49.00ff service error

49.00ff service error

The HP printer error 49 code can appear when you try to print a document with an HP printer. A communications failure between the printer and. 1. Try printing a job from the printer. If the message persists, contact an HP-authorized service or support provider (see HP customer care). Embedded JetDirect: ➢No New Updates FIXES: Base: ➢You may see a FF error while performing a Direct TIFF print job. ➢Setting Legacy resolution to. 49.00ff service error

With you: 49.00ff service error

Cisco cache error exception occurred
49.00ff service error

49 Error HP LaserJet (all models)

The 49 error codes on HP LaserJet printers are communication error codes, 49.00ff service error. They can be hard to troubleshoot as quite a few culprits cause 49 errors.  Also, 49.00ff service error, these errors can be just temporary errors that clear with a reboot, or more permanent errors that actually require a hardware replacement.  Here are some tips for resolving 49 error codes on HP LaserJet printers.

First, the general advice is to assume it's a temporary error.  Turn the printer off, unplug the printer from the network/computer, clear any pending jobs from the print queue (on the computer), then reboot the printer to make the 49 error disappear.   49.00ff service error you can reconnect the network/computer cable and try printing again.

Second, a mismatched or corrupted driver can cause 49 errors.   Try to remember if the 49 error only occurs during certain print jobs (for example only internal server error cgi htaccess printing from custom software or only when printing a certain document that is more complex or memory-intensive than average).  In those cases, it's very possible 49.00ff service error a mismatched or corrupted driver has been assigned to the printer.  Faulty drivers can send bad data to the printer, cause confusion and trigger the 49 error.  Try downloading & replacing with a different driver; we usually recommend PCL5 drivers and PostScript drivers (not PCL6).  Finding the right driver can take a good bit of experimentation.  If you're unfamiliar with drivers, see our tutorial here: Installing printer drivers tutorial.

A faulty JetDirect network card can also trigger a 49 error.  You can test "around" the JetDirect network card by connecting to the printer via an alternate connection like a USB or parallel port, and see if the same jobs print ok when you bypass communicating through the network card.  Replace the JetDirect card if needed; we have JetDirect cards here on our JetDirect page. Many of the modern LaserJet printers don't use JetDirect cards and just have the network port directly soldered onto the main system board (called the formatter assembly).  In those cases you would need to replace the entire formatter assembly.

A failing accessory or failing memory chip installed in the formatter slots can cause a 49 error.  Common accessories include optional hard drives, memory chips, etc.  If you suspect one of these items, try removing the accessories or memory chips one at a time and rebooting to see if anything improves with a certain accessory or memory chip missing. We stock hard drives, accessories, and memory at PrinterTechs; if you need to replace anything give us a call toll-free or local

Finally, a failing formatter can also cause 49 errors.  There are certain models that are notorious for formatter failures, and there are other models where formatters basically never fail.   To be clear, the formatter assembly is the circuit board that controls the logic, receives data from the computer, 49.00ff service error, and issues the print commands.  The LaserJet P is a prime example of a printer with notorious formatter failures. (read more about the P model Replacing the Error a2008 syntax error flat HP LaserJet P PD PN PDN PX).  Other popular models that often have formatter failures are the LaserJet P, LaserJet M, LaserJet M, LaserJet M

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The HP Printer Error 49 is caused by the attempt made by performing an action which the software is not capable of. Or your printer may not be designed to handle the complex commands, 49.00ff service error. Error 49 in the HP printer is a communication error that can be caused due to many reasons. It can be seen as due to invalid operations or commands were given to the printer. The error 49’s occurrence can carry an alphabet along with it also. This is a FutureSmart firmware communication error and the alphabets along with it are variable values. The 49 error is a temporary issue and may not require any permanent hardware or software replacement, 49.00ff service error. It can be easily resolved by running the power cycle again on your HP Printer.

Some of the HP Printer 49 Service Errors are Listed Below: 

  • HP Printer Error c02
  • ff error 
  • f14 error

What is a 49 Service Error on an HP Printer?

The HP Printer 49 service error can be termed as miscommunication between the server system and the printer which is receiving the commands from the user. The HP Printer Error 49 is lsu error xerox of two types that are Intermittent HP Printer 49 service error and Persistent HP Printer 49 service error. 

  • Intermittent HP Printer 49 Service Error 

The error comes up only once over some time when the printer is functioning correctly and then not functioning again.

  • Persistent HP Printer Error 49

It occurs repeatedly for one or more than one time even after solving the issue. 

What are the Causes of HP Printer Error 49?

The 49 error is caused by 49.00ff service error traffic or the concurrent timings of the jobs and commands were given to the printer. It stronghold 3 application load error 5 0000065434 also be caused by a firmware glitch. Other reasons for this error are shown here:

  • Printing the incompatible version of the files by the HP Printer
  • Interfacing with a third-party fix that was not designed to work with the printer
  • Timings of the jobs that are being given to the printer
  • Concurrent processing of the job 
  • The network traffic coming into the printer in a specific environment
  • Registry errors

Fixes for the HP Printer Error 49

You can fix the HP Printer error 49 by calibrating the printer, running the power cycle again, giving a test print, enabling the Auto recovery, etc. These fixes can be administered on your own. Listed below is a detailed explanation of all the fixes that are involved in resolving the error

Fix 1:

Calibrate the Printer

The method to fix the service error 49 is to calibrate 49.00ff service error printer. First, you need to cancel all the jobs that are in processing. Then try giving a test print from a different software application. If the error is still there then you need to change the “DIMMS” or “EIO” devices that are connected to the printer.

