501 syntax error ftp

501 syntax error ftp

Re: 501 Syntax error Looks like the client is sending IPv6 data. Filezilla Server does not support IPv6. Configure your client to send IPv4. Questions: Getting 501 Syntax error when issuing RETR command to FTP server ; public class ftp ; void connect(String host, int port, String user. Explanation. The FTP server received an XFIF command. The XFIF command is a z/OSĀ® FTP proprietary command that directs the server to create a named pipe.

501 syntax error ftp - this phrase

52588 fe80::45f:6a3:3f57:fdfb%8 <net-addr> <net-prt>

FTP Server Settings

Exception nameCauseSolutionIllegalArgumentException
port out of range Port number specified is outside the valid range.Please check the port number entered in [Port number] or [Passive mode port number].IllegalArgumentException
Illegal idle time Idle timeout value is incorrect.Please check the value entered in [Idle time out].SocketTimeoutException
Accept timed out Possible idle timeout in data transfer.Please check whether the set data connection port is allowed on FTP client side and FTP server side.ConnectException
Connection refused: connect Data connection may not be created.Please check whether the set data connection port is allowed on FTP client side and FTP server side.SocketException
Connection reset The data connection may be closed during data transfer.Please check whether the data is readable or writable.MalformedInputException
Input length = 1 (Hexdump: 54 53 4F 20 52 2F ...) The specified file name encoding may be other than UTF-8 on FTP client side.Please check whether the specified file name encoding is UTF-8 on FTP client side.FtpServerConfigurationException
Failed to bind to address <port>, check configuration The specified port number of FTP server is not available.Please check whether the specified port number of FTP server is already used, if it is a well-known port, check whether the well-known port is available.BindException
Permission denied The specified data connection port number cannot be used without permission.Please check whether the root permission of the OS is granted to the user of OS that started DataSpiderServer.

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