Adobe error 1316

adobe error 1316

That error occurs when there are registry errors. You can download and run CCleaner and let it scan for registry errors. Completely uninstalling. Post Comment for Installation Error: Error Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to view the documentation provided in PDF. TestPartner, you may receive the. I have attempted to install Adobe Acrobat 8 on my computer - Windows XP Pro SP2 - error message appears. In searching the hard drive there. adobe error 1316

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Custom Script for Installing Adobe Acrobat DC

I do not think this question has been clearly asked before here on this site. I have scoured Google in hopes of finding a solution, but the information is scattered around the web and difficult to piece together in a timely fashion (with my limited scripting knowledge anyway). So, any help would be appreciated, and if there are any questions about what I'm trying to accomplish here, feel free to ask. I am reaching out because when it comes to creating scripts that are more complicated than merely launching an executable, my knowledge is very limited.

What I am trying to do:

Ultimately, I will be using ManageEngine Desktop Central to push a configuration out to remote computers on our domain/network. The more simple goal, that I just can't seem to find success with, is getting a batch file that can be as easy as running it and successfully installing Adobe Acrobat DC (Not the free Adobe Reader application). I would like to have a batch file that checks to see if the install folder is there, and if it is, uninstall it to eliminate the message that is prompted stating "Error The specified account already exists." or any other traces of Acrobat that would cause this install error. Once the safeguards are in place to avoid install errors, such as the error previously mentioned, it gets more simple. After that, I just want Adobe Acrobat to install, then I want to remove the shortcut "Adobe Creative" from all the users' desktops so they only see the "Adobe Acrobat DC" shortcut.


Okay, in the time I posted the original post, I have tried throwing together a batch file, but it still will not work. I am using a 3rd party service to deploy this config, so contacting Adobe would not be helpful. I don't expect most people to be familiar with ManageEngine Desktop Central, but that is why I need a batch file, which Adobe support cannot help me with. what I have right now is:


(You have to change the Sequence 2015 error quicktime of the Uninstall Actions otherwise you get a conflict with InstallValidate)