really hinders your astral tournament date out error performance and controllability.

That being said, after this tournament I did some direct testing again between the relatively new (red) Bearing Driver that I used for this match and the semi-worn (yellow) one that I used during HIGH PARK THROWDOWN 12.

I did mirror match testing with them using Vanish Fafnir Over Bearing The red one won pretty handily &#; which is what happened before this tournament as well. The red one spins a bit more freely, which might be what gives it the edge.

So, when deciding what Bearing Driver to use, there are many factors to consider. Many of these factors will be in your control, but some (like how strong your opponent&#;s Bearing is) will not.

Round 3 – Astral Bahamut Over Rise-0 (Kei) vs. Dynamite Belial Giga Bearing-2 (beyblade)

Final Score: Kei

After playing against beyblade a whopping 24 times in the first stage back infive times inwe&#;ve only played each other 5 times since error invalid argument setting key the first stage. This has largely been because of the increase in tournament size during that period and our rising rankings … so needless to say, we know each other well and it&#;s nice to have a chance to play with him! But also scary!

The only thing you can typically predict about our matches is that they are unpredictable. We both aren&#;t afraid to use attack types. But this time, we chose stamina.

This was one scenario where it made sense for me to divert from my tournament strategy slightly and refrain from choosing

I went with (awakened Rise Driver) instead.

Going into this tournament, I had a lot of mixed feelings about awakened Rise. The reason being that at HIGH PARK THROWDOWN 12–the tournament I first used it–we played using a modified Knocked-Out/Play Area ruling that made &#;bounce backs&#; legal. Combos that use an awakened Rise Driver rely on being able to ride the tornado ridge of the stadium and often need to bounce off walls to stay in when it skips the ridge.

beyblade and kei battling at beyblade tournament

However, for this event since we had also lowered Burst Finishes to one point for the first stage, I figured this would be a solid pick against beyblade because it would have a chance against both stamina and attack type combinations.

beyblade went with D(F), which was a little bit surprising because upon arriving that morning he was lamenting how overpowered the Drift Driver apparently was … but I think his opinion changed a bit after doing more testing versus same-spin Bearing combinations before the event started. He also probably thought that I thought he would use Drift.

I thought it was a possibility he used Drift, but so was Bearing or something using Xtreme&#; like Savior. gave me a chance against all astral tournament date out error them.

I was able to outspin him three straight times and take the match

Round 4 – Dynamite (F Gear) Valkyrie Over Drift (Kei) vs. Dynamite (F Gear) Belial Over Rise (henwooja1)

Final Score: henwooja1

In my first loss against Tahoor, I made the right selection, but lost because of poor Beyblade building awareness.

In this match against henwooja1, I did almost the opposite. I made the wrong selection, but had built a strong combination.

I chose D(F) (awakened Drift Driver). The awakened Drift Driver has slightly better opposite spin performance (Life After Death) than a brand new one, but it sacrifices same-spin stamina.

henwooja1 went with D(F) (awakened Rise Driver), which was one possibility I had suspected.

I knew he had been using Rise, but the main problem was that I really didn&#;t know what spin direction he was going to choose. I almost chose to use the Roar Blade instead of Dynamite, but decided against it because I had been using left-spin all day and figured he would have noticed that.

Although it was not the ideal situation in my mind, I did have some confidence using awakened Drift in same-spin despite it&#;s self-kO tendency because if you launch it solo and very hard, it can bounce off walls and stay in the stadium relatively well. But after playing this match, it seems to be a good example of the type of thing that you really need to test with two people to fully understand. It might be able to stay in the stadium when launched solo, astral tournament date out error, but the same is not true in a real battle.

I ended up scoring one KO against him, but lost the match

Overall, I&#;ve concluded that using awakened Drift is too risky in most situations for the standard type battle format. The potential upside of being awakened if you guess right and your opponent is in the opposite spin direction does not balance with the level of risk you take on if you&#;re wrong and they are in the same-spin direction.

A better risk to take in this type of situation would have been to use an attack type.

Or even sticking to my plan of using would have given me a much better chance of winning.

Round 5 – Astral Bahamut Over Bearing-0 (Kei) vs. Dynamite (F Gear) Belial Over Never-3 (originalzankye)

Final Score: Kei

I needed a win in this match to have a chance of advancing to the finals.

Sometimes in these scenarios I might go against my first instinct to use something safe, but for this match I decided to return to my tournament strategy, choose, and trust that my assessment of the combo would be correct.

I also knew that Zankye had relied on combinations like Vanish Bahamut Over Bearing and Dynamite Belial Giga Never-3, both of which would likely be able to defeat.

He ended up going with D(F), which was very similar to the aforementioned combo.

I went upbut he made a comeback to tie the match at In an effort to prevent another reverse sweep in this tournament, I switched to High Mode.

I need to test this more, but so far in opposite spin, I&#;ve found that switching to High Mode can be beneficial if your opponent is in Low Mode. Particularly in this scenario where the Never Driver itself is shorter than the Bearing Driver. It increases the chances of your higher combination being able to lean on top of your opponent and spin slightly longer than them.

Thanks to this change, I was able to earn the third point, win the match and advance to the finals!

Other First Stage Battles

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I've been playing Beyblade since and have been staff–the largest Beyblade website in the world with overmembers–since I have won over 60 tournaments and have hosted over as astral tournament date out error organizer over the past decade. I enjoy writing about Beyblade as a competitive hobby and with this blog aim to help players gain a deeper understanding of the game and improve their performance in tournaments!

Astral Tournament: multiplayer card game

About this game

Astral Tournament card game where you fight other mages (computer or other players) for control of magical planes, by strategically using and casting creatures and magical spells.

Play multiplayer vs other people online!

The creatures and spells are of the following magical elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Death. Each mage starts the duel with 50 life points. Each mage has five numbers - they represent his power or ability within the five magic elements. These abilities affect the spells and the strength of each spell the mage can cast. (e.g. if your Fire power is 5 you can cast spells or astral tournament date out error fire creatures equal to or less than the 5th level). Each time you cast a spell or summon a creature, your remaining strength is reduced by the cost of that spell or creature. However, each turn all of your powers are increased by 1.

Each creature has two stats: Attack Strength and Life Number. If the creature attacks any opposing creatures, that defending error code 0x80043001 life is reduced by the attack strength of the attacking creature. If the creature's life is reduced to 0, the creature dies.

The object of the duel is to defeat your opponent by reducing his life number from 50 to 0.


League of Legends


This set of documentation will help you gain a better understanding of how to use the APIs and developer resources related to League of Legends, astral tournament date out error. It is designed to help you begin developing your own tools and products for the League of Legends player community.

Getting Started

Before starting on a product for League of Legends, there are error 021 symbol already defined lvlexp requirements every developer must complete:

  1. Read the general policies
  2. Register your product

Only after developers have read the policies and registered their product on the Developer Portal are they granted a limited license to use Riot Games’ intellectual property (IP) outlined in the Legal Jibber Jabber.

Before you start reading this documentation you need to first login with your Riot Games account. Once you do, a Developer Portal account is created for you! This action also generates a basic development API key that is associated with your account. Parts of this documentation will reference trying things out in the API Reference page. While this documentation is by no means exhaustive we believe it will give you a great start toward building products in the League of Legends ecosystem. As always, if you run into any difficulties or are having technical issues please join Developer Discord for support.

Routing Values

The first step to executing a request to the League of Legends API is to select the correct host to execute your request to. The League of Legends (LoL) API uses what we call routing values in the domain to ensure your request is properly routed. We use both platform ids and regions as routing values (e.g., na1 and americas). These routing values are determined by the topology of the underlying services. Services are frequently clustered by platform resulting in platform ids being used as routing values. Occasionally services are clustered by region, which is when regional routing values are used. The best way to tell if an endpoint uses a platform or a region as a routing value is to execute a sample request through the reference page.

