Adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie

adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie

Error:API failure - Adobe Premiere Pro error and a message saying that there was an error compiling movie-unknown error. This type of error is commonly caused by a particular clip in your project. Using footage that is different from most of your clips (for example. Don't suffer from PC errors any longer. 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software; 2. Launch the software and select your language; 3. adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie

Premiere Pro Cs2: File Format Not Supported

February 8, 2015, 11:34 am

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I am having trouble with my cs2 version of premiere pro. I record my videos using the elgato game capture hd pro and whenever  I try to import my videos into Premiere Pro, It says that the file is not supported. I think its debugging bind9 errors its an mp4 file, but I dont know. Is there a way to convert my files into something that P.P. will accept?

February 9, 2015, 10:32 am

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Yes I'm still using CS3. Can't export to Matrox Media Encoder or Adobe Media Encoder. Using Axio LE

February 13, 2015, 7:08 am

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A previous issue for CS4 on earlier versions of Windows has evidently recurred after a recent Windows Security update. Here's one evidently resolved previous instance: Premiere Pro CS4 (Vista) error [.\.\SRC\ImporterProcessClient.cpp-127]

Is anyone else currently experiencing this issue?

My own system specs are as follows:

Windows 8.1

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz 2.80GHz

Installed memory (RAM): 8.00 GB

System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

I am running Premiere CS4 version 4.0.0

There have been no issues loading and using Premiere since I installed it on this computer, which was done shortly after a full hard-drive formatting several months ago.

This morning, Windows requested that I install a security update and restart. Upon restarting, Premiere has refused to open citing the following error:

Premiere Pro Debug Event

Premiere Pro has encountered an error.


The canon ixus700 e18 error cited for previous version of windows, such reducing UAC settings and running Premiere as administrator are not resolving the issue. Based on the previously mentioned thread, I attempted the following command prompt solution:

'cd' to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\dynamiclink\

dynamiclinkmanager.exe /REGSERVER
processcoordinationserver.exe /REGSERVER
regsvr32 dynamiclinkmarshal.dll

I received error code 0x80070005, and have followed several Microsoft guidelines for resolving it to. Currently, I remain unable to open Error 500 missing header from cgi output have deactivated, and am in the process of uninstalling, running Clean Script CS4, and re-installing. I will also be checking for updates, but recent attempts at doing so have indicated none were available. Do updates get taken down over time?

February 13, 2015, 1:03 pm

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Hi everyone,

I'm a bit of a n00b at Premiere 2.0, but I'm slowly learning. When I import an AVI recorded with Bandicam, and try to play it, the video is fine, but the audio comes out as a constant high-pitched whistle, low rumbles, and other odd and garbled sounds, with no hint of the original audio. Can anyone help me with this? Using a clean install of Premiere Pro 2.0 with Windows 8.1.

February 13, 2015, 8:55 pm

Next CS 4 PP saving a tittle as adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie is on the time line to use again with some modification.

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I have a rather old version of Premiere Pro. (V 7.0) and I'm trying to put stills in my video but when I do and then render the video, all my images become pixelated. The images started out crisp and fourth slave hard disk error before rendering. I have been resizing/ repositioning the images but I tried without resizing and the images still become blurred and pixelated. I've tried exporting to see if it was just the viewer but video comes out pixelated as well. I've tried several things:

Images are PNGs. I've tried .Tiff and  .Jpg  and neither made a difference.

Images that are not resized pixelate as well.

Quality is set to Highest.

Zoom Level is 100%

Tried setting Pixel Aspect Ratio to Square pixels.

Below is an example of my problem. The images have yet to be resized and are still becoming pixelated.


February 15, 2015, 11:37 pm

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Back from the dead and not yet in the cloud I'm starting a new project with Premiere pro CS4 (like starting all over again!) In the past I was not successful saving my tittles as a template to use later on. What I really was trying to do is using one of my tittle with it's video effects (could be audio as well I guess) that is fade in fade out, motions: size and position. and later pull them out rename it and modify according to its new function in my next need.

I found renaming it does not adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie anything so I wish there was a way to do this. I don't think I mean like a template, something I never manage well as I don't think it was suited for my needs.

It would save heaps of time to have your fade in, out already on and some motions which is quite easy to modify rather than create from scratch. I may have missed something trying to do it or it's just not possible. But thank you if you can help.


