Application load error 5 f1

application load error 5 f1

I am getting an error message and / or error code · What devices do you support? Can I set up via my broadcasting/mobile provider using the F1TV App? Play against your friends to see who knows most about F1®. Make sure ur antivirus didn't remove or block any game files. Check its quarantine & restore game file(s), If they r there. & add game's folder.

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ERROOR: 5:0000065434 F1 2011 RESOLVIDO)

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Application load error 5 f1
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application load error 5 f1

Steam games are the most popular among all the PC games.

But, one of the main issues that steam gamers face from the beginning is Application load error

Don’t worry because you can easily fix application loader error 5 within few minutes just siemens cms error 500 following the instructions that I’ve given for you.

And in this post, you will be getting a 5 step process to solve application load error once and for all.

So, let’s get started.

What is Steam Application Load Error ?

Application load error means that the application which you want to run is facing issues with its directory.


Application load error occurs when you try to start a Steam game and the error prevents you from playing any.

Despite having so much popularity, steam games have a lot of issues which brings a question mark to their reliability.

So, this load error is also called Steam error  

Not only that, steam error application load error is faced while playing several steam games like obse, morrowind, fallout 4 script extender vortex, nvse, fallout etc.

Why Am I Seeing Application Load Error Steam

The main reason behind Application Load Error is that your computer is unable to locate the file of the game where you have installed it.

There are other reasons too. But, I am providing you the root causes behind application load error

Here are the reasons why you are seeing Application Load Error

Using Game Mods

You are most likely to face steam application load error if you try to mode your steam games manually or by using Mods like nexus mod morrowind, civ 6 mods nexus, nexus mod manager kotor, kotor mod manager, nexus mods kotor 2, kotor nexus mods, kotor nexus mods and so on.

So, it is necessary not to mod any steam games so that you can avoid Application Load Error.

Corrupted Game Files

If the game itself is corrupted then, your computer won’t be able to locate the files of the game.

And, if your PC is unable to locate files then you will face steam error

So it is recommended to check your game data in the installed folder.

If you face runtime error - 2147221164 game data then you have to reinstall the game. Sometimes, application load error 5 f1, clearing cache files also works.

Changed Installation Folder Name

Like I told you earlier, if your games installation data is not located by your PC then you will face such errors.

The game data should be present in the same directory with the Installation File.

You can link the Steam Executable with commands in Command Prompt to avoid such error (More on that later).

Application Load Error Fix

The solution I have given here is a one-time process that is you won’t need to do that again and again for all the problematic games.

But you shouldn’t miss any step to make sure that you don’t see this annoying error again in your entire life.

This solution tends to be the easiest one and that is why I’ve given it first so that you can solve the problem as quick as possible. This solution has worked for me and my friends at first try.

So here are the steps for application load error fix:

  1. At first right-click on the steam shortcut in the desktop. Then select open file location.
  2. After the folder opens you’ll see an application file named which you’ll need to copy.
  3. Now navigate to the folder (C:Program FilesSteamSteamappscommon) and then paste the application file.

Finally after completing these steps you can try running the games which were showing the error. If this worked application load error 5 f1 you then you are good to go. If this step didn’t then let me enlighten you by saying that:

1. Delete the My Games Folder

You really shouldn’t skip this step while troubleshooting this error. This is a very easy fix and this method has helped many users it’s definitely worth the little struggle

But your question might be:

How to do it?

Here’s how:

At first open My computer/This PC. Then go to Documents which you can find in the quick access taskbar on the left side.



You‘ll see a folder names My Games which you’ll need to delete.

But you need to be careful because:

Most of the save game data is kept inside this folder. So, make sure that you have a back of the save game files of your games from this folder and then delete this folder. It’s recommended that you install steam freshly after doing this then you won’t face any problem.

Also check out how to play sound through mic.

2. Verify Integrity of Game Files

This is a solution for all the games.

The good thing is:

This process will help to recover and download the corrupted and the missing files of the games that are showing the error

Ok, let’s get application load error 5 f1 into the process:

Open steam from desktop shortcut.

At the top of the window you’ll see a tab named Library. Click on it and then you’ll see your steam games and then select the game that is showing you the error. Right click on the game and select properties and then open local files tab in the new window of properties.

Here you’ll find a button named VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES, application load error 5 f1. Click on it and wait till it’s done.

Also check out how to strengthen your shooting skills.

3. Link the Game Installation Directory to Steam

At first search for Run in the search bar then write cmd in its text box and the command window will open.



You’ll need to write the following commands and press Enter to execute them.

So, here are the commands

Cd <GameFolder>Mklink <SteamFolder>

After doing this process properly, you can reopen the games which were showing the error. Hopefully they won’t show it again.

Pro tip: This issue might also occur for non optimized RAM speed. Here’s how to overclock DDR4 RAM.

4 Gb patch users use this method when they face memory problems to games like Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, Oblivion, gta V etc.

These games utilizes less than 4 Gb RAM but due to Application Load Error the games cannot be run properly.

Here are the steps to fix Application Load Error for 4 GB patch users:

  1. Open the Steam Game ID.
  2. Locate the 4 Gb executable downloaded patch and select properties by Right-clicking its shortcut.
  3.  In the target text box section, Paste the command SteamAppId xxxxxwhere x represents the game ID.
  4. Restart the game to check if the application load error vanishes or not.

You can use 4 GB patch method on Oblivion 4GB patch, morrowind 4GB patch, kotor mod manager also.

There are few application load error 5 f1 activities that might solve all your problems very easily. Some of them are discussed below:

Use Run as Administrator while opening the steam app and the games that are showing this error.

It’s very simple.

You can right-click on the apps and you will see a options named Run as Administrator and it will show a new window for asking your permission. You’ll need to hit Yes to continue. That’s it.

If you are interested to save screen shots using steam then you might want to locate it too. here’s how to access steam screen shot folder.

How To Fix Steam Not Enough Disk Space Error

Sometimes steam says not enough disk space in an error when you try to update or install a game.


You might have enough disk free space but application load error 5 f1 doesn’t recognizes it. And that’s why you’ll need to make some changes in the settings of steam to fix this issue.

Here are the steps to fix steam you do not have enough error c 2024 vs 2005 space error:

  1. Set a Default Folder for the steam downloads.
  2. Create separate Installation Folders for games.
  3. Clear Steam Save Data.
  4. Repair Steam Library Folder.
  5. Delete the corrupted game files.

Morrowind Application Load Error

Application Load Error occurs for steam games. So, Morrowind Application Load Error is also common.

If you installed Morrowind and tried to modify the game using Steam Morrowind Mods or Nexus Mod Morrowind, then you will definitely face Morrowind application load error

Morrowind steam mods often leads to application loading error.

You may ask:

How to mod morrowind steam?

You can use the Morrowind Script Extender or Morrowind code patch using Morrowind 4Gb Patch to mod Morrowind game.

Fallout New Vegas Application Load Error

Fallout series uses 2 Gb of RAM but due to application load error fallout new vegas, you won’t be able to run game properly.

You may now ask:

How can i fix application load error for Fallout 4?

You can use fallout 4 script extender vortex and also use Nexus mod application load error 5 f1 new vegas. The nexus mods fallout nv are the best for fixing application load error on fallout 4.

However, you may encounter, nvse couldn’t find error.

You can use vortex fallout nv or fnv script extender in that case to avoid the error.

Also, you can use the 4Gb patch method to fix application load error on Fallout nv.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the main reasons for showing Application load error ?

Answer: Here are the main reasons for showing Application Load error Installing the steam app and its games application load error 5 f1 a different directory other than the provided one Removing or replacing any files from game’s directory Having conflicting and corrupted files or any reason inside the game’s directory folder.

Question: How to solve Application load error ?

Answer: The most useful fix is to copy & paste the application files from the file location of your problematic game to the steam library folder which is usually (C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon), application load error 5 f1. We will discuss it more extensively later on in the post.