Platform Routing Values


Regional Routing Values



There is currently no service-level agreement (SLA) for the Riot Games API.

Game Constants

When looking up specific seasons, queues, maps and modes it is important to use the correct ids.


Season ids are used in match history to indicate which season a match was played. A full list of season ids can be found in the file below.

Queue Ids

Queue ids show up in several places throughout the API and are used to indicate which kind of match was played. A full list of queue ids can be found in the file below.

Note: In earlywe divided URF (previously ) into separate queues - ARURF ( ) and Pick URF ( ). All Pick URF games from before this distinction will still be in


Map ids are used in match history to indicate which map a match was played. A full list of map ids can be found in the file below.

Game Modes

A full list of game modes can be found in the file below.

Game Types

A full list of game types can be found in the file below.

Ranked Info

Queue Types

The leagues endpoints return a field called that will indicate what map/mode that player played. Depending on the the field will return the highest ending tier for the previous season from a group of ranked queues.

Here is a list of all of the astral tournament date out error for each.

Summoner's Rift

Other Maps

If a match is not played on Summoner's Rift, the field will return the highest ending tier for the previous season from any ranked queue.

Icons and Emblems

The emblems and position assets for all ranks after Ranked Remastered update can be found below.

The old tier icon assets from before the Ranked Remasted update can be found below.

Data Dragon is our way of centralizing League of Legends game data and assets, including champions, items, runes, summoner spells, and profile icons. All of which can be used by third-party developers, astral tournament date out error. You can download a compressed tarball (.tgz) for each patch which will contain all assets for that patch. Please be aware that updating Data Dragon after each League of Legends patch is a manual process, so it is not always updated immediately after a patch.


Patch was uploaded as a zip archive (.zip) instead of the typical compressed tarball (.tgz)


You can find all valid Data Dragon versions in the versions file. Typically there's only a single build of Data Dragon for a given patch, however occasionally there will be additional builds. This typically occurs when there's an error in the original build. As such, you should always use the most recent Data Dragon version for a given patch for the best results.


Data Dragon versions aren't always equivalent to the League of Legends client version in a region. You can find the version each region is using via the realms files.

Data & Assets

Data Dragon provides two kinds of static data; data files and game assets. The data files provide raw static data on various components of the game such as summoner spells, champions, astral tournament date out error, and items. The assets are images of the components described in the data files.

Data Files

The data file urls include both a version and language code. The examples in the documentation below use version and the language code. If you want to view assets released in other versions or languages you can replace the version or language code in the url.


Data Dragon provides localized versions of each of the data files in languages supported by the client. Below is a list of the languages supported by Data Dragon, which you can also retrieved from the Data Dragon languages file.

cs_CZCzech (Czech Republic)
el_GRGreek (Greece)
pl_PLPolish (Poland)
ro_RORomanian (Romania)
hu_HUHungarian (Hungary)
en_GBEnglish (United Kingdom)
de_DEGerman (Germany)
es_ESSpanish (Spain)
it_ITItalian (Italy)
fr_FRFrench (France)
ja_JPJapanese (Japan)
ko_KRKorean (Korea)
es_MXSpanish (Mexico)
es_ARSpanish (Argentina)
pt_BRPortuguese (Brazil)
en_USEnglish (United States)
en_AUEnglish (Australia)
ru_RURussian (Russia)
tr_TRTurkish (Turkey)
ms_MYMalay (Malaysia)
en_PHEnglish (Republic of the Philippines)
en_SGEnglish (Singapore)
th_THThai (Thailand)
vn_VNVietnamese (Viet Nam)
id_IDIndonesian (Indonesia)
zh_MYChinese (Malaysia)
zh_CNChinese (China)
zh_TWChinese (Taiwan)


There are two kinds of data files for champions. The data file returns a list of champions with a brief summary. The individual champion JSON files contain additional data for each champion.