Below, you can read more about all the steps involved to fix this issue:

  • Press the “Cancel” job on the printer and clear the memory of the printer.
  • Turn off the printer and after some time turn it on again.
  • Try giving a test print from different software or a different application.
  • When you succeed with the above step, then go back to the first application and give a test print.
  • If you receive the error message, then you can contact the software vendor of that particular software.
  • If the message persists with both the software, then disconnect the cables that are connected to the system and the printer.
  • Turn scanjet 8350 duplex error the printer.
  • Remove all the “DIMMS” memories.
  • Delete the third-party “DIMMS” from the printer.
  • Remove all the “EIO” devices from the computer.
  • Turn the printer on now.
  • If the error no longer appears, then install each of the “DIMMS” and “EIO” devices one by one.
  • Make sure you turn off the printer after installing each software.
  • If the error still appears, replace a “DIMM” or “EIO” device. 

Note: After following the above-mentioned steps, if socket reset error error message is still showing up, then check all the cable connections that might be connected to the printer and the system as well. Replace the formatter and calibrate the printer. 

Fix 2:

Cleaning the Registry

Another way to fix the error 49 in HP printers is by cleaning the registry of your computer. The registry is a large database that stores all the important settings and data of the computer. Sometimes when the registry stores too much data, it can cause a few errors, and error 49 might be one of them.

To ensure that the registry does not create any problem, you can download a registry cleaner. It will help in keeping the registry storage junk-free and it won’t take up much space also.

Fix 3:

Running the Power Cycle

Running the power cycle means turning off your printer and turning it on again. Follow the steps given here to run the power cycle:

  • Disconnect all the power cables that are connected to the printer and your system. Turn off your printer.
  • Turn it on again after some time when all the jobs are stopped.

This is the most effective fix in solving this error, 49.00ff service error. If the 49 service error message still shows up then you can follow the below-given fix.

Fix 4:

Enable Auto Recovery

The HP Printer Error 49 can also be resolved by enabling Auto Recovery, 49.00ff service error. At first, you need to print an event logo from the printer to find out the frequency of the error If the frequency comes out less than 1, then msipl error a701 error will not harm hardware id error igo printer.

In case the frequency comes out more than 1 per week, you have to make sure that Auto Recovery is enabled. You can enable Auto Recovery from the control panel or using the Embedded Web Server (EWS).

If you don’t know 49.00ff service error to enable the Auto Recovery feature, then these step-by-step instructions will tell you how to do it.

  • In the case of FutureSmart 3, Go to “Administration” and “Management”. In the case of FutureSmart 4, go to “Settings” then “General”.
  • Click on the “Auto Recovery” option.
  • Click on “Enable”.
  • After clicking on “Enable”, click on “Save” to save the changes you have made.

Fix 5:

Update the Firmware from the Preboot Menu Using a USB Flash Drive

If the error code 49 still shows up then the cause of the error might be an older version of the firmware file. You can update the firmware file by downloading it from the website after finding whether the printer is running FutureSmart 3 or FutureSmart 4. Then you can save it to a USB drive and update the firmware by uploading it to your system.

Below listed are the step-by-step instructions through 49.00ff service error you can update your firmware easily:

  • Print a configuration page, this will help you in determining whether the printer is running FutureSmart 3 49.00ff service error FutureSmart 4.
  • Go to the official website of HP.
  • Click “Upgrade Now” to have a look at the list of all the printers and the updated versions of the firmware.
  • Find your HP printer model and click on the “link” to the download page.
  • Scroll through either the “FutureSmart 4” or “FutureSmart 3” section.
  • Find the “Firmware” file.
  • Click on the “Download” button.
  • Choose the “Save as” option and then save it on your USB drive.
  • Select the “Open Folder” option.
  • Browse to your desired location where you want to save the file.
  • Right-click on the “.zip” file and select “Extract All Files”.
  • Update the firmware from the “Preboot” menu which would be on the “Control Panel”.
  • Click on the “Administrator” option.
  • Scroll through the list and select “Download”.
  • Insert the USB drive in front of the printer.
  • Click on the “USB Thumb Drive”.
  • Select the file with “.bdl” extension.
  • Click on the “Ok” or you can also press “6”.

Note: After you have followed the above-given instructions, wait for the process to get completed. When the “Complete” message is displayed, the HP printer will automatically reboot. After the printer is restarted, you can also print a test page to ensure that the firmware is updated or not.

In Summary

The error 49 on HP printers usually indicates improper communication between your machine and computer. After reading this article you found out the causes of the HP Printer error These can be inclusive of invalid commands or operations given by the user, incompatible version of the firmware, disabled auto-recovