Artificial academy character maker error

artificial academy character maker error

>Trying to launch the game or the maker gives me something in Japanese. press ctrl+c to copy error messages to your clipboard. then paste it. Character creation must be done outside the game. As with Artificial Academy 1, the character creator AA2Edit (aka. Maker) is an extra piece of software. to install the game and I am at the part where I have to install the character maker and the. artificial academy character maker error

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This is merely a list I put together of good mods to use to get started with creating and playing ジンコウガクエン2 (Artificial Academy 2). I’ve posted this list before in other places but I’d like to repost it with error - 43 of my opinions and less objectivity.


This program unlocks the true potential of AA2. Body adjustment sliders, POV H-Scenes, H-Ai, card by card mesh editing, tans not restricted to finite slots with colorability, additional hair slots with advanced sizing and positioning, and an in-game poser to name only few features. The program is being regularly updated with new concepts and ways to push the game further and further. While not a mod, this program is a must have and immensely enhances the game. To use just run the exe after you start your Play/Make launcher on the startup window. Without AAU I don’t know if I’d still be playing this game today, artificial academy character maker error. With the new styles and triggers I find myself swimming in new possibilities for girls to make and ways to give each of them their own unique characteristics. When working on my clothing collection the Shadow Sets feature is invaluable by saving me so much time when checking my work. Also anytime I want to do some subtle edits to a game file I can preserve the original copy and just make a set with my little change. I’m really excited to see where the program goes from here.

There is this wonderful guide being updated for AAU if you find yourself at a loss on how to use it to its full potential.


Relying on only the base game maker, you are presented with a dismal amount of options. The developers never intended for more than a set amount of choices for the various customizable selections so AAFace removes the slot restrictions on many different maker components allowing you to utilize extra faces, artificial academy character maker error, hairs, glasses, and and many more provided by other mods. Another program you launch in conjunction with your maker, this will help greatly with character creation. When newer faces were being made for the game there was originally no way to see what the face looked like until you actually put it on the girl and checked in the actual game. I remember someone edited the exes for the maker so they artificial academy character maker error face 9, 10, etc, but there were still only 7 slots so I found myself switching between them a lot. I remember when AAFace first got made I was reinvigorated with character creation and I could spend much longer with each girl. If you are using AAUnlimited, AAFace is already integrated as a script so its redundant to download.


AA2Install is the best tool for adding mods in proper zipped format to your game. Just add the archive to your AA2install mod folder and in the program check the mod you want to install then hit synchronize. Do not unzip the mods.

AA2Install ready mods can be identified by .7z archives with an AA2_Play folder or an AA2_Make folder on the top level. This format is also identical to the AAU Shadow Set format without the data archived. Creating your own AAU Shadow Sets is another way to install/uninstall mods easily. More information on Sets can be found in the AAUnlimited How-To Guide I posted before.

Tot Mods

Tot is an AA2 modder who is actively creating original outfits and porting high quality models to AA2 along with hair packs, accessories and the best uncensor. The mods here are much nicer than the general clothing collections so I would highly suggest picking up most of the releases here.

Clothing Collection Uncensors


When choosing an uncensor you have a few options.

HEXA Example
SVII Example

Pick whichever you think looks the best. EX Series II is the same as MK-III but with significantly more pubic hair. Whatever you decide will determine what Clothing Collection you’ll need from the next section. Personally I think HEXA uncensor is butt ugly.

HEXA/SVII Clothing Collections


While the base game comes with about 10 outfits, the clothing collections add over 150 additional choices. Both collections contain the same outfits, the only difference is how each one is uncensored. Only download the collection corresponding with the uncensor you installed. For additional outfits not found in these collections refer to the googledoc clothing directory.

HEXA Hair Pack

This pack contains around 400 additional front/side/back and hair extensions to be used in the character creator. If you are downloading a card from somewhere else this pack is most likely going to be a requirement to display the character correctly. Aside from that it allows you to greatly improve your character creation.

HEXA Override Collection

This collection contains over 300 new faces and hundreds of additional hairs/glasses/lips/nipples to be used in the character creator. Like the hair pack this is commonly required to make cards you download from other people display correctly in game. AAFace is required to make use of these new additions in the maker. As another mod that enhances the potential quality of your characters this is a must have.

3D Rooms

When starting H with your partner the base game floats you in space over a faded background and, if you are lucky, you might get a little piece of furniture as well. The 3D Rooms collection adds fully 3D environments to all private areas and a few specific outside locations for use during H-scenes. Since H-scenes are a big part of the game this mod is one of the most important artificial academy character maker error if you want to seriously improve your game experience.

More Cumming Positions

The More Cumming Positions mod translates most of the normal sex positions into additional climax positions while also adding a few new sex positions and slightly tweaking the layout. Like with 3D rooms, this is a big improvement to H-scenes so it is a strongly recommended mod. Note that if you are using MCP with 3D Rooms you are going to need the compatibility patch located on the 3D Rooms mega.

Texture Folder Hard Linker

Most outfits have the option to reference a folder in your data directory and freely change the texture of a piece of clothing, most notably the underwear and skirt. The problem with this is each outfit requires one unique folder for underwear and one unique folder for skirts. If you have 200+ outfits your texture folder size starts to increase excessively. The hardlinker improves this by having a single folder containing all of the textures you’ll ever need and then uses a batch file to create “hard links” for each outfit’s specific skirt and underwear texture folder that point to the root texture folder. This cuts the overall folder size to a fraction power4gear read power policy file error what it could be to save significant disk space. The hardlinker also comes with most if not all of the released textures for underwear, skirts, shirts etc. and the batch file makes it so enabling textures for all your outfits is painless. Simple and extremely useful tool. Get this if you are interested in customizing your uniforms even further.

HEXA Personality Pack

This pack contains about 30 unique personalities either ported from Artificial Academy 1 or various other sources. While the quality of the personalities aren’t as good as the default ones in Artificial Academy 2, this pack will broaden your creative possibilities by giving you more options. This pack may also be required for many girls you find on the database so it is worth downloading. This is a mod that I personally wouldn’t miss losing. The only two personalities I use from it are Apricot and Wise and even those sound too awkward for me to take seriously. Ported personalities just can’t quite fit into AA2 in my opinion and I await the day to see a truly good new personality.

AA2 Data Reserve

While not a mod this is a good reference for understanding the game and finding game content.