Final Thoughts

Application Load Error can be really frustrating while playing Steam Games.

But the reasons for this error and the fix for application load error are error retrieving dependency policy_9_0_microsoft_vc90_crt_x86 straightforward.

Feel Lucky because:

If this error is fixed once then it is gone forever.

There’s no denying that Steam is a great resource for getting games on the Windows operating system.

However, like other software, Steam is not immune to errors as you can encounter errors while using it.

This is not caused by bad code but also due to dependence on various factors in terms of software and hardware.

How To Solve Application Load Error On Steam

One of these errors is Application Load Error This kind of error can appear when you launch multiple game titles on your Windows 10 computer like Skyrim, Oblivion, Bully, Morrowind, Vortex, and many more.

As I said, application load error 5 f1, this error can have several causes like the game conflicts with some malicious installed.

Also, this can be caused because your Steam installation is corrupted or you haven’t even installed it.

Okay, here’s how to solve Application Load Error on Steam:

What is Application Load Error ?

How To Solve Application Load Error On Steam

The error itself makes clear the nature of the problem: some kind of failure to load the game, the application.

There can be many reasons for such failures, usually, the problem is local (application failure) or more global (operating system failure).

In most cases, this indicates problems with the absence of libraries, as well as a malfunction of the application, probably the files, was not loaded or not completely downloaded.

Causes of Application Load Error

The causes of Error Load Application Error may be very common errors – we will present them in the highest probability sequence:

  • The application itself does not work properly, there is a possibility of errors occurring even during installation on the PC;
  • There is a problem with this site, the satellite which is the application;
  • There was an accident in the window system.

Often, problems occur with the application, even at the installation stage. Sometimes the system skips some important elements, and the section does not have the necessary files.

There are also often problems with the hosting itself, which is better to write to the support service as soon as possible so that they can fix everything, as the user will not be able to affect this.

There are often failures in the Windows operating system itself that interfere with the normal operation of the application, especially unofficial copies of the OS.

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How To Fix Application Load Error

The following method works to fix Application Load Error for Steam on Windows

Solution 1: Delete the AppCache Folder

One of the first fixes or workarounds for this problem was reported a while ago on the Steam forum.

It seems that clearing the app cache from the Steam folder fixes this problem quickly.

This AppCache folder holds all Steam cache of your games, updates, and settings. When you delete this folder, Steam will load all those files again, and that can fix this problem.

Here are the application load error 5 f1 for deleting Steam’s AppCache Folder:

  1. Close the Steam client.
  2. Open File Explorer using the keyboard shortcut Win + E.
  3. Now you need to navigate to the following path depending on your Windows architecture:

    C: \ Program Files \ Steam or C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam

  4. Once there, locate and right-click on the appcache folder. Finally, application load error 5 f1, click the Delete option.
  5. Now you can launch Steam and wait for it to download and reinstall the missing components, then you can open your game and verify if the application error has been fixed

Solution 2: Run Steam as Administrator

This is another quick solution to this problem and has worked as well as some users have tried.

When you run Steam as an administrator, you will grant permission to load your games properly, and accordingly, and you will fix application load error

Here are the steps to run Steam as Administrator:

  1. First, you need to close the Steam client, right-click on the icon located on the taskbar and then click exit.
  2. Now, navigate to the Windows Desktop, right-click on the Steam shortcut, and in the menu click on Run as Administrator.
  3. Finally, you just need to launch the game and verify if the error has been resolved.

If after following those steps, you can play the game without any problem, you can try to permanently activate administrator permissions by following these steps:

  1. Go back to your Windows desktop and right-click on the Steam shortcut. This time click on the Properties option
  2. In the window that opens, navigate to the Compatibility tab.
  3. There, check the box which says Run this program as an administrator
  4. Finally, click Apply to save changes and close that window
  5. Now, every next time you launch Steam, it will run with administrator rights

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Solution 3: Enter Steam Executable into the Game Folder

This solution has been reported several times on Bethesda gaming forums, and if you have this problem in any of those games, application load error 5 f1, you need to try this method.

When you copy the file in the game path, the next time you launch the game, it will load Steam components properly, and you will fix this problem.

Follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to open File Explorer and navigate to the Steam path, usually located at C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam
  2. There, scroll down until you find the file, select it that file, and press the Ctrl + C key to copy it
  3. Now, you have to go to Windows Desktop and right-click on your game, then click Open File Location
  4. In this new folder that opens, you need to press Ctrl + V key to paste the file
  5. Now close File Explorer and launch your game. Hopefully this time you won’t see application load error

Solution 4: Verify Game Integrity

This application error can appear because there is something wrong with your game data.

Luckily on Steam, there is a built-in repair tool that will help you fix corrupted or lost data on perl cgi 500 internal server error videogame.

To run this utility, you can follow these easy steps:

  1. First, application load error 5 f1, you need to open the Steam client
  2. There, application load error 5 f1, click on the Library menu and then on Games
  3. Once in the game Library, right-click the game and select the Properties option
  4. In the game Properties window, navigate to the Local File tab
  5. Finally, click the Verify Integrity of Games Files button
  6. A new window will appear, and Steam will application load error 5 f1 checking and repairing/downloading corrupted or missing files
  7. Once done, close the Properties window and launch the game to check if the problem is fixed

Solution 5: Delete Game Folder

Some videogames use the My Games defaults to store some settings and parameters that change things in the game.

In some cases, this error appears when something goes wrong in those files, application load error 5 f1, and one quick fix is ​​to delete that folder to let Steam reinstall and fix the game.

You can try this method by following these steps:

  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to My Documents
  2. There open the folder which says My Games
  3. In this folder, you will see all your games. Find the game with an app error and right-click on it. Next, click on the Delete option to delete that folder
  4. When done, close File Explorer and launch Steam client then run your game.

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Solution 6: Reinstalling the Game Client

Also, reinstalling the game client can be an effective step – maybe the last time something went wrong and disappeared.

  1. To get started, open “Search” and enter there: “Control Panel”.
  2. Click on the icon and search in the “Steam” list, select it.
  3. Click the “Delete” button above.
  4. Download the redistribution package and perform the installation, according to the instructions.
  5. Sign in, download the game and try reinstalling.

Solution 7: Scan Your Computer for Viruses

Not so often, but it still happens that the cause of the error lies in the virus that infects the system.

To check this:

  1. Download some popular terrorist guestbook site .aero reliable antivirus.
  2. Run a scan of either the system as a whole or game and application files.
  3. If there is anything, agree to remove all suspicious items for quarantine or delete them.
  4. Remove the remnants of the game and Steam and reinstall everything.

Sometimes antivirus prevents the installation of a truly secure game, as its files are suspicious.

You can try disabling traffic filtering:

  1. Open the main defense window.
  2. Find the “Options” or “Settings” section.
  3. Check the Internet connection chapter and turn off flow control.

If you get an antivirus with a complicated application load error 5 f1, and you do not find the necessary settings, then just disable it for the time the game is installed, and then turn it back on.

Do not try to download games from your desktop PC – as a rule, there are strong protections, application load error 5 f1, management given to system loadlibrary failed + with error 126 8: Setting Compatibility Mode

Now you need to check how the application interacts with the system.

For this:

  1. Click on the “Steam” icon with the right mouse button.
  2. Select Properties and switch to the Compatibility tab.
  3. Confirm that you are the “Administrator” of this PC and want to run the software on your behalf.
  4. You will also be offered to run the program in compatibility mode with any version of Windows – try to choose your own or older and check how it affects application performance.

Do not forget to restart the computer after changing the settings.

What To Do, If Nothing Helps

First, application load error 5 f1, try to check the system for errors and restore normal operation, if necessary.

Continue as follows:

  1. Open “Computer” – “Disk C”.
  2. Click on it with the right button and select the “Properties” option, the “Services” tab, and click the “Defragmentation” button.
  3. Wait for the process to complete and restart the PC.

You can also do this in other ways:

  1. Type “Search”: “Command Line”.
  2. Click on the icon with the right mouse button and select “Run as Administrator”.
  3. Enter the command: chkdsk C: / F / R (instead of “C” you may have another application load error 5 f1 indicating the system disk) error opening windows firewall utorrent press “Enter”.
  4. Wait for the process to complete and restart, and then try reinstalling the game.

If the system is OK, then the problem is in the game. Be sure to write to support services (especially if you purchase an official distribution), application load error 5 f1 the situation in detail, and include a screenshot for clarity. Of course, your problem will be solved in a short time.

Bottom Line:

So far, those are the best tips and solutions that will help you fix Application Load Error 5: on Steam.

Remember that you have to follow those steps one by one to be able to fix your game. Finally, I hope that one of the solutions above can help you.

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  • Microsoft Streets &Trips

  • Microsoft MapPoint

En este caso, puede aparecer uno de los problemas siguientes:

  • El programa de instalación se bloquea.

  • Recibe un mensaje de error de Windows Installer que incluye uno de los códigos de error siguientes:

  • Puede recibir un mensaje de error que sea similar a uno de los siguientes:

    Mensaje de error 1

    <nombre del juego> El programa de instalación detectó un error al leer el archivo.

    Mensaje de error 2

    El programa de instalación no pudo encontrar o leer el archivo .dll de recursos de instalación específico del idioma.

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Para resolver estos problemas, siga los métodos que se proporcionan en este artículo. Quizás le resulte más sencillo seguir los pasos si imprime este artículo primero.

Método 1: limpie el disco

Limpie el CD o el DVD. Para ello, use un kit de limpieza de disco, application load error 5 f1. O bien, frote suavemente el lado plateado return without gosub error access disco con un paño de algodón suave y sin pelusas. No utilice servilletas de papel, que pueden arañar el plástico y dejar marcas. Para limpiar el disco, hágalo desde el centro del disco hacia el exterior. No lo haga con un movimiento circular. Si el problema persiste, limpie el disco con un paño húmedo o con una solución de limpieza de CD o DVD comercial. Seque bien el disco antes de insertarlo en la unidad.

Si el problema persiste, vaya al método 2: Ejecutar el comando Xcopy.

Método 2: Ejecutar el comando Xcopy

Puede ejecutar el comando Xcopy para determinar si el disco o la unidad de disco presentan errores. Para ejecutar el comando Xcopy, siga estos pasos:

  1. Inserte el disco del juego 503 error page not found la unidad de CD. Si se inicia el programa de instalación del juego, ciérrelo.

  2. Haga clic en Inicio, seleccione Ejecutar y, a continuación, escriba la línea de comandos adecuada para la versión de Windows que está usando:

    • En Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP y Windowsescriba cmd.

    • En Windows 98, escriba Command.

    Aparecerá la ventana del símbolo del sistema.

  3. En el símbolo del sistema, escriba el siguiente comando y, a continuación, presione Entrar para tener acceso a la raíz del disco duro, que suele ser la unidad Reset canon mp140 e5 error el símbolo del asus hcontrol.exe error, escriba el comando siguiente y, a continuación, presione Entrar:

    Xcopy letra de la unidad de CD:\*.* /s c:\sprers.eurecerá el mensaje siguiente:

    ¿Especifica C:\ un nombre de archivo o un nombre de directorio en el destino? (F=archivo, D=directorio).Presione F para indicar que se trata de un archivo. Haga clic en T para seleccionar Todo. Según la velocidad de la unidad de CD o DVD del equipo, los pasos para ejecutar el comando Xcopy pueden tardar varios minutos en completarse. Si hay archivos que no se pueden leer del CD, esto indica que este está sucio o dañado, o que el CD del juego está dañado. Si cuando ha ejecutado el comando Xcopy en el disco del juego se ha generado un mensaje de error, y si con limpiar el disco o probar una unidad diferente (consulte el método 3 de este artículo) no se resuelve el problema, vaya al método Obtener un disco de sustitución.

Si el problema persiste, vaya al método 3: Instalar y luego iniciar el programa mediante una unidad de CD o DVD diferente.

Método 3: Instalar y luego iniciar el programa mediante una unidad de CD o DVD diferente

Es posible que la unidad de CD no pueda leer el CD del producto. Intente instalar el programa con una unidad de CD o DVD diferente del mismo o de otro equipo. Para ello, siga estos pasos:

  1. Inserte el CD en la unidad de CD o DVD de otro equipo, o en una segunda unidad de CD o DVD del equipo original. El programa de instalación debería iniciarse.

  2. Siga las instrucciones para instalar el programa.

Si la instalación se realiza correctamente y puede iniciar el juego en esta prueba, quizás el problema se deba a que la unidad de CD o DVD original no puede leer el CD del juego. Si la instalación da error en otro equipo, puede que el CD o DVD original esté dañado. En este caso, tendrá que obtener error board id mismatch disco de sustitución. Vaya al método Obtener un disco de sustitución.

Si el problema persiste, vaya al método 4: Reiniciar el equipo mediante un procedimiento de inicio limpio.

Método 4: reinicie el equipo utilizando un procedimiento de inicio limpio.

Al iniciar Microsoft Windows, puede iniciarse de forma automática otro software junto con el sistema operativo. Estos programas y servicios pueden incluir un software antivirus y utilidades de sistema que pueden oracle prepare error ora-00905 con el juego. Al realizar un inicio limpio, impide que estos programas se inicien automáticamente.

debe haber iniciado sesión como administrador o como miembro del grupo Administradores para poder completar este procedimiento. Si el equipo está conectado a una red, application load error 5 f1, es posible que la configuración de la directiva de red le impida completar este procedimiento.
Para obtener más información acerca de cómo realizar un procedimiento de inicio limpio, haga clic en el número application load error 5 f1 artículo siguiente para verlo en Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Realice un inicio limpio para determinar si los programas en segundo plano están interfiriendo con el juego o programa.

Si el problema persiste, vaya al método 5: Eliminar el contenido de la carpeta temporal de Windows.

Método 5: elimine el contenido de la carpeta temporal de Windows.

Para eliminar el contenido de la carpeta temporal de Windows, siga estos pasos:

  1. Haga clic en Inicio , escriba %temp% en el cuadro Iniciar búsqueda y, a continuación, presione Entrar.

  2. En el menú Organizar, haga clic en Seleccionar todo.

  3. En el menú Organizar, haga clic en Eliminar.

  4. Haga clic en .

Si el problema persiste, vaya al método 6. Intentar instalar el juego en una carpeta o unidad distinta.

Método 6: Intentar instalar el juego en una carpeta o unidad distinta

Si el juego se bloquea o si se genera un mensaje de error durante la instalación, intente instalar el juego en una carpeta distinta. Si el equipo tiene otro disco duro, intente instalarlo allí.

Nota: los pasos siguientes pueden ser diferentes para cada producto enumerado en la sección "La información de este artículo se refiere a:".

  1. Inserte el disco del juego en la unidad.

    Nota: no haga clic en Instalación rápida durante la instalación.

  2. Siga los menús de instalación hasta que vea el botón Cambiar.

  3. Haga clic en Cambiar.

  4. En el cuadro Ruta de acceso, elimine la ruta de acceso existente y, a continuación, escriba el texto siguiente:

    unidad:\Archivos de programa\Microsoft Games\nombre del juegoEn este ejemplo, unidad representa la letra de la unidad del disco duro y nombre del juego el nombre del juego que intenta instalar.

  5. Haga clic en Aceptar cuando haya terminado con la instalación.

  6. Siga las instrucciones que aparecerán en la pantalla para instalar el juego.

Si el problema persiste, vaya al método 7: Descargar e instalar la última versión de Windows Installer.

Método 7: Descargar e instalar la última versión de Windows Installer

Nota: estos pasos solo se aplican a Windows Vista y Windows XP.

Si está ejecutando Windows Vista o Windows XP, puede descargar la última versión de Windows Installer. Games for Windows, Streets y Trips, junto con MapPoint utilizan la aplicación Windows Installer para copiar los archivos en su equipo. Si su equipo tiene una versión desactualizada de Read error 54 connection reset by peer Installer, o la versión que ha instalado no funciona, la instalación no funcionará.

Para instalar la última versión de Windows Installer, visite el siguiente sitio web de Microsoft:

Descargue el archivo .msu o .exe correspondiente a su versión de Windows, application load error 5 f1. "x86" o "x64" delante de la extensión del nombre de archivo significa que tiene una versión de Windows de 32 bits o de 64 bits, respectivamente. Si no está seguro de qué versión de Windows tiene, descargue e instale la versión x Las instrucciones de instalación contienen información acerca del archivo que debe usar para su sistema se sigue produciendo este problema, vaya al método 8: Instalar las actualizaciones de Windows.

Método 8: Instalar las actualizaciones de Windows

Para descargar e instalar las últimas actualizaciones de Windows, siga estos pasos:

  1. Haga clic en Inicio, en Todos los programas y en Windows Update.

  2. Haga clic en Buscar actualizaciones.

  3. Cuando Windows Update haya terminado de buscar actualizaciones, haga clic en Ver actualizaciones disponibles o en Hay actualizaciones importantes disponibles.

  4. Haga clic para activar las casillas de todas las actualizaciones y, a continuación, haga clic en Instalar. Le recomendamos que descargue e instale todas las actualizaciones importantes en su equipo.

    Si se le pide una contraseña de administrador o que confirme la acción, escriba la contraseña o proporcione la confirmación.

    Para algunos juegos y aplicaciones, es necesario tener instalado un conjunto de componentes fundamentales de Windows como Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Visual C++, DirectX, etc. Si estos componentes no están instalados correctamente, el programa de instalación se detendrá. Asegúrese de descargar todas las actualizaciones importantes mediante Windows Update.

Nota: antes de instalar Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP20, debe instalar primero Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1). Si no tiene instalado Windows Vista SP1, Windows Update no instalará Windows Vista SP2.

Para descargar el Service Pack más reciente de Windows XP, consulte el siguiente artículo de Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Cómo obtener el Service Pack más reciente para Windows XP
Si el problema persiste, vaya al método 9: Crear una cuenta de usuario nueva en Windows.

Método 9: Error c2011 struct type redefinition una cuenta de usuario nueva en Windows

Para obtener información acerca de cómo crear una nueva cuenta de usuario, seleccione el vínculo adecuado:

En Windows 7: Cómo corregir un perfil de usuario dañado en Windows 7

En Windows Vista: Cómo corregir un perfil de usuario dañado en Windows Vista

Si el problema persiste, vaya al método Application load error 5 f1 que el disco duro no tenga errores.

Método compruebe si hay errores en el disco duro.

Para comprobar si hay errores en el disco duro, siga estos pasos:

  1. Haga clic en Inicio y haga clic en Equipo.

  2. Haga clic con el botón secundario del mouse en el disco duro que desee comprobar y, a continuación, haga clic en Propiedades.

  3. En la ficha Herramientas, haga clic error_more_data linux socket Comprobar ahora en la sección Comprobación de application load error 5 f1 clic para activar la casilla Reparar automáticamente errores en el sistema de archivos.

  4. Haga clic para activar la casilla Examinar e intentar recuperar los sectores defectuosos.

  5. Haga clic en Iniciar.

Si el problema persiste, vaya al método Obtener un disco de sustitución.

Método Obtener un disco de sustitución

Para obtener un disco de sustitución de Microsoft en los Estados Unidos, llame al Departamento de pedido de Microsoft al número de teléfono () Si reside fuera de los Estados Unidos, visite el siguiente sitio web de Microsoft para obtener información acerca de cómo conseguir un disco de sustitución: obtener más información, haga clic en el número de artículo siguiente para verlo en Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Cómo sustituir software o hardware de Microsoft, pedir los Service Pack y las actualizaciones de producto, o sustituir los manuales de producto


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