February 17, 2015, 1:45 pm

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PC running 64-bit  WIndows 8.1 and Premiere Pro CS4

2-firewire inputs direct to the motherboard

DVHS player: JVC HM-DH30000U

I'm trying to capture some video from the JVC HM-DH30000U to Premiere Pro CS4 via Firewire (the only other way is via the analog outputs---even though these were HD VTR's, HDMI was not introduced until later).  While CS4 will see the video when I have set the capture settings to HDV, and control the deck over firewire (it will not see or control the device when it is set to DV), I do not receive any audio from the firewire link, but I do get audio from the analog outputs.

I know that the D-VHS records its video in MPEG-2, and these tapes are standard-definition 720x480 recorded on the HS speed at 28.8 Mbps, which is obviously a higher Mbps than HDV's 25Mbps.  So could there be some issue with a D-VHS MPEG stream when compared to a HDV MPEG stream that is slightly different that would cause the audio not to be captured over firewire?

Or could there be an issue with the 64 bit WIndows 8.1 that I'm running and the D-VHS, considering that D-VHS was released during the 32-bit era?

February 17, 2015, 6:01 pm

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I just installed CS3 suite with discs. All my CS 3 programs open with  "Adobe updater quit unexpectedly” crashes programs sometimes   ! icon

Mac OS 10.9.5

What can fix this?

(I tried a uninstall / reinstall ) No luck.


February 18, 2015, 3:03 pm

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Previous All my CS 3 programs open with "Adobe updater quit unexpectedly”

I have bad  computer to new versions, and i did not find premiere pro CS4 to download

February adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie, 2015, 9:41 am

Next CS4 crashed

Previous Where can I download Premiere pro CS4

Ok done Thanks, reinstalled, BUT DVD 3 has Error loading /tools.t00 content for Premiere PRO which will not load.  Starts to load then says administrator says no to install? I'm administrator and the other FC on DVD3 loaded fine.  any hints.

February 20, 2015, 7:01 pm

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Previous How can I install the Premiere Pro functional content

CS4 occasionally crashes and I have to restart the computer.  Just now it crashed while I was saving the project, and now when I try to open that project it says "Project appears to be damaged. Will not open"  How can I open it?

February 22, 2015, 3:47 am

Next fatal error allowed memory size When I try to open flash pro on my decent computer, it tells me that adobe reader could not open the file because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged. Why? How do I fix this?

Previous Adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie crashed

Yes and I find it most convenient wondering why I did not think of it or try it before. But.That's where it seems to stop. as there seem to be no other reference of this renamed clip. So as helpful as it could be in a project to rename clips according to certain needs, is there a point to it if it can't be connected to anything else like it's original file or at least the one in the project window.?

February 22, 2015, 10:11 am

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Previous After many years using PP I just discovered I can rename clips in my timeline.But!

When I try to open flash pro on my decent computer, it tells me that adobe reader could not open the file because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged. Why? How do I fix this?

February 24, 2015, 10:59 am

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Previous When I try to open flash pro on my decent computer, it tells me that adobe reader could not open the file because it adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged. Why? How do I fix this?

I have Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 on a 64 Bit Asus laptop running Windows 8 and I've been trying to uninstall and reinstall the program as it's been having trouble starting up. However, when I go to uninstall it, the wizard is interrupted and I get a message saying that the wizard was interrupted and the program was not uninstalled.
If I go into my Program Files (x86) and try to manually remove it, a notice pops up telling me that another program is using that folder. I've checked Task Manager countless times and I still can't figure out what's preventing me from uninstalling.

February 25, 2015, 9:57 am

Next Cannot export (error compiling movie, unknown error)

Previous Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 is unable to uninstall? 64 bit windows 8 laptop

I don't have access to previous computer where are installed for deactivate,

When I try to install the adobe premier cs4 in a new machine the installation program i can't continue

because the product has been registered. I need help.

February 25, 2015, 5:54 pm

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Hi all,

I'm running Premiere Pro 2.0, and I really need to export this softice start failure error code 31 for a project. EVERY SINGLE TIME it will not export. I always get the same error: 'Error compiling movie (unknown error)'.  My graphics drivers are up to date, I have enough disk space, and my scratch disks are set to the right places. I tried Quicktime, AVI, compressed AVI, all at many different resolutions. Has any one else had this problem? If so, is there a solution?