Replacers (Outdated)

Hair Highlighter

Low Poly Hair Highlighter

Sclera Replacer

These three tools are used to replace the default highlight/sclera textures. Utilizing SB3Utility and batch file scripts these replacers take a texture of your choice and mass edit the default sclera shadow, hair highlight, and low poly model hair highlight respectively. While not necessary, these tools are frequently used and are considered staples of good character creation. The Low Poly Hair Highlighter is a little project of mine born from my love of how cute I find the low poly models to be. I couldn’t stand looking at the ugly default highlight on the low polies anymore so I adapted the Hair Highlighter scripts and went through each individual hair located in HEXA HP, OC and the DoLLs hairpacks to make sure they all got their new hair highlight. Highlight replacement and numerous other replacements can be achieved using AAU Global Overrides so these are mostly outdated.


Last Edited: January 26, 2022

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Please read this guide on how to install, update and use AAUnlimited! It includes a FAQ!

AAUnlimited is a mod, and a mod framework for the game Artificial Academy 2 by Illusion. It adds many new features. In short, it makes your game run smoother, it makes your characters look pretty, and it makes the gameplay interesting.

If you like our mod, please consider supporting us on patreon:



For a full list of features, please read this page.

Gameplay enhancement:

  • Poser: You can pose characters. You have complete control of the scene which includes every part of the body, objects, rooms, and lighting. Here are some examples of the poser in action.
  • Modules: You can create custom traits and make changes to the AI of your characters. List of pre-made traits can be found here.
  • H-Ai: When a player is being raped, the player will not be in control of the sex scene. The NPC's Ai will be picking the positions, and the scene will last until they are satisfied. The player cannot say no to rape if they have the exploitable trait. When you spectate two NPCs who are publicly fucking, an H scene will start with H-Ai turned on.

Character editor enhancement:

  • Unlocks - We've made the character editor significantly more powerful. We've added the option to set custom shadows, custom outlines, highlights and textures. Unlocked previously locked sliders and added new sliders to the body and face.
  • Overrides and redirects - Allows loading arbitrary assets from disk. This makes it possible to use any number of character mods without conflicts.
  • Custom tans - Unlimited amount of colored tans.

Fixes & General

  • Vanilla game fixes - We fix various drivers issues, as well as make it possible to run AA2 on newer systems (Windows 10, Linux). We've also fixed all Japanese locale issues. Allows to play in borderless fullscreen. We include dgVoodoo 2 (website) as an alternative d3d9 fix for Windows systems.
  • Asset embedding - A system of embedding mods into cards themselves and auto extraction for the ease of sharing.
  • Mod compression - We've gathered the most essential mods and compressed them into the ppex/pp2 format. You install mods by drag and dropping them, there is no need for Illusion Wizzard.
  • Various additions - Unlocked homosexual sex scenes, added a subtitle overlay, built-in graphics settings, etc.

Tech-Support (in order from most responsive to least responsive)

  • Try asking questions in our discord server (devs are here most of the time)
  • Ask questions in /aa2g/ (devs occasionally visit but regulars can help you out too)
  • Make an issue on github (good luck with that)

Having issues?

Please read the FAQ! If this does not solve your issue, please report it!

AA2 Recommended Mods List. While the quality of the personalities aren’t as good as the default ones in Artificial Academy 2, this pack will broaden your creative possibilities by giving you more options. Have you used HF patch? It’s pretty good translations, but if you using AAU, the subtitles won’t appear. Now open '3- Patch' click 'Artificial Academy 2 DLC HF Patch' keep pressing next and choose recommended. (If the patch doesn't find the installation folder simply do it manually.) When it's done apply 'Artificial Academy 2 HF Patch' do the exact same thing. Download artificial academy hf patch 4.0 free shared files from DownloadJoy and other world's most popular shared hosts. Our filtering technology ensures that only latest artificial academy hf patch 4.0 files are listed.

  • 01. Guide [gui01]

  • 03. Wizzard Guide [wiz03]

  • 05. Recommended Mods [rec05]

  • 07. FAQ [faq07]


  • This install guide is not for you. This is for installing manually, in the event that you don't want to wait for HF patch to get updated, or you want finer control over mods you install. If you already installed HF patch and want to use this guide, uninstall and wipe your game installation folder, then reinstall from scratch internal server error datalife the directions below. Likewise, I don't recommend installing via this method then going to harass Hongfire for support.

  • Complete Idiot's Guide to Installing Artificial Academy 2, patches, DLC, and mods

  • This guide will serve to counsel new users on installation of the essential components needed to run AA2 in English.

  • BEFORE YOU START: You will need Applocale or HF pApplocale. If you opt instead to set your system locale to Japanese, REMEMBER TO CHANGE FORMATS (Formats tab in Region settings) to Japanese as well, or text WILL be screwed up, in addition to some things not working/displaying. ONLY USE EITHER APPLOCALE OR JAPANESE SYSTEM LOCALE, NOT BOTH.

  • Don't install anything to the default Japanese-named folders, edit every install directory to something readable. Don't install to Program Files or other system-default directories, or you may not have write access to save characters and games unless you run as admin. This goes for utilities like Wizzard as well. Run almost everything with Applocale -- installer, update files, maker and game executables, translated maker loader, etc. If it shows Japanese anywhere, or you know it is of Japanese origin, use Applocale.

  • 01. Obtain the game.

  • 02. Open the game archive and extract the three multiple-gigabyte .mdf files to a temporary folder. Don't extract anything else, only the .mdf images are needed. Rename ジンコウガクエン2.mdf to something simple and English like DISK1.mdf.

  • 03. Use Daemon Tools Lite (or your preferred virtual disc software) to mount DISK1.mdf, artificial academy character maker error, do not autorun.

  • 04. Explore the mounted disk, right-click to use Applocale to launch Startup.exe in Japanese locale as Administrator.

  • 05. Click the third button to install the AA2 Maker (character creator/editor). Your choice whether you want to install it in a separate directory from the main game, it causes me no problems installing it in the same folder. (Disclaimer: The maker may not run properly in windowed mode if you install to the same folder.) Remember to change the install path to something simple and non-Japanese, for example c:illusionaa2make. During all these installations, (N) means Next, (B) means Back, (I) means Install, and (F) means Finish.

  • 06. When that's finished, click the fourth button on the install menu to install the game. As before, choose a nice, simple install path with no Japanese characters.