Interpreting Spell Text

Lore, tips, stats, spells, and even recommended items are all part of the data available for every champion. Champion spell tooltips often have placeholders for variables which are signified by double curly brackets. Below are some tips about interpreting these placeholders:

{{ eN }} placeholders
Placeholders are replaced by the corresponding item in the array given in the field (e.g., is a placeholder for ).

{{ aN }} or {{ fN }} placeholders
These placeholders are slightly more complicated. Their values can be found in the vars field. First, find the object in the vars array whose key matches the variable (e.g., forfind the object in the vars array whose key field has the value ). The value for this variable is the coeff field in that same object.

Under a champions spells there are two fields and. contains an array of an ability's values per level where, in contrast, contains a string of all the values at every level. (e.g., vs ). You might notice how the and arrays have a value in the 0 index. This is because those values are taken from designer-facing files where arrays are 1-based. JSON is 0-based so a null is inserted to make it easier to verify the JSON files are correct.

Calculating Spell Costs

In most cases a spell costs mana or energy, you'll find those related costs under the and fields. When a spell costs health, the cost will be found in the and fields. You should always be able to determine how to calculate astral tournament date out error cost of a spell by looking at the resource field which should point you to the variable being used to display the cost of a spell.

Champion Splash Assets


The number at the end of the filename corresponds to the skin number. You can find the skin number for each skin in the file for each individual champion in Data Dragon. Each champion contains a field and the skin number is indicated by the field.

Champion Loading Screen Assets

The number at the end of the filename follows the same convention described in the Champion Splash Art.

Champion Square Assets


Champion Passive Assets


You can find the filename for each champion's passive in the individual champion Data Dragon file. The JSON contains a field with image data. The filename is indicated by the field.

Champion Ability Assets

You can find the filename for each champion's abilities in the individual champion Data Dragon file, astral tournament date out error. The field contains an array of objects which includes data. The filename is indicated by the field.


Data Dragon also provides the same level of detail for every item in the game. Within Data Dragon you can find info such astral tournament date out error the item's description, purchase value, sell acer iconia a500 unrecoverable bootloader error 0x19000008, items it builds from, items it builds into, and stats granted from the item.

There is a field called which holds an array of variables used extra scripts. As an example, on Doran's shield you see the following data in the field, which corresponds to the 8 damage that is blocked from champion attacks.

Stat Naming Conventions

A list of possible stats that you gain from items, astral tournament date out error, runes, or masteries can also be found in Data Dragon. You can find a list of stats gained by the item, rune, or mastery by searching for the field. Below are some tips when it comes to understanding what a stat means and how they are calculated:

  • Mod stands for modifier.
  • An "r" at the beginning of the stat means those stats can be found on runes.
  • Displaying flat vs. percentage vs. per 5 etc. is unfortunately case by case. Astral tournament date out error a given stat, though, it will always be the same. (e.g., you always multiply by and display it as a percentage)
  • Stats are called flat if you add them together, and percent if you multiply them together.
  • Tenacity from an item does NOT stack but tenacity from a rune DOES stack.

Item Assets
The number appended to the item filename corresponds to the item id. You can find a list of the items ids in the item data file.


Summoner Spells

Profile Icons


The number appended to the map filename corresponds to the map id. You can find a list of the map ids in the Map Names section of Game Constants.



Scoreboard Icons (version )

Tournament API

League of Legends leverages custom game lobbies to support developers that want to build Tournaments for players. Custom games can utilize Tournament Codes that help you quickly and easily get players into private custom game lobbies with preset game settings (map, pick type, etc). At the completion of each Tournament Code enabled game the results will be forwarded automatically (HTTP POST) to a URL specified by the tournament developer.

When getting started with the Tournaments API it is important to understand what you can do with it:

  1. Register tournament providers and tournaments in a specific region/shard and its callback URL.
  2. Generate tournament codes for a given tournament.
  3. Receive game results in the form of an automatic callback (HTTP POST) from League of Legends servers whenever a game created using tournament code has been completed.
  4. Use match identifier (matchID) received in the callback to pull full stats data for the given match.
  5. Pull end of game data based on given tournament code in case the callback is never received.
  6. Query pre-game lobby player activity events for a given tournament code.

Tournament API Notes

  • Tournament providers are strongly associated with API keys, regenerating an API key will require a new provider.
  • Though tournament codes can be re-used to generate additional lobbies. For best results with callbacks and Match-v4 lookups, we recommend only creating a single match with a tournament code.
  • Lobby events should only be used to audit Tournament matches as needed. In rare cases lobby events may get dropped. Using lobby events to programmatically progress a tournament or to forfeit participants is not advised.
  • Tournaments will expire if there are no active codes associated with the tournament. Tournament codes are eligible for expiration three months after they're generated. Because tournaments and their codes can expire, creating them as close to the event as possible ensures no disruptions. For the best results we suggest the following:
    • Create a tournament no more than a week before the start of the first match.
    • Upon creation of the tournament, generate a code to ensure the tournament has an active tournament code associated with it (thereby making ineligible ole error800 a033c cleanup).
    • Tournament codes should be generated as needed, not all at once at the start of the event.

Tournaments API Structure

The Tournaments API introduces a simple parent-child data structure to ensure data model consistency:

Tournaments API Methods

Access to the Tournaments API provides several new methods that can be viewed on the API Reference page. We suggest exploring every method to get more information on actual usage including the format and description of parameters you can supply.

Full overview of all methods and their functionality is provided in the diagram below:

Best Practices

To preserve the quality of the tournaments service, your Tournaments API Key may be revoked if you do not adhere to the following best practices:

  • Respect the astral tournament date out error limit for your Tournament API Key and implement logic that considers the headers returned from a Rate Limit Exceeded response.
  • Implement logic to detect unsuccessful API calls and back off accordingly. Please notify us if you believe your application is working correctly and you are receiving errors, but don't continue to slam the tournaments service with repeatedly unsuccessful calls.
  • Generate tournaments and tournament codes only as needed in production and development. Please don't create 1, tournament codes for a 10 game tournament. As a reminder, you can always create additional tournament codes as your tournament grows.
  • Tournaments and tournament codes should be generated within a reasonable time in relation to the event. Don't pre-create tournaments and tournament codes at the start of the year and use them as the year progresses, but rather generate the tournament and codes as the event astral tournament date out error announced and participants sign up.

Use Case Example

Presume there is a tournament website created for League of Legends players that does the following:

  • Announces tournament and rules
  • Registers players/teams
  • Generates/renders tournament brackets
  • Seeds registered teams across the brackets
  • Sends invites for matched teams to play their games
  • Collects end of game results from team captains
  • Provides new matches for teams that advance
  • Officiates for situations when something goes wrong (no show, etc)

The Tournaments API is designed to help automate the last four mentioned functions of tournament websites.

It is recommended to register a tournament provider (specifying region/shard and URL for results) well in advance and do a full loop testing to ensure everything is setup properly for your web service.


To generate actual tournament codes follow the steps below:

  1. Use /lol/tournament/v4/providers API endpoint to register as a provider in specific region while also setting a URL to be used for receiving game results notifications (HTTP POST). Returns providerID.
  2. Use providerID to register a tournament for given Tournament Provider. Receive tournamentID in return.
  3. Use tournamentID to generate one or more tournament codes for a given tournament using specific game settings (map, spectator rules, pick type etc).
    • A tournament code should only be used to create a single match. If you reuse a tournament code the server callback will not return stats for each match.
    • The method to generate tournament codes will return up to 1, tournament codes at a time. If needed, additional calls to this method can be made to create additional tournament codes.
    • Stale or unused tournament codes may be purged after a period of inactivity.