BTW I'm running an Intel Core 2 Quad with 4 gigs of RAM.


February 25, 2015, 6:00 pm

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Previous Cannot export (error compiling movie, unknown error)

Unable to burn disc in Encore during the audio tailend.  Reloaded premiere pro Adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie and the problem persists.  I have a brand new Dell XPS with windows 8.1, Intel i7-4790 cpu @3.60Hz.,  RAM 32 GN, System 64 bites.   What can I do?

October 24, 2014, 1:28 pm

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Previous Lost: operating error 0X00000020 - premiere pro CS4

I transferred Adobe Creative Suite CS4 from my old laptop to my new one, along with all my other software.

Photoshop opens but immediately gives me error message 131:4 which says:

This product has encountered a problem which requires that you restart your computer before it can be launched.

If you continue to see this message after restarting your computer, please contact either your IT administrator or Adobe technical support for help, and mention the error code shown at the bottom of this screen.

Error: 131:4

I bought the software in 2009 and cannot find the installation disks anymore, not that they would probably help.

I talked with Tech support who guided my to my serial number, but of course that turned out not to be the problem, adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie. I'm not even being asked for the serial number. Then tech support told me my product is too old for them to help me with and that I should consult the forum.

Does anyone out there have a solution for this problem?

February 27, 2015, 1:30 pm

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Previous adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie What do I do about error message 131:4 when trying to open photoshop CS4?

I am trying to load 1.5 into an old XP desktop.  Adobe is saying I have 30 days to register, but I own it and have the SN.  What can I do?  The machine is too old to download another version.  This version is fine for the importing of video from old DV tapes. 

October 9, 2012, 11:08 pm

Next CS4 Design Premium on a new iMac with Yosemite

Previous register old version 1.5 -giving 30 day trial

I have some Quicktime movies (.mov) that I made in Director. I want them to loop by default, adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie, but there's no setting for this in Director that I can find. (Not getting any answers on the Director forum.)

I know I can set Quicktime Player to loop movies continuously but I want the loop built in.

I'm a total novice at Premiere but I have access to use it at work. Can I change an already-made non-looping Quicktime movie to a looping Quicktime movie using Premiere CS4? How? Or some other way (freeware)?

Thanks for helping!

More Pages to Explore ., adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie. dir command errorlevel

"Compile error. Unknown error. "or"Multiplexing gone bad"

  • 'Error compilation film unknown error' made or export in first or Media Encoder or

    Hi all

    I'll have made troubled and the export of which certainly is a sequence quite complex 2.5 hours of first CC 2015 and Media Encoder. I'll describe the problem, then provide my card, then describe my attempts so far solutions:

    1. The problem: try to make my outside sequence gives the error "error compiling Movie. Unkown Error"at irregular intervals, sometimes stop in usr/ports/lang/php5-extensions error code 1 10 seconds and sometimes after 10 minutes of rendering. It occurs also when rendering of three subsequences that he content and when expporting media first or Media Encoder.
    2. My specs:

      Material - I am on Windows 10 x 64-bit on a desktop computer custom built with MSI AM3 + configuration motherboard with an AMD FX6350 3.9 GHz processor, 16 GB of RAM and a 2 GB AMD Radeon R9 380 graphics card, all current drivers.

      Software - creation and Media Encoder are defined to use the reading Mercury (GPU acceleration) engine and the composite linear color, and are both set to update to version updated for release 2015 CC.
      Sequence - I'm editing in square pixels of 1080 p AVCHD, 29.97 frames/second, 48000 Hz sampling frequency, using the only i-Frame MPEG video previews. My sequence has three subsequences, all of them contain a multicam pulling three video sources synchronized sequence (it is a composite event that was recorded live), adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie. I export in H.264 MP4 @ 10-12 Mbps with 'Match sequence settings' for the framerate, bitrate and size of the image.

    3. My attempted Solutions:, I started with the basics. Clear your cache of media, delete make files and files video preview, flatten your blocking sequences, export each subsequence individually, create a new project and import the old sequences, all this, trying to render and export between each of these steps. Frankly, I'm bad-shot in the gut. I desperately need to export this sequence successfully and there deliver my video to an audience online and from there, also create versions for DVD and Blu - Ray.

    I'm just wishing so bad for an error code, a runtime error at cannot import defective to be identified somewhere, an Executive responsible for headaches, something. Something besides, 'film compilation error. Unknown error. »

    Grateful for any help offered by the community of users of wonderful to Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Hi Nathan,

    Sorry for your troubles. Looks like you have a sequence that should be able to be exported, but can't. To add to your frustration, the warning dialog box has no clue as to what is the error. With what is happening at random intervals, it is really difficult to solve.

    For the latter, the next release of Premiere Pro's warnings more explicit. This update is coming soon. In the meantime, let's work on the export of this sequence.

    Firstly, log a case with support. Here are the details on how to contact them.

    The first thing to look at is your system, adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie, I would say. It looks up to the requirements of the standard, however, it is quite a long sequence. If you have lots of GPU based effects and/or Lumetri effects, your VRAM might be out of memory, cancelling export and crashing with error compilation Movie.

    If it was me, my prime suspect. How do you work around that? Avoiding the GPU? In fact, Yes. It will take time for export, most certainly. This could take days. Not much you can do, unfortunately, unless you muscle your hardware. Currently, my guess is that your GPU is probably not powerful enough for what you want to do. In the project settings > general switch to software only.

    Can you avoid this in the future? Yes, with a different workflow what smart favours rendered instead of make or export at the same time with GPU based effects.

    This means that you'd have to transcode the AVCHD video to a codec chip to make and restore the effects along the way in this same codec. At the time wherever you export, you are not typing the GPU because you use files preview instead.

    Info: FAQ: how to speed up making, export or encoding?

    Thank you

  • Fehler bei Videovorschau - Fehler beim create movies. (Error centos driveready seekcomplete error the video Preview - 'film compilation error. Unknown error.)


    ICH habe seit Kurzem problem beim Exportieren aus Premiere Pro 2015.2.

    ES opens sich ein Fenster mit found message:

    "Fehler bei Videovorschau - Fehler beim create movies. Unbekannter Fehler . »

    As adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie Fehlers habe ich meinen Rechner neu aufgesetzt, aber er is experienced.

    Ich weiss, adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie, wie also provozieren kann ich jetzt Aber. Wenn ich beim export die Zielbitrate [Mbps:]

    Auf unter 10 stelle tritt der Fehler auf.



    I recently problems when exporting from Premiere Pro 2015.2.

    It opens a window with the following message:

    "Error in the video Preview - 'film compilation error." Unknown error. ».

    Because of this error, I restarted my computer, but he persists.

    I know now how I can cause the error. When I export the movie and put the target bit rate [Mbit / s:]

    less than 10, the error occurs.


    Windows Pro 10
    First Pro CC 2015.2
    Intel Core i7 - 4930 K Error must have ogg installed 3, 40GHz
    32 GB of RAM (checked with MemTest, no error)
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 (game ready Driver, Version 368.39)

    With the 2015.3 version, the problems seem to have disappeared.

  • Lumetri color is "film compilation error. Unknown error' all the time...

    I have problems to compile anything if I use the Lumetri color in first Pro CC 2016 9.2.0

    If I remove all Lumetri color on all plans, it compiles without any problem. If I use any kind of color Lumetri - presets or custom color Lumetri it's for me

    "Film compilation error. Unknown error. "if I try to render or export/compile.

    It matters little if I just export from in the body or the SOUL use.

    At first I thought it might be some errors with the media, but after trying to remove the clips one by one, he always made the mistake. Finally, I removed all the effects and it worked.

    If I put Lumetri color on a single clip, it does not.

    It's very frustrating.

    My system:

    Windows Pro 10

    I7 - 4930 K 3.4 Ghz

    64 GB OF RAM

    NVIDIA GTX 570

    4 x 4 TB HARD drive

    Clips of Panasonic GH3 GH4 - GH3 vlclips and 50 1080 P the GH4 is 4K 25 p. All places on the timeline with 1080 P. 25, have made many films with mixed without any problems before - looks like this error came after the latest organization update?


    UPDATE: I managed to get the sequence exported using the red giant seems only instead of Lumetri. I had jumped to almost looks like after having to get used to Lumetri, which I find easier to adjust when editing. Have the old edition, but consider the upgrade to bersion last, otherwise Lumetri works more. I wonder if this could have something to do with my Nvidia driver? Old eyes do not use the GPU but only the CPU. so maybe something related to the GPU for my GTX570 driver?

    / Morten

    Just look at the GTX 570. «With 480 CUDA cores.» " . I think that this is your problem, really.

    Plus, the recommended minimum CUDA cores is to stay more than 1,000. Simply, this card doesn't have the power to handle the most recent Lumetri. The rest of your machine looks very good, I think you just need to move up to say a 970 at least. It would balance the rest of your machine better.

    Among the major warnings of building a computer for applications video Adobe is 'balance'. with the most amazing CPU and 256 GB of RAM, adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie, but only using adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie disk 5400 RPM, for example, is not a machine "balanced". 570 isn't near the capacity of your machine. and PrPro., adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie. can use.

    That's why he better just software.


  • 2015.1 Media Encoder / first - can not restore unknown, compilation error


    I do an edit very basic multicamera premiered with only a Lumerti color filter and a Multiband Compressor filter on the audio.  I can't get something to export into Media Encoder successfully.  I keep getting unknown compilation errors at different locations along the export.  I did the same type of work before the update and it worked perfectly.  I tried a lot of different codecs and formats - same problem.  I'm on a Mac Pro end of 2013 on 10.11.2 with AMD D500s.

    Is there any solution for this?  I'm not asking acronis file system error file record corrupted program to do complicated things where should be unknown random compile errors.  I can't even help out it is because newspapers don't offer any information.

    Thank you!


    Neil et al.

    I went down a long conversation with Adobe and they made me know that my Mac specific Pro with D500s driver with the Open CL Mercury GPU Rendering problems.  Reported memory is not updated quickly enough, and absence of export.  Apple was supposed to fix 10.11.2 but didn't.  They will look into the problem more.  I just had this problem on Mutli-cam since this type of rendering is more intensive than a regular calendar GPU.  The solution uses the rendering software until Apple fixes the drivers.

    Thanks for the help Neil!

  • Movie compilation error. Unknown error.


    I want to make a movie that is 10 minutes and 30 seconds of time on my Macbook. The video is 1280 x 720.

    I used to most of the video from my iPhone 6 Plus (.) MOV) and a dynamic file linked to After Effects. When I try to make it gives me the error: film compilation error. Unknown error.

    When I delete videos iPhone and restore only the After Effects file (which is also an imported and edited video iPhone at AE) he normally makes.

    What should I do?

    Convert framerate iphone images constant framerate variable with Handbrake first before importing.

  • * Error compiling Movie - Unknown Error * when exporting/rendering.

    Whenever I try to export the media or to restore the timeline, he appears with this error. "Film compilation error. Unknown error. »

    Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 2.31.38 PM.png

    As you can imagine it's very frustrating, I followed the same process accurate I always did and he have never had a sas counter terrorists for gta san andreas previously. No media is missing, and I even tried to use the YouTube preset - wrong again.

    I use first Pro CC 2015 - I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling as update all the CC apps.

    If the first does not know what is the error, adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie am I supposed to know? Help, please!

    Error compiling movie. some debates and ideas

    -1, create a new project and import the project that has errors and see if that fixes the problem


    - and nested sequences

    - and WMV files of frame rate

  • Media Encoder: Error compiling Movie - unknown error

    As the title, I have problems with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 and - "Adobe Media Encoder: error compiling Movie - unknown error" appears each time I try to export my video. Both are trial versions, but myAdobe Media Encoder CC 2014 had ended and myAdobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 have left about 1 week of trial. Please help as soon as possible because I have to do a large project for my school, so cannot function without these great apps. Thank you.

    Hi Charles,

    Have you tried to export with Premiere Pro?

    Go to the file Menu in Premiere Pro > project settings > general and change 'Mercury playback engine' (if it allows) to 'Only software Mode' and then try to export from Premiere Pro.

    Mention also, what operating system are you using, hard RAM (Exxternal or internal), or several installed graphics cards and formats of files used in the project.

    Have you tried to make the scenario first before export?

    If possible send a screenshot of the full adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie compilation error - unknown error

    Just got a PC brand new Intel i7 4790 and GTX970 GPU - copied some of my projects from my old computer and tried to return with first Pro CC v7.0. While making pop "Video compilation error unknown error" and if I try to make a second time, it freezes and finally crashes.

    Tried two hardrives (HDD/SSD), and the clips are perfectly fine since they work fine on another computer. Any help would be welcome!

    Thank you


    Update Windows 7 (which was a clean install) to service pack 1 - for some reason that did the job.

  • Cannot restore: error compiling Movie: unknown error

    Hey there,

    Need help,

    I'm working on a short sequence (15 seconds).

    It has a few stacked video channels and I have applied overlays and fixed most of the color channels.

    The film is XMF files from a C300. Sequence of parameters defined in accordance with the proposed recommendation (IE when I dropped the clips).

    I get the "error compiling Movie: unknown error" message whenever I try to make or export.» I went through a lot of adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie suggested by a blog post, I found here - I went through the sequence, removed the clip, has tried to return, then removed the effects.

    When I deleted the effects and buried the clips off side by side he made out for me.  That's great, but I have to be able to export the effects all in and empty them in regasm /tlb i/o error. What can I do? Starting to pull my windows user.exe error out of space. O

    MacBook, 4 GB Ram,

    Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330 M 256 MB

    Thank you,



    Thanks for the tip - tried all of those, unfortunately with no joy.

    I have not deleted my cache - also no joy.

    BUT I installed a (now 6.0.5) update and it does.

    Thanks for the help,


  • Cannot EXPORT or RENDER in PREM CC! "Film compilation error. Unknown error. »

    I use MXF PMW200 files alongside the 5 d MKiii files - I finished the change and went to render/export and it won't let me do no more! I can't change it on the software and I have a deadline in an hour.

    I just bought the software today (using the trial version and I have just FCP 7 - I get this error:)

    "Film compilation error. Unknown error. »

    Hi Jim, adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie, I contacted the guys to help Adobe directly and they took my computer to try to understand. We've been through tons of troubleshooting (I already had) and it turns that the project has to be on the local drive and associated media may still be on external HDs, it can also export to external HDs providing that the proj file is on your local drive. But if the project file is located in the same folder that the multimedia files on the external hard drive it can not restore or export - so my suggested workflow is keep the project on the local disk folder, adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie. So that each new machine I want to take the project I have to import the project into a new clean project saved to local disk. I'm used to FCP 7 and CS3, but this seems absured for me. I am disappointed with CC so far.

  • Movie compilation error, how to fix a corrupted file?

    So, I work with Adobe first CC, and it has not been able to export, adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie, always saying "error compiling Movie, unknown error". After days of searching through these tips of countless people with the same problem and no solution, I landed on the question being there which is "damaged", there is a clip. So, I give everything and auxpropfunc error invalid parameter supplied cyrus stops, give me the same error message on which I guess is the damaged element. Well, I found it. But for me, it seems to be nothing wrong with it. I can't just walk out the film, how this file even become "damaged" and how to fix it?

    Update for anyone who runs into this problem. What I ended up doing is to find each clip "damaged" (I surrender all and it stops, give me the same error message on which I guess is the damaged clip). I had damaged about 10 clips in a 90-minute film. I typed in the name of the file and everyone in my backup hard drive, copied to the disc I store the files I use Adobe and rename each file (personally I just use the same name and add "2" at the end). Then I did slide the clip renamed on the timeline. I didn't waste time to find out exactly how I cut each clip so I pulled the clip up to V2, error initialization failed for alloc backend, deferred to its original length, matched that with the file renamed, removed the damaged file, resized a new space damaged the damaged one busy and I was able to add a stabilizer of string to it and it has made and exported without problem.

  • Button compile errors

    In ActionScript 2, I created a button with convert to symbol. Next, I add a keyframe to a frame later. Then I click on frame 1 and add the action:

    on (release) {}

    gotoAndStop (10);


    But when I run the film he gives me a compilation error:

    Mouse events are permitted only for instances of button

    Any ideas?

    I tried to redo the symbols from differnet images everywhere. I'm at the end of my witt.

    This code is not attached to a button or a movieclip.

    and it's a bad habit to attach code to buttons/movieclips.  Click your object in frame 1 (to select it), and in the properties panel assign an instance name.  for example btn1.

    fixed to the frame 1 (not the object), use:

    {btn1.onRelease = Function ()}

    _root.gotoAndStop (10);


    PS delete your last keyframe in the layer which contains error 12 grub windows and then insert a new keyframe.