  • 07. 1/3 of the way through, it will prompt you to insert disk 2. Use Daemon Tools Lite (or equivalent) to do so, again cancelling autorun if applicable, then click the button on installer to proceed.

  • 08. Repeat as above for disk 3. The base game installation is now finished.

  • 09. Now that the game is installed, you'll be wanting the DLC and updates next. There are five files:

  • jg2_sou.exe -- Pre-order Bonus

  • Mega:!0g8jgDCK!KzGhViq5YCj8p2UEef1SNHbaIoZvLIgo8mssyxf15DU

  • jg2_ex_0707.exe -- Bonus Hair Extension

  • Mega:!y0BhCJTI!VEKPwH0R405C0kma_Wms3QdUtlD5BNTQ5tJ6aM8tpLQ

  • ジンコウガクエン2 特別会員用 è¿½åŠ é«ªåž‹ãƒ‡ãƒ¼ã‚¿.7z -- Special Member Bonus Hair

  • Mega:!UxcxQDAT!OEsEsW3-xXKlqjVz_kwy01-o3roVpvDR4-qWNLMxVYo

  • -- Append Set [Blazer / Other]


  • jg2_03_plus11.exe -- All inclusive Update v11 (includes updates v1-v11)

  • Mega:!Q5EA2DKQ!ZvCZzPJWj4y2VvTYKFYoNN6qlLDmninyijdfARqy92g

  • Run these in this order with Applocale. When prompted choose a temporary directory to extract the contents to. Open the extracted folder, look for the 'setup' folder which contains 'main' and/or 'edit' folders. For the pre-order, there are two sets of these in two separate moonrune folders; make sure you find both, artificial academy character maker error. Drag and drop the contents of main to your AA2 game installation directory, overwriting. Drag and drop the contents of edit to your AA2 Maker directory, also overwriting. Note that the Bonus Hair .7z file is almost identical, but it has no .exe, so you'll have to extract it manually; Applocale is not required for that. Assuming you have 7-zip installed, just right click the file and select Extract to '<moonrunes>/' and it will unpack it to a new folder.

  • 10. This completes the game installation. You can test functionality by mounting DISK1.mdf and opening AA2Play.exe with applocale if you'd like -- 'game start' is the top button. You're not done yet if you want to play in English, however.

  • ** I recommend using the standard AA2Play.exe distributed with the game or your latest update to launch the game for minimal issues. The English launcher can be dodgy. If you want to stop it harassing you about mounting DISK1.mdf, open AA2Play.exe in a hex editor and change location 1236 from 75 to EB. If you get artificial academy character maker error error message on startup that says something about 'ディスク1', this is what it's referring to, you need either DISK1.mdf mounted or you need to edit this value in a hex editor.

  • 1. For mods, artificial academy character maker error, download the Illusion Wizzard utility with AA2 profile from the link in the main pastebin or the mirror in the Resources section. Unzip to a folder in your game directory, I use c:illusionwizzard. This will serve as your installation hub for any mods you want to apply, artificial academy character maker error. It will also allow you to uninstall mods and revert changed files so you can apply future updates/DLC without reinstalling the whole game from scratch. I don't recommend using it to launch the game or maker, just because it needlessly complicates the process.

  • 2. Launch Illusion_Wizzard.exe once, select the AA2_PLAY profile from the dropdown list, click 'Start', then exit. This creates the folder where you place mods. Drop any mods you want in the WizzardAA2_PLAYmods folder, **keeping them inside the 7z archive they are distributed in.** Run the Wizzard (with Applocale) again to apply mods. Remember that wizzard mods are always 7z format, so rars and zips are not compatible.

  • 3. Use the wizzard interface to install all your favorite /hgg/ mods. Dialog translation, UI, translated names and stuff -- almost everything listed in the main pastebin under '/hgg/ Mods' should be wizzard-ready. If you need further details on wizzard usage, see the next section.

  • 4. Once you install the /hgg/ translation, UI translation, and whichever uncensor mod you prefer [I suggest avoiding the HQ/LQ skin versions for now] with the Wizzard, you're finished. You can start the game by running AA2Play.exe with Japanese locale and pressing the top button. The second button is for graphics configuration, but you may need an English launcher to get the config setup for the first time.

  • ** Quick footnote: Only use one dialog translation or uncensor mod at a time. Applying more than one simultaneously might break things.

  • Wizzard is a utility for adding and removing mods. It is not (generally) used to launch the game. It is not used to install Illusion patches. I can't even believe I have to write this guide. You seriously just drag and drop mods, then open Wizzard and press 'Apply mod' or 'Remove mod'.

  • 01. Download the Illusion Wizzard.

  • 02. Artificial academy character maker error the archive somewhere like c:illusionwizzard.

  • ** NOTE: If you extract the Wizzard to Program Files or certain folders in My Documents, it will not have sufficient privileges to write the data it needs to in order to function. You will get file not found errors related to preview images and descriptions, and most critically it will not be able to back up your game data files when applying mods.

  • 03. Start Illusion_Wizzard.exe, select AA2_PLAY from the dropdown on the left, click 'Start', then exit. This creates the folder where you put mods.

  • 04. Drag and drop mods in .7z format directly into the wizzardAA2_PLAYmods folder. DO NOT EXTRACT THEM. JUST PUT THE 7Z FILES IN THERE.

  • 05. Start the Wizzard again. Provided you have the game installed correctly, you don't have to do any configuration, it will find your install via the game's registry entries.

  • 06. You should see a list of available mods. Find one you want to install. Click it. Now click the 'Apply mod' button at the bottom. If you want to remove a mod, click the 'Installed Mods' tab, artificial academy character maker error. Click the mod. Click 'Remove mod' button at the bottom.

  • 07. If you are updating a mod you already had installed, remove the old version as in step 06, then apply the new version. Mods are not highly scripted install routines, they may break if you just keep piling new stuff on top of old.

  • 08. You are now an expert at adding and removing AA2 mods, congratulations.

  • Brief note: Translations will almost always break if you install an official Artificial academy character maker error update over top of them. This is normal, artificial academy character maker error, because it's the wrong way to do it. Use Wizzard to remove mods first, then apply the Illusion update, then re-apply mods.

  • Note #2: I've never needed to, but one anon reports that Wizzard needs to be run with Applocale as admin. Might only apply if you're launching the game or maker through it, which I don't recommend. In any case, try that if it's giving you trouble.