Tournament organizers can generate all the tournament codes they need in advance or generate them as necessary per each phase as shown below:


When a game created using tournament code has completed, the League of Astral tournament date out error servers will automatically make a callback to the tournament provider's registered URL via HTTP POST. Below are a couple notes about how the server callback works.

The provider registration and callback mechanism are relatively inflexible. For best results, use one of the valid generic top level domains (gTLDs) listed below and use http over https for your callback url while using the metaData field to validate callbacks.

Port Restrictions
The server callback supports http (port 80) and https (port ) however Certificate Authorities (CA) approved after Jan 29, aren't supported. The callback server won't perform a callback if it is unable to validate an SSL cert issued by an unknown CA (and therefore doesn't trust).

Domain Restrictions
Only valid gTLDs approved by ICANN before March are considered valid. This excludes newer gTLDs such as (.mail. xxx. xyz, etc.)

Valid gTLDs (approved before March )
aero, asia, biz, cat, com, coop, info, jobs, mobi, astral tournament date out error, museum, name, net, org, pro, tel, travel, gov, edu, mil, int

Valid Country Code TLDs
ac, ad, ae, af, ag, ai, al, am, an, ao, aq, ar, as, at, au, aw, ax, az, ba, bb, astral tournament date out error, bd, be, bf, bg, bh, astral tournament date out error, bi, bj, bm, bn, bo, br, bs, bt, bv, bw, by, bz, ca, cc, cd, cf, astral tournament date out error, cg, ch, ci, ck, cl, cm, cn, co, cr, cu, cv, cx, cy, cz, de, dj, dk, dm, do, dz, icecast error syncing, ee, eg, er, es, et, eu, astral tournament date out error, fi, fj, fk, fm, fo, fr, ga, gb, gd, ge, gf, gg, gh, gi, gl, gm, gn, gp, gq, gr, gs, gt, gu, gw, gy, hk, hm, hn, hr, astral tournament date out error, ht, hu, id, ie, il, im, in, astral tournament date out error, io, iq, ir, is, it, astral tournament date out error, je, jm, jo, jp, ke, kg, kh, ki, km, kn, kp, kr, kw, astral tournament date out error, ky, kz, la, lb, lc, li, lk, lr, ls, lt, lu, lv, ly, ma, mc, md, me, mg, mh, mk, ml, mm, mn, astral tournament date out error, mo, mp, mq, mr, ms, mt, mu, mv, mw, mx, my, mz, na, nc, ne, nf, ng, ni, nl, no, np, nr, nu, nz, astral tournament date out error, om, pa, pe, astral tournament date out error, pf, pg, ph, pk, pl, pm, pn, pr, ps, pt, pw, py, qa, re, ro, rs, ru, rw, sa, sb, sc, sd, se, sg, sh, si, sj, sk, sl, sm, sn, so, sr, st, astral tournament date out error, su, sv, sy, sz, tc, td, tf, tg, th, tj, tk, tl, tm, astral tournament date out error, tn, to, tp, tr, tt, tv, tw, tz, ua, ug, uk, um, us, uy, uz, va, vc, ve, vg, vi, vn, vu, wf, ws, ye, astral tournament date out error, yt, yu, za, zm, zw

  • The callback from the League of Legends server relies on a successful response from the provider's registered URL. If a response is not detected, there is a retry mechanism that will make additional attempts. In the rare occasion that a callback is not received within 5 minutes, you can assume the callback failed.
  • If you need to change your provider callback URL, you can register a new provider but remember tournaments generated with the old provider will continue to make callbacks to the old provider callback URL.

When a game created using Tournament Code has completed, the League of Legends servers will automatically make a callback to the tournament provider's registered URL via HTTP POST. Below are a couple notes about how the server callback works.

If you're having trouble debugging your logic, use the following cURL to mimic the behavior of the callback.

Below is a sample JSON response returned by the League of Legends servers when a callback is made.