  • DB trigger compile errors


    I need AFTER THAT INSERT ON WH_I_ITEMS not null values between 2 inserted in WH_TRANSACTIONS

    WARNING: Trigger created with compilation errors.
    Kind regards


    Your syntax in the manual is incorrect, it should be something like

  • Xilinx Compilation error: Formal HDLCompiler:432 < eiosignal > has no real or default value


    I've compiled several programs for sbRIOs previously but did not run in before compile errors. I can't find any support to see what is actually wrong. Any help with this would be appreciated!

    The summary of the situation of the Compilation is:

    LabVIEW FPGA: Compilation failed due to an error of xilinx.

    ERROR: HDLCompiler:432 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000031_SequenceFrame.vhd" line 87: Formal

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    Hm. So possibly a corrupt asset or a bad install of a recent update, if you've done any. You're just trying to render a preview? You could try deleting all your preview renders, I suppose.

    Any complicated effects involved, especially in unrendered areas? How many video/audio tracks? How many clips? Titles? Project settings? File types? Added any audio drivers or new codecs lately? System specs? Other software running, including anti-virus or a live Internet connection? Screen-saver and power-down settings disabled?

    Might be time for a support call to Cineform, or maybe their knowledgebase has something about this. as might Adobe's.

    Search here appears error could not connect to lockdown aborting be working -- here are some related threads.

    No solutions but lots of clues. Seems to be memory-related.

    What Aspect and CS3 builds are you using?

    Error Compiling Movie
    1. AIFF failed too, and I see no option for WAV, or PCM, or anything else under 'Microsoft AVI'.

      The end result needs to be something I can import into Encore, retaining 5.1 channels. Previously, I managed to output as WAV and then run through AftenGUI, but now it's not working, adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie. I've recently reinstalled Windows, but it had a tendency to occasionally not work on the previous installation, too. I've also had some video exports throw up the same error, but that's usually fixed by simply trying again.

    2. Originally Posted by koberulzView Post
      Is there a way I can convert the AAC file to an AC3 file? I just need a 5.1 AC3 file (Encore transcodes anything else, converting it to stereo in the process, because Encore is an idiot).
      Adobe Encore is a BD/DVD authoring program. An authoring program requires valid elementary streams with which to create the final BD/DVD. The fact that Encore has a built-in Dolby Digital encoder for transcoding certain audio files to stereo AC3 is a bonus, as is the wretched MainConcept encoder it also has. If these encoders did not come with Encore, it is no less worthy of being called an authoring program. The responsibility lies with the person using Encore to present it with valid elementary audio and video streams to author the BD/DVD with, adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie. Cgi error log full fledged 5.1ch audio track (say, composed of 6 *.WAV files) that were either uniquely and genuinely created in Premiere with 5.1ch audio sequences, or decoded from some movie soundtrack will necessarily have to be encoded with Dolby Digital 5.1ch to get your coveted 5.1 AC3 file. This can be done in Premiere if you want to pay with two front teeth for its SurCode DD encoder by minnetonka, after which you give said file to Encore, who is an 'idiot'.
      For the nth time, with the possible exception of certain Intel processors, I don't have/ever owned anything whose name starts with "i".

    3. Originally Posted by koberulzView Post
      Anyone want to answer my actual question?
      I'm desperate too, and shocked to see this is the only bug report on the Interwebs as far as I can tell. What a stunning screw-up by Adobe. We can contend, and I think this is true, that no one anywhere is capable of exporting a 5.1 WAV or AAC file from within Premiere Pro, or even using the external Adobe Media Encoder. I get that crash every time.

      EDIT: I'm fuming mad. Adobe is ridiculous. Using the process of elimination, adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie, I calculated the percentage of rendering time that the error gets triggered at, then went to that area of the timeline. I found absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, but it did adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie to have a nested sequence, also with the matching audio parameter of 5.1 audio (which shouldn't matter). So just to adobe premiere pro cs3 error compiling movie one last thing, I opened the nested sequence; copied all of its contents; went back to the master timeline and deleted the nested sequence replacing it with its contents -- and voila, no more error/crash/etc.

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