  • [Get these from the main pastebin or the Mega link in the Resources section]

  • - Get the Translated Maker Loader [1.4.0]

  • This translates the Maker (AA2Edit.exe) into English. It makes character creation much, much easier. Note that it does not replace AA2Edit.exe, so don't delete that file. This just loads AA2Edit.exe and changes text to English. Remember to start it with Japanese locale.

  • - Get the Frontier Pack maker

  • [included in the Frontier Pack Launchers Mega link]

  • This works the same as the stock AA2Edit.exe file, artificial academy character maker error, and can be used with the Translated Maker Loader, provided you rename it to AA2Edit.exe. This allows you to add an unlimited number of traits to your character, and set certain parameters beyond their normal bounds by entering them directly in the text box. It also enables an unlocked hue slider so you can create characters with blue or green skin.

  • - Get the Frontier Pack launcher [v11 compatible]

  • I know I recommended using the stock Japanese launcher above, but this launcher lets you do neat things like open the buddha statue interface anywhere [RMB+click on roster button], and force a 999% on any interaction [RMB+click on any action]. Takes all the challenge out, but it's fun to play with artificial academy character maker error. It's also required for proper color on blue/green/etc characters in-game.

  • - Get JG2ChrData [0.2.1/Eng 1.3]

  • This utility allows you to edit characters in-place without withdrawing them from your current class, to add/remove traits, etc. Partially translated, and sometimes glitchy, but it's preferable if you don't want to reset your relationship progress with a character to edit them in the normal Maker.

  • ** BE CAREFUL with this. It works fine, but if you open a class file while it's open in the game, the file will corrupt and you will lose the save. Make backups before editing.

  • These are the mods Error_log php su use, or have used previously. This is not intended as an endorsement for these mods or against other mods; I'm only writing this to help newcomers get going with a minimum of fuss. I encourage all players to experiment on their own with mods they have an interest in. All of these are wizzard-format unless otherwise noted. All files available in the main pastebin unless otherwise noted:

  • Translations:

  • This is for translating the dialog. If you care to know what other characters are saying to you, you'll be wanting this.

  • This translates the buttons and menus in the game.

  • This translates the built-in random character names and items in the maker. It won't translate already-created character cards. That includes the default cards.

  • Uncensor:

  • All uncensors are found in the /hgg/ Uncensor Compilation

  • 2D Clothed Female Uncensor + 3D Clothed Male Uncensor + Dildo Uncensor ALPHA v6

  • Trying this one out currently, seems all right. It's in the root of the uncensor compilation folder, you'll see '[AA2][HGG] 2D Clothed Female Uncensor + 3D Clothed Male U'.

  • This is the one I favor of out the ones I've tried. It's in the 2D Female Uncensor / 3D Male Uncensor v5 folder.

  • HEXA Hairpack v2.5R

  • This contains practically every hair mod known to mankind. New hair styles, extensions, hats, and various hair props. If you see a custom character with something like that, chances are you need this pack to enable it in your game. Note: It is perfectly normal to have a bunch of greyed-out options for hair after installing v1.8+, the AA1 hairs that were added are in the last available slots, leaving empty space in between. These will be filled as new hair mods are released.

  • Elf ears:

  • Christ, these are a mess. Artificial academy character maker error hair pack includes two (same shape, different colors) that are installed as hair extensions. Unfortunately, you have to manually match the skin color to the ears, because the ear color is fixed.

  • There are several alternatives that replace face models to add the ears, so they automatically match the skin color. These are in the Hongfire mod release thread

  • I use [Face 1 in Slot 7][Medium Elf Ears] and [Face][Short Elf Ears][v0.3]. Navigating Hongfire is horrible, so I've put all the different versions (to my knowledge) in the Mega link in the Resources section. You should match which version you install to the character you're using -- and yell at the character uploader if it's not specified.

  • Music:

  • I like the Ace Attorney and Touhou Jazz music packs.

  • I suppose I should note, this is a messy category of mods with little consistency. If you download one of these packs, peek inside the archive first.

  • If it contains a jg2p07_00_00.pp file, back up the file of the same name in your aa2playdata folder, and drop the new one in.

  • If it's a 7z archive with a AA2_PLAYjg2p07_00_00 folder, it gets applied through the Wizzard.

  • If it's just full of AA2BGM00.wav files, those all go in the aa2playdatacustombgm folder, and enabled in-game in the config.

  • And finally, if it's the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance music pack, you have to repack the 7z with the AA2_PLAY folder at the root of the archive, then apply through wizzard, because it was archived improperly.

  • Like I said, messy.

  • All files mentioned herein can be located using the following resources. I'm not hardlinking each individual thing because stuff changes too rapidly for me to feasibly maintain this guide doing so. Most are linked directly from the /hgg/ pastebin. Follow these links, read, Ctrl+F, use forum search, if all else fails use Google. I trust you can manage.

  • ** Changed my mind, I gave people too much credit. Here's a Mega archive of utilities, including Wizzard and JG2ChrData. Everything else is linked directly in the /hgg/ pastebin. Refer to the readme files if present or the appropriate Hongfire or Anime-Sharing forum threads for support. If anything is out of date, too bad.


  • /hgg/ AA2 Pastebin:

  • Dialog Translation v2.3 out now

  • Hongfire Mod Release thread:



  • Q: What does 'Normalfags go die' in the Buddha statue mean?

  • A: Other students are jealous or envious of your public displays of affection with your partner.

  • Q1: Why does dialog text have u and v before and after each line?

  • Q2: The maker and/or game install doesn't let me edit the install path, why is everything blank?

  • A1: Because you didn't read the very first part of the guide, where I told you that if you're using Japanese system locale, you also need to set Artificial academy character maker error to Japanese.

  • A2: Because you didn't install with Japanese locale as administrator.

  • Q: The maker installation runs fine, but doesn't let me edit the install path. Why?

  • A: Because you still have the pre-release maker installed, or a previous installation of the release version maker. This is dictating to the installer where it should install. Uninstall first, then your new installation will work properly.

  • Q: What's the HF patch, and why isn't it in your guide?