In addition to game stats related methods, the lobby-events/by-code/{tournamentCode} method that can help query pre-game lobby events. This is useful for building tournament administration system and be able to detect whether a game for a given tournament code started normally. This call can be made both after the match for the full timeline, and anytime during the lobby phase for a timeline of events up to that moment. Below is an example of the JSON returned for lobby events:

What is the League Client API?

In an article on the Riot Games Engineering Blog, there's an image that is useful for defining what we're classifying as "League Client APIs".

Specifically, we're referring to a set of protocols that the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) uses to communicate with a C++ Library that in turn communicates with the League of Legends platform. As you'll notice, the communications between the C++ library and the CEF all occur locally on your desktop. This is the League Client API. This service is not officially supported for use with third party applications.

NOTE: We provide no guarantees of full documentation, service uptime, or change communication for unsupported services. This team does not own any components of the underlying services, and will not offer additional support related to them.

What's next

Whether you're combining the Riot Games API and League Client API, or doing something by only using the League Client endpoints, we need to know about it. Either create a new application or leave a note on your existing application in the Developer Portal. We need to know which endpoints you're using and how you're using them in order to expand on current or future feature sets. If you have any questions please join the Developer Discord for help.

The Game Client APIs are served over HTTPS by League of Legends game client and are only available locally for native applications.

Root Certificate / Php die mysql error Errors

The League of Legends client and the game client use a self-signed certificate for HTTPS requests. To use the Game Client API, you can ignore these errors or use the root certificate to validate the game client's SSL certificate. If you're testing locally, you can use the following insecure CURL that will ignore the SSL certificate errors.


You can request the Swagger v2 and OpenAPI v3 specs for the Game Client API with the following urls:

Live Client Data API

The Live Client Data API provides a method for gathering data during an active game. It includes general information about the game as well player data.

Get All Game Data

The Live Client Data API has a number of endpoints that return a subset of the data returned by the /allgamedata endpoint. This endpoint is great for testing the Live Client Data API, but unless you actually need all the data from this endpoint, we suggest one of the endpoints listed below that return a subset of the response.

Get all available data.

You can find a sample response here.


Active Player

Get all data about the active player.

Returns the player name.

Get Abilities for the active player.

Retrieve the full list of runes for the active player.

All Players

Retrieve the list of heroes in the game and their stats.

Retrieve the list of the current scores for the player.

Retrieve the list of the summoner spells for the player.

Retrieve the basic runes of any player.

Retrieve the list of items for the player.


Get a list of events that have occurred in the game.

You can find a list of sample events here.


Basic data about the game.

Replay API

What is the Replay API?

The Replay API allows developers to adjust the in-game camera during replays. We released League Director as an open source example of how a tool can leverage the Replay API.

Getting Started

By default the Replay API is disabled, astral tournament date out error. To get started using the Replay API you will first need to enable the Replay API in the game client config. To do so you will need to locate where your game is installed and add the following lines to the file:

Example file location:
C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config\

Once you have enabled the Replay API, the game client will generate the Swagger v2 and OpenAPI v3 specs for the Replay API which will indicate that the Replay API is usable.


Information about the game client process.

Returns the current replay playback state such as pause and current time.

Allows modifying the playback state such as play / pause and the game time to seek to. All delphi cnpack error reading symbol file are optional.

Returns the current render properties.

Allows modifying the current render properties. All values are optional.

Returns the current status of video recording. Poll this resource for progress on the output.

Post to begin a recording specifying the codec and output filepath. Subsequent GET requests to this resource will update the status.

Returns the sequence currently being applied.

Post to apply a sequence of keyframes that the replay should play. Post an empty object to remove the sequence.

