Adobe premiere elements error compiling movie

adobe premiere elements error compiling movie

Essentially what this error message means is that while your timeline was being rendered there was a problem that caused the program to. When attempting to export, if you receive the message Error Compiling Movie in Premiere Pro, it likely points to an issue with your hard disk. 'Error compiling movie. Unknown error' when rendering or exporting · Create an Adobe Premiere Elements project with the same settings as your clip. · Import only.

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Error Compiling Movie Premiere Pro

Adobe premiere elements error compiling movie - not believe

If you encounter a Premiere Pro error when compiling a video disc on your PC, this user guide should help you.

Fix PC Errors in Minutes

  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer
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    Also clear the media cache database in the top menu Settings> Media> Media cache database;Delete the rendered files in the top menu: Sequence> Delete Render Files.

    Why is my Premiere Pro export failing?

    If Adobe Premiere won’t export video, you might not have enough storage space. To fix this problem, check if you can free up space and run the experiment again. Also, as a rule, the error can appear when using an external hard drive as a storage device for exported videos.

    At this point, I would go on to narrow down this issue. Actually the problem is in Database Premiere.

    Sometimes the cache files or the database itself are unstable. The first thing to try is simply figuring out where the cache files and cache databases created through the preferences window are. Close Go Premiere, which is probably an explorer in Finder, and delete everything in the folder.

    Restart, launch Premiere and see if you still have a version.

    If so, I would later “cut” this clip from the project, amplify it and close it. Open the most important clip again and import it back into the project. Warp and work, see if everything works now.

    And the third thing to know … Deformation is an incredibly intense approach. It has been designed to meet production expectations for recording short clips when there is usually no other option. We then walk users through the tutorials, one for all. But he does return hardware and software.

    Fix PC Errors in Minutes

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    So … in most cases nakedWarp embedding is good. I would recommend tinkering with the Dynamic Link Compositions from AfterEffects: while you have either a Warp setting or a Composition to “do” it, export / render the clip in a “digital intermediate format” of your choice, say Cineform, ProRes 422 or DNxHD / R and also replace the clip on the plate with a fully processed media file.

    Then, when it’s time to export the whole result, the export will be much faster because there is no need to calculate the deformation or composition. And … you will end up with fewer errors in exports.

    WinDownload Mac

    You can download this software for free and use it to recover any type of files including movies, images, videos, music, text documents, etc. This software supports almost all the major file formats for file recovery and is very easy to use. It boasts of a very clean and clutter-free user interface that allows new users to understand the features of the software easily and navigate without any issue. This software also has an advanced recovery mode for videos that requires you to upload a sample file that originated from the same device and has the same format.

    The following are the steps to use Recoverit for recovering the missing files from your computer.

    Step 1. Select and Start

    Now install the setup, launch the tool, and select the location where you think the file was originally stored, and click on start to start the scan.

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    Step 2. Scanning the Location

    The software will now scan the location for recoverable files and will list them on your screen. You can apply filters to narrow down your search. Scanning will take some time.

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    Step 3. Preview and Save the Video

    As soon as the scanning is completed, you will get the option to preview the files and check if they are working or not. If they are working fine, click on the save option and the files will be saved to your device.

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    Part 5. How to Ensure Premiere Pro Plays Videos Smoothly?

    If you understand the file types, limitations of software, and your computer, you will be able to manage to make the video play smoothly. To make sure that Adobe Premiere Pro can run the videos smoothly, you can follow the tips given below.

    Keep on checking your operating system, adobe premiere pro, and video/audio drivers for any updates. Keeping these things updated will ensure that all the latest codecs and drivers are present on your computer, which in turn makes sure that your videos play flawlessly on Adobe premiere pro.

    • Make sure that the video is in the right format

    Before playing the video check if the format is right or not. Wrong formats or unsupported formats will always have issues when you play the file.

    • Check system requirements

    Adobe premiere pro is advanced software and to play all the files, it needs support from equally capable hardware. Ensure that your computer meets the system requirement of Adobe premiere pro or you might face playback issues or constant crashing.

    From time to time, clean the media cache. Also, premiere pro has complex file management, i.e. the files are referred from its location and when you open it, a media cache is created in the time it loads up. Although, they are very small individually over time media cache will fill your memory. This is why try cleaning it from time to time and set a location that can house a large amount of cache.

    Every process uses up RAM, especially video editing and playback. This is why, having a lot of programs open in the background can eat up a large part of the available RAM, making intensive tasks like video playback and editing can face lag and stuttering.


    Adobe premiere pro is a major video editing tool for Mac as well as windows based computers. It is a professional-grade editor that is used for high-level video editing. Often, errors can occur during the compiling process, which can make videos unusable or might drop their quality or usability.

    You should understand the causes and effects of this issue to better resolve it properly. If you have a file missing that is causing this issue, third party recovery software like Recoverit can be of great help as well for recovering those files.


    Read time 6 minutes

    Adobe Premiere Pro, a timeline-based video editing software, is used for editing, rendering, and compiling video clips. It is a professional video editing software developed by Adobe Systems for compiling movies as well. Though the software is a standard in the industry, there can be issues while compiling the movies using it. It is in the form of error which hinders the compilation– “Error Compiling Movie. Unknown Error

    Error Compiling Movie. Unknown Error

    Causes behind “Error compiling movie. Unknown error”-

    Other than “Unknown error,” this error is accompanied by some other message depending upon the cause behind the error. Some of the primary causes have been given below

    • “Disk Full” – This occurs when the disk which is applying your file is already full
    • “Could not find the user documents directory”
    • “Unable to produce frame” – The frame rate and effects are not in perfect sync
    • “I/O Error” – It occurs due to lack of space and permissions
    • “Duplicate file” – A different file with the same specifications exists in the same location
    • “File not found” – Source files have been linked incorrectly
    • “Codec compression” – This error is a resultant of unsupported codecs of the video files.

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    Users need to adopt different strategies based on the error message received, as it defines the actual cause behind the error. However, there are some common strategies which can help users to resolve the issues for each “Error Compiling Movie” error,

    Tricks to Resolve “Error Compiling Movie. Unknown Error” Issue

    When the error displays “Unknown” as the status, then users are suggested to try some hit and trial solutions as it would help them to identify the real cause behind the error and also to resolve the issue

    1. Restart the System
    2. Try restarting the system as sometimes the system drivers require rebooting to function properly. But it is recommended to save all the current settings and close all the running applications and programs before rebooting your system.

      Once the system is restarted, launch the Adobe Premier Pro application again and start compiling the movie again.

    3. Restart the Adobe Premier Pro Application
    4. Due to the continuous use of the Adobe Premiere Pro application, the program may experience hindrance or issues which can be corrected by restarting the Adobe Premiere Pro application. Here, first save all the settings and customizations to the movie clips, close all the running programs using the system Task Manager, and then restart the application.

    5. Disable the Effects and Special Features
    6. Advanced features and effects (in Adobe Premiere Pro) applied by users in editing the movie can affect the normal rendering of the movie. So, users can try disabling these effects like GPU rendering, check for unnecessary effects like Auto Levels, Auto Color, Auto Contrast, and Shadow/Highlights. Also, remove unsupported codecs or video clips from the movie to be compiled. After doing this, save the rest of the settings and then restart the application to compile the movie again with the new settings.

      Note: Users are advised to remove or replace irregular video clips (with different properties like format, source device, codec, frame size, frame rate, etc. merged in between the same type of clips).

    7. Check the File Name Validity
    8. The files which are being used for creating the movie must be checked for the name as some symbols or characters like ?, /, \, :, *, “, <, >, !, are unsupported ones which can create errors such as “compiling issue”.

    9. Select Alternative File Formats

    Changing the file format from the current one is a good decision as the existing one in use may not be supportive to compile the video. It is suggested to prefer in-built codecs of the application rather than going for the third-party codecs. Also, the “Auto Save” option should be disabled from the application Preferences section to prevent the issue.
    Cause-wise Solutions for “Error Compiling Movie” Issue

    Now, let us know about some specific solutions to fix the compiling errors based on the causes (specified in the error message).

    • “Error compiling movie. Disk Full. Error completing render.”

    Users should free up the disk space as the main cause behind the error is the lack of space to save the video under compilation.

    The ways to free up the disk space are deleting temporary files permanently, emptying the cache, removing the unrequired files and documents from the system drives after exporting it to an external drive, uninstalling the unnecessary programs or applications from the system, etc.

    • “Could not find the user documents directory”

    While trying to compile the video, users may encounter this error as well. It is due to the source files incorrectly linked to the video under compilation. So, users are advised to check the locations as well as files in the location for the correctness and try linking all files again using the Link Media and Locate File options for avoiding any mistakes while rendering.

      • “Error compiling movie. Accelerated Rendered Error. Unable to produce frame.”

    This error also displays the time frame which caused the error. Users can visit the same time frame and disable any accelerated effects, high resolution, shape layers, etc. applied over that frame or put such effects as minimum as possible. After these modifications to the particular frame, users can try re-compiling the movie.

    • “Error compiling movie. I/O Error. Exporter returned bad result.”

    It is because of the error in the selected output location such as low disk space, permissions issues. So, solutions to this error includes freeing up the disk space, checking if the folder is not restricted with access permissions, and clearing media cache files directly from the Adobe Premiere Pro application.

    Some prevention measures for the videos compiling error are checking system requirements, updating the system regularly, checking correct format in videos, keeping Adobe Premier Pro updated, checking disk space regularly, etc.

    If users are getting trouble in opening the compiled video files or raw video clips, it is possible that those video files are corrupted or damaged. Then a professional video repair solution is essential as one cannot rely on manual online repair solutions or the VLC Media Player for effective video repair. Try the most exclusive and powerful software – Kernel Video Repair Software – to repair all kinds of video files in any format, from any source, or saved on any system drive (including the external drive). It is a secure and robust tool to repair corrupt video files and turn them into the healthy ones instantly. It performs repair of multiple video files from any resource readily without hampering original resolutions and properties. Users are welcome to visit the website to know all about the tool and try its free version.


    We have covered almost all the errors which might occur while compiling the video using Adobe Premiere Pro. We have discussed their respective solutions too. It can be helpful to you. In case you are facing video corruption issues, try Kernel Video Repair, a professional solution.


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