  • A: The HF patch is a collection of separate items you may or may not need to install. It usually rolls up the latest official updates, translations, uncensors, and a few other bits. It's an irreversible install, which is why I prefer installing each item individually. You're not ever going to need to revert Illusion's official patches, but new updates might break your installed translation or UI mods, artificial academy character maker error, for example. So it's beneficial to be able to easily roll those back, apply updates, then re-apply your mods, without having to wait for someone else to aggregate them for you. Feel free to use the HF patch if you want, but don't ask anyone but Hongfire for help with it, and don't use this guide together with it.

  • Q: My game is crashing, what do I do?

  • A1: You have a corrupt character card or class save file. In Windows Explorer, sort the files by date, move the most recently added/modified out to a temporary folder, and re-add them until you find which one is crashing the game.

  • A2: Uninstall the 'HQ skin' uncensor mod. It causes memory leaks and crashiness, especially for toaster PCs. Not sure if 'LQ skin' version is similarly affected.

  • Artificial academy character maker error Verify you're using the correct launcher version for the Illusion game update you have installed. Right-click AA2Play.exe (or whatever custom launcher you're using), select Properties, then look at the Details tab. Version 1.03 is for v3 update, 1.04 for v4, etc.

  • A4: If you're using the English translated launcher, artificial academy character maker error, try running the game with the standard Japanese AA2Play.exe. The English launcher can introduce some instability.

  • A5: Alternatively, you may have done something out of order, overwriting something important. If all else fails, reinstall the game from scratch.

  • Q: My game runs poorly and looks bad, what can I do?

  • A: Try running it with highest graphics settings. No, seriously. Somehow Illusion has perfected the alchemy required to make a game run worse on lower settings.

  • Q: My game has only a white screen on startup or in the F1 config menu / my terrordrome iii mp3 menu has checkboxes and sliders everywhere, what happened?

  • A: You screwed up. First, make sure you're using the right version of AA2Play.exe. Then try forcing the updated UI translation patch in Wizzard by selecting the mod and clicking 'Force mod'; it's a dirty fix, but it works a 3d max file open error output path of the time. Ideally you should reinstall from scratch.

  • Q: My game looks messed up, there are lines through things / something else is wrong, what do I do?

  • A: Uninstall the game, start again from the beginning. You missed a step somewhere, or some other catastrophic failure of comprehension. This can also happen if you install an update without reverting your mods first. Reinstall will fix it unless you're having hardware problems. Lines and artifacting are common symptoms of failing / overheating GPU.

  • Q: My maker / game suddenly started freezing / crashing / failing to launch without any file changes, what do Artificial academy character maker error do?

  • A: Close Firefox, Skype, or other memory-heavy programs and try again. Don't ask me why, but it works. Nips apparently code like it's still 1995.

  • Q: The maker isn't saving character cards / the game isn't saving my progress, what happened?

  • A1: You installed the game to Program Files or another system-default folder that's write-protected. You can either run it every time as admin to gain write access, or move your install somewhere like c:illusionaa2. If you do move the folder, remember to use the Registry Fixer linked in the main /hgg/ pastebin to point to the new folder.

  • A2: For the maker, you also have to provide at least a last name (family name) or you cannot save your character card.

  • Q: When I launch the game, I get an error message in Japanese. Artificial academy character maker error do I do?

  • A1: You didn't mount DISK1.mdf while using the stock, unmodified AA2Play.exe. You need to hex edit a value to enable no-disc. See the note at the end of the install guide.

  • A2: You screwed up your install. The registry entries for AA2 think the game is somewhere else. Use the registry fixer utility to rectify this.

  • Q: I'm getting an error about the path being too long, what does this mean?

  • A: It means you can't follow instructions. Your path, that is, the string of characters that tells the location of the file you're using, is exceeding what your OS supports. This is really dumb. Just put the game in c:illusion or something similar.

  • Q: When I launch Wizzard, it says there are Japanese characters in my path, artificial academy character maker error though there aren't. What happened?

  • A: You didn't follow the guide. You installed to Japanese directories and then renamed them after the fact. The registry entries for AA2's install path are still referring to artificial academy character maker error Japanese folders. You'll need to use the registry fixer utility.

  • Q: My game is stuck on a black screen after alt+tabbing, what do I do?

  • A: Install the fullscreen window mod, mirrored conveniently in the Mega link under Resources. Just drop the contained d3d9.dll into the same folder with AA2Play.exe and AA2Edit.exe. Following that, you can alt+tab without issue.

  • Q: How can I tell if a mod is Wizzard-compatible?

  • A: Open the 7z archive (it's always a 7z archive). If there's a AA2_PLAY and/or AA2_EDIT folder containing some jg2_* folders, it's Wizzard-ready. It may optionally contain an image or two for previews and a text file for the description pane in the Wizzard.

  • Q: Why do the legs of character models look like matryoshka [Russian nesting] dolls?

  • A: You're using the high heels and/or spats mod with game update v3 or above. Don't. v3 broke them and there's no indication so far that they will be fixed, as far as I know.

  • Q: How do I get blue / purple / other unnatural colored character cards to appear properly in the game?

  • A: Use the Frontier Pack game launcher and maker. They're linked in the main pastebin, and the only ones currently to support the unlocked hues needed for these cards.

  • Q: How do I make rainbow cards?

  • A: Use the alternate maker included with the unlocked character maker, it creates rainbows 100% of the time. If you want to change one to a rainbow, just open it with that maker and save it.

  • Q: How do I zoom in the maker / in h-scenes?

  • A: Left click and drag rotates, right click and drag pans and zooms.

  • Q: Why are my character's items / clubs in Japanese?

  • A: You can edit these to whatever you like. Items in the maker, clubs when starting a new class. Just type in something in English. There's a new file in the main /hgg/ pastebin that translates these called Translated Names and Stuff List.

  • Q: A character asked me to wait for them somewhere, but the location is in Japanese. What does that mean?

  • A: They want you to wait in a specific room for them next period. Open your location map during the next period, the designated place will have a red stick-figure indicating where you need to be.

  • Q: Why does the karaoke scene close immediately?

  • A: You hgweb.cgi internal server error to add music for it. There's a folder for each personality in AA2_PLAYdatasound. The text file within one of these folders instructs to add .wav files of music you want to hear during karaoke. .ogg files should also work, artificial academy character maker error, saving a ton of space.

  • Our goal is to provide high-quality video, TV streams, music, software, documents or any other shared files for free!

    Registered users can also use our File Leecher to download files directly from all file hosts where it was found on. Just paste the urls you'll find below and we'll download file for you!

    If you have any other trouble downloading artificial academy mods post it in comments and our support team or a community member will help you!

    Aa2 Hf Patch Downloadread more

    [Illusion] Artificial Academy 2

    I highly recommend installing the new game.
    Then install the HongFire patch, then HEXA hair, clothes.

    English translated UI and dialog 99.99% (latest update 2014/07/05)
    No installation required. Pre-patched to v4, DLC + extra hair included
    .reg key must be edited and applied before playing. See SETUP
    Extracted size: 12.4 GB
    Some quick screenshots:

    Important reads:
    All information from /hgg/: READ THIS BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS

    The game was already installed following the "Installation Guide for Idiots:"
    method, using Wizzard to install mods separately. This is not the Hongfire patch, but contains the same
    mods, but allows you to revert them individually as needed.

    Extract the 7z file.

    You must edit AA2_install.reg (Right click->Edit) and replace both D:\path\to\AA2\ with the extracted directory location,
    and run the .reg file (double click it). Note that you must use \ instead of in the path.
    You can also use [Illusion][RegistryFixer] [TheShadow][V2.1] instead. (not recommended)

    You will need Applocale or HF pApplocale. If you opt instead to set your system locale to Japanese, REMEMBER TO CHANGE FORMATS (Formats tab in Region settings) to Japanese as well, or text WILL be screwed up, in addition to some things not working/displaying. ONLY USE EITHER APPLOCALE OR JAPANESE SYSTEM LOCALE, NOT BOTH. Don't install anything to the Japanese-named folders, edit every install directory to something readable. Run everything that displays (or interacts with something that displays) in Japanese with Applocale.

    Read the install guide and FAQ for details, artificial academy character maker error.

    If you get an error: "Config file is not found (Data)", then you did not apply the registry key correctly. Your registry should look like this:

    AA2Play_English.exe - main game English launcher (V4). Use this to configure graphics.
    May have some performance issues, so consider using AA2Play.exe to play the game.
    AA2Play_V4_JG2FPv130b_PartialEngTL01.exe - Frontier Pack - lets you cheat by forcing interactions, view statue anywhere, etc. (run EXE for details)
    AA2Play.exe - Japanese V4 launcher (no-CD already applied)

    AA2TranslationLoader.exe - English launcher and translation for AA2Edit.exe
    AA2Edit_Unlocked_V1.0.exe - Unlocked Maker Launcher - copy this to AA2Edit.exe for use artificial academy character maker error AA2TranslationLoader.exe
    AA2Edit_v1.0.1_JG2CMv142_Unlocked.exe - Unlocked Maker from Frontier Pack

    aa2mpatch.exe - custom resolution (for AA2Edit)

    Illusion Wizzard is included.
    Place mods in wizzardAA2_PLAYmods directory and use Wizzard to install them.

    The following mods are already installed:
    [AA2][Translation][English UI and Card Personalities][v9.5][hgg]
    [AA2][Translated Maker Name and Stuff List]
    [AA2][HGG] 2D Clothed Female Uncensor artificial academy character maker error 3D Clothed Male Uncensor + Dildo Uncensor ALPHA v.6
    [AA2][Hair][BigPack HEXA][v1.4][Various]

    When installing a new update from Illusion, let the installer extract to a temporary directory.

    There will be a setup directory inside, with a main and edit folder.
    Copy both the contents of main* and edit* into your installed AA2 folder and overwrite.

    Then open Wizzard.
    Uninstall mods (very optional, but if you don't do this, uninstalling the mods in the future will revert to the older version)
    Re-apply (force) the translation mods again. You'll probably need to update the translation mods if the UI gets updated.

    Pre-patched to v4, includes:
    - Pre-Order Bonus [Hairpack + Personality]
    - DLC01 [Additional Hair]
    - Tanabata Bonus Hair Extension
    - Illusion Special Member Bonus Hair

    Class roster: [HGG][Rule 63 update 4] default (you can restore the original game ones with
    the folders aa2/save/Female.orig/ and aa2/save/Male.orig/)
    For more, view the Character Database:

    List of files inside the .7z:

    Random roster:

    Artificial Academy: Technical Help

    If you have problems installing or running the game, this is what you should read.

    • Q: The Windows 10 low FPS Fix provided by Illusion doesn't work, and WineD3D gives glitches. What do I do?
      A:Download dgvoodoo2 latest WIP from here, go to the MS/x86 folder and copy D3D9.DLL to your game's directory. Then artificial academy character maker error server activesync 3029 error, press "Add", and point it to your game's directory, then go to the Direct X tab and uncheck "dgVoodoo Watermark." Click Apply, and you should see a "dgVoodoo.conf" pop up on the game's folder. Edit this in notepad, go to line 253 and change "MaxVSConstRegisters = 256" to "MaxVSConstRegisters = 1024". Finally, run the game and check that it's working.
    • Q: Will the game run on Windows 10?
      A: Not without issues unless you switch system locale to Japanese, which you really shouldn't because you will experience issues with other stuff. You can't use AppLocale, but you can use NTLEA and Locale Emulator.
    • Q: WinRAR can't extract "???.rar". Help?
      A: Rename the file to game.rar and you can extract it.
    • Q: When I run the setup I get an error with unreadable text preceded by '1155:' (see picture "Run with Japanese locale", on the right). Anyone know how to fix this?
      A: This is a Japanese game and you have to run the setup with Japanese regional settings to install it. Follow the quick step-by-step guide below to install the game.

    Official Patch

    • Q: How do I install the official patch ()?
      A: Extract the patch by right-clicking and select Run with Japanese locale, specify e.g. and click OK twice and the button marked by N. After extraction is done go to and copy all files and folders to your AA game folder (e.g. ), yes to overwrite. Done.
    • Q: What does the Adjustment patch () include
      A: Game balancing and a typo was fixed.

    Running the game

    • Q: My game crashes (stops working) when I try to load girls or enter the world. Help?
      A: You installed the game to the default destination and your game folder names has been corrupted. You should have read how to install the game before you installed it. You have to reinstall the game, this time changing the destination to e.g. while running the setup and while running the setup artificial academy character maker error the Maker. Follow the quick step-by-step guide below and it will servis error 5100 oshibka ip4600 alt="" src="" width="278" height="119">
    • Q: I got this error while starting game (see picture "Install Maker", on the right), never had any problems with Illusion games. any idea what it is?
      A: You have to install the Character Maker to be able to play the game. It can be installed via (third button from the top) or by running. If you used the .msi to install, also go to the edit folder here. There is a .msi install.(may start with the name ILLUSION *Japanese characters*.msi )
    artificial academy character maker error When I try to run the game it shows this dialog (see picture "Insert disk 1", on the right) and the game doesn't run! How to fix this?
    A: Mount/insert the first dvd or use a nodvd.
    • Q: My game crashes everytime I try to leave the class book screen. I can enter the class book, but as soon as I click on a specific character or try to leave, the game crashes. Does anyone know how to fix this?
      A: I found it was a corrupted character file. Dunno why exactly, but getting rid of the character and replacing with a similar fixed it.
    • Q: The Japanese letters doesn't look right (even when non-Unicode is set to Japanese/running with AppLocale)! (see picture "Set Format to Japanese", on the right). How to fix this?
      A: Set Format to Japanese in Control Panel->Regional Settings. Alternatively, switch non-Unicode locale from Japanese to your native locale and then AppLocale instead (try HF pApploc).
    • Q: Every time I start a conversation I get a error message with the text <0x01000003>! (see picture "Run fullscreen", on the right). How to fix this?
      A: You installed AAPlay and AAMaker in the same directory. Either reinstall the game and the maker to different directories or use a small mod from here that should fix it. Alternatively, run the game in fullscreen (do not run in a Window).
    • Q: I get an error when running the game: "Config file is not found (Data)", artificial academy character maker error. What can I do?
      A: You have this problem because you installed the game to the default or an invalid location. Read how to install the game properly under Installing the game. Alternatively you can use the Registry Fixer to fix the install location and registry. Read more about how to use the Registry Fixer and where to get it here. Alternatively, you can run the game with Japanese locale (AppLocale).
    • Q: When I try to run AAplay.exe I get a message saying "Application failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. See the error log for more details." What artificial academy character maker error I do?
      A: Update Visual C++ 2008 SP1 (click the second button on Startup.exe, see below), if that doesn't work help: Install all versions of Visual Studio C++ from this link.
    • Q: The game freezes on the now loading black screen when I start it. How can I fix this?
      A: Update your graphics drivers. If that doesn't help try reducing the game settings and disable the H/W Processing or buy a more recent graphics card.
    • Q: Artificial academy character maker error characters have black skin. How can I fix this?
      A: This is probably caused by you not having adequate hardware to run the game or by incompatible graphics drivers, artificial academy character maker error. Update your graphics drivers and/or reduce the game settings and disable the H/W Processing. If that doesn't help you have to upgrade your graphics card!
    • Q: After launching the game I just see a white screen! (the game may return to the desktop after showing the white screen). Note that this is a different error than above! What can I do?
      A: Don't use the Performance graphics setting. (or at least keep the Options->Custom->Smooth Textures option checked).
      A: The above didn't help me. My problem was that I installed the game before the AA edit. So I did it in the correct order (AAE and then AA) and it worked!
    • Q: After launching the game I just see a black screen with some text for about a few seconds and then the game closes! What can I do?
      A: A user reported that disabling Themes on Windows XP fixed this.
    • Q: I'm getting this error when I hit "Start Game" (see picture "Registry fix"). How do i fix this?

      A: Windows is not able to find the game's folders since their names are in japanese. First, rename them using latin alphabet and then use TheShadows registry fixer.
    • Q: I get an error about d3dx9_*.dll. Help?
      A: Install the latest DirectX 9.c from here. If you have trouble running the web installer (cabinet cannot be trusted error, etc), try the "redistributable" (aka end-user runtime) package from here.
    • Q: The game lags and/or feels very slow. What can i do to improve performance (besides buying a new PC)?
      A: Try the following suggestions: Try turning off Bloom (launcher). Try setting Rendering/Physics level to the lowest, i.e. leftmost setting (launcher). Try disabling outlines (in-game Configuration). Read this excellent post about what impacts performance.
    • Q: Artificial Academy Edit won't load, nothing happens when I click it. I run it with Japanese locale that I got from HF pApploc. How do I fix this?
      A: If you have an AMD graphics card, try downloading the AMD Vision Engine Control center. After I installed this, AAEdit, AG3, and AG3maker all started working. I hope this helps!
    • Q: When launching the game for the first time a white error box appears with japanese error message and game doesn't start.
      A: Try installing the game as described in quick step-by-step guide below. Alternatively, check if your hardware is adequate and that your drivers are up to date.
    • Q: When I enter a sex scene, I can't see anything happening (as in the models are invisible) but i can still mess with the scene settings, and all the sounds work.
      A: Try pressing the number keys (1-5) to hide/unhide the models.
    • Q: The game is suffering the low framerate issue while running on Windows 10 build 1607 (also known as the Anniversary Update) and later.
      A: Since the Anniversary Update, Microsoft had modified the file and is causing the problem for all non-unity illusion games. Illusion was aware of this problem and updated the support page to includes the that has in it for fixing this problem (Though you have to extract and copy paste the into the game folder where the game's executable is). You can get artificial academy character maker error from here: Support page for running game on Windows 10


    • Q: What is AAXPlay?
      A: AAXPlay is an addon released by Illusion. It allows you to run the game without having to play it, meaning you can just sit back and watch while the characters in your class form relations. Read more about the features of AAXplay.
    • Q: How do I install AAXPlay?
      A: The easiest is simply to copy all the files and folders from to your AA install folder (yes to overwrite). Note: The latest release (20110706) is already fully included in the AA HF Patch.
    • Q: How many versions of AAXPlay are there and what are they called?
      A: Illusion unfortunately decided not to version the AAXPlay releases. They have released three different versions, each version adding more features and fixes. The versions are known by the release date, artificial academy character maker error, for instance '20110701' and '20110706'. AAXPlay 20110706 is the latest release, which was released July the 6th, 2011.

    Cold Personality

    • Q: Cold personality??
      A: The Cold personality is part of the Illusion preorder special (aka. Privilege Disk). It is an additional female personality that can be selected in AAEdit after you installed it.
    • Q: How do I install the Cold Personality?
      A: The easiest is simply to copy all the files and folders from to your AA install folder (yes to overwrite) and to your Artificial academy character maker error install folder (yes to overwrite). Note: The cold personality is fully included in the AA HF Patch.

    A Japanese game is not meant to run on non-Japanese Windows, artificial academy character maker error. To get it to work you have to do some tricks: Click here to learn how to install and run the game, artificial academy character maker error.

    Quick step-by-step guide

    How to install the game as intended by Illusion. Follow this and you'll be playing in no time!

    Startup.exe: Click the third button to install AA Edit, fourth button to install the AA Play
    Click highlighted button to change the destination
    It should look like this before you click (N)
    1. Extract the two ISO files social engine theme editor error an English named folder, e.g.
    2. Mount with Daemontools Lite (other mounting software has been known to fail with Japanese games, so please use Daemontools Lite! - it's completely free)
    3. DO NOT autorun, but explore the mounted dvd and right-click and select Run with Japanese locale as administrator (you need HF pApploc for the right-click options).
    4. Refer to Startup.exe picture on the right: If you can click any of the two top buttons it means you have to install DirectX 9.0c and/or Visual C++ 2008 SP1. Your game will not work if you ignore these two issues!
    5. Click the third button from the top artificial academy character maker error. Startup.exe picture) to start the AA Edit (aka. Maker) setup.
    6. Click the button with (N) once.
    7. IMPORTANT: Change the destination to e.g. if you want to be able to play the game! (see picture on the right)
    8. Click (N) again a few times and wait while AA Edit installs (will only take a few seconds).
    9. When the AA Edit setup is complete: Click the fourth button from the top (ref. Startup.exe picture) to start the game (AA Play) setup.
    10. Click the button with (N) once.
    11. IMPORTANT: Change artificial academy character maker error destination to e.g. if you want to be able to play the game! (see picture on the right)
    12. Click N again a few times, and lastly (I), and wait while the game installs.
    13. About halfway the setup will ask for DISK2: Mount with Daemontools Lite, wait a few seconds and then click OK.
    14. Wait while the artificial academy character maker error finishes the installation.
    15. To run the game you need to mount again and right-click and select Run with Japanese locale.

    Next step

    When you have successfully installed and tested the game you probably want to install official patches/addons as well as English translations and uncensor.

    The easiest is to use the HF Patch. The latest version of the HF Patch includes all released official patches and addons. In addition it comes with English translations and uncensors, making it all you need to get started. You can install additional or different mods after you have applied the HF Patch.

    How to apply the HF Patch:

    1. Download the HF Patch.
    2. Run the patch by double-clicking on the file you downloaded.
    3. Read the information in the beginning and make sure that you have enough free disk space to run the patch before you click Next!
    4. Click Next and review the components. The Recommended installation is all you need to get the game translated and uncensored, but you might want to check out the options anyway.
    5. Click Next and consider installing an icon on your desktop (TIP: The shortcut using AppLocale is highly recommended, because you still have to run the translated game with Japanese locale. Using the shortcut will make it completely transparent that you actually run the game with Japanese locale!).
    6. Click Next to start patching your game. Beware that patching your game will change installed files and it cannot be reversed or uninstalled. Therefore you should keep the original files, so you can restore the game to it's original state later on if needed. Having the original files might be a necessity if you plan to install additional or different mods later on.
    7. Let the patch finish. Patching may take several minutes and the progress bar may not move. Just be patient, artificial academy character maker error. It is guaranteed to work if you installed the game as outlined above.
    8. Play the translated and uncensored game by double-clicking the desktop icon. :)

    Note: It is normally safe to run the patch again if you want to install additional components or change options. Just uncheck the components you previously installed and artificial academy character maker error will be relatively quick.

    Manual Copy

    If you cannot get the above to work, you can install the game by doing a manual copy. Note: The Registry Fixer currently doesn't support this game, so until it has been updated you have to do this to set the registry:

    1. Make a new text file.
    2. Copy the below to the file.
    3. Edit the INSTALLDIR values to match where you copied the game and the maker (make sure to use double '\').
    4. Save the file as .
    5. Double-click and click Yes to enter information into the registry.
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\illusion\AAEdit] "INSTALLDIR"="C:\\illusion\\AAMaker\\" "PRODUCTNAME"="ジンコウガクエン きゃらめいく" "VERSION"=dword:00000064 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\illusion\AAPlay] "INSTALLDIR"="C:\\illusion\\AA\\" "PRODUCTNAME"="ジンコウガクエン" "VERSION"=dword:00000064

    Some people may not know it, artificial academy character maker error it's possible to significantly improve how the game looks just by setting a few settings in your graphics adapter control panel. These settings shouldn't impact performance noticeably unless you have an older graphics adapter or if you are running the game at a very high resolution.

    NVIDIA 3D Settings

    For NVIDIA graphics do the following:

    1. Open NVIDIA Control Panel
    2. Click Manage 3D settings
    3. Click the tab Program Settings
    4. Click add and browse to (for the Maker you should use )
    5. Recommended settings for maximum visual effect:
      1. Anisotropic filtering: 8x
      2. Antialiasing - Gamma correction: On
      3. Antialiasing - Mode: Override any application setting
      4. Antialiasing - Setting: 32x
      5. Antialiasing - Transparency: 8x (Supersample)
      6. Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample optimization: Off
      7. Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias: Clamp
      8. Texture filtering - Quality: High quality
    6. Click Apply
    7. Experiment with lower settings if you don't have a recent graphics card or to tweak performance vs. visuals.

    ATi/AMD 3D Settings

    For ATI graphics do the following:

    1. Open AMD Vision Engine Control Artificial academy character maker error Gaming
    2. Click the tab 3d Application Settings
    3. Uncheck the Use application settings artificial academy character maker error under the Antialiasing and Anisotropic tabs.
    4. Recommended settings for maximum visual effect:
      1. Antialiasing - Setting: 8x
      2. Antialiasing - Filter: Edge-detect
      3. Anisotropic filtering: 16x
      4. Catalyst A.I. - High Quality
      5. Catalyst A.I. - Enable Surface Format Optimization
      6. Mipmap Detail Level - High Quality
      7. Antialiasing Mode - Super-sample AA
    • Note: Supersample AA can bring even the most powerful computers to sub 30 FPS in this game during H-scenes and conversations. If you find the FPS drop to be unbearable, Adaptive Multi-Sample AA is close to the same quality with drastically less of an impact on FPS.
    1. Click Apply


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