Pokemon Astral Radiance Prerelease

Format: Astral Radiance Sealed

Entry Fee: €30

Registration for Prerelease #1 frompacks distributed at

Registration for Prerelease #2 frompacks distributed at

When you sit down to play at a Prerelease tournament, you'll receive a Build & Battle Box containing a card Evolution pack, which includes an exclusive foil promo card and is designed to give you a strong foundation for building a new deck. Each box also includes four card booster packs from Astral Radiance. You'll use these cards, plus basic Energy provided by the Tournament Organizer, to construct your own card deck. You'll get to keep all the cards from your Build & Battle Box, whether you use them in your deck or not, astral tournament date out error. If you're lucky, you might even open one of the new out-of-this-world Pokémon V or Pokémon VMAX!

The tournament has a prize pool equal to 3 boosters x the number of players participating

Astral Tournament

video game

Astral Tournament is a computer turn-based strategy game released by Apus Software in [1][2] The goal of the game is to beat the opponent (who can be either computer-controlled or human) in a magic duel, making use of both creatures and spells in order to reduce the opponent's Life Points to zero. A day trial version of the game can be downloaded at the game's official page, and its full version upgrade is worth (US) $ As ofa sequel to Astral Tournament, Spectromancer, was released[3]


From the main menu, five options are available:

New Duel Game[edit]

Starts a new 1 on 1 magic duel, either against a computer-controlled opponent (with five choosable levels of difficulty: Novice, Advanced, Expert, Master and Archmage) or against a human player. Human players can duel using Hot seat mode (two players playing at the same computer), or by internet.


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This article is about the TCG and Korean pack with the prefix TP5. For the Japan-exclusive pack with the prefix TP05, see Tournament Pack Vol For the Korea-exclusive pack with the prefix TP05, see Tournament Pack Vol

Tournament Pack 5

Tournament Pack 5


Tournament Pack 5


Busta da Torneo 5


Paquete de Torneo 5


  • TP5-EN (en)
  • TP5-FR (fr)
  • TP5-DE (de)
  • TP5-IT (it)
  • TP5-SP (sp)
  • TP5-KR (kr)

North America

November 1,

France, Germany, astral tournament date out error, Italy, and Spain

November 1,

South Korea

September 17,

Tournament Pack 5 is a booster pack that was released to tournament locations. It is the fifth Tournament Pack, following Tournament Pack 4.

Each pack contains 3 cards. The set contains 20 cards:



astral tournament date out error [Product]  B Booster Astral Hello sprers.euR'-0 (Hello Kitty Collaboration)
We’ve gotten wedge’, bearing’, high Xtend+’, zone’, atomic’, wave’, and now revolve’. I wouldn’t be surprised by anything at this point. It is good for thought though, what is TT thinking? What is going through their mind? I’m not saying that as in “oh my gosh what are they thinking, this is absolutely insane”. But they really are creating a home for stamina types now. We have also gotten more attack options than usual though, recently it was really just rage. Now we have savior, guilty, ultimate. Personally, I would like to see them make more drivers that don’t really fall into either category.
There’s bearing’, high xtend+‘ as your basic stamina driver
Then there’s xtreme’, quick’ for your KO attack combos
Then there’s drift, mobius as more opposite spin focused
Then zone’+z, rise as a mix of stamina/equalizer
I would just like to see TT experiment with different types of drivers, astral tournament date out error, or out of the box ideas for stuff. They have been doing that with the chips and blades recently, astral tournament date out error. Most of the chips we’ve seen have gimmicks. We’ve seen metal on the chip, dual spin chips, bound gimmick, burst stopper, rubber stopper. And the blades all feel like (even though there are obviously top tier and usable options) they have some sort of use, despite some (ex: cyclone) being trash and some (dynamite(f), vanish, guilty) being the best of the best.
This is off topic from the release but I guess it was just a ramble starting with getting revolve’.

I’ve been blading for 6 years and I still have a lot to learn, so I’m trying my best to improve. I’ll be blading at California tournaments so Bladers watchout and I’m looking forward to battling you! 
I intend to have a beytastic time here at the World Beyblade Organization. So come on! Lets fpdf error missing or incorrect image file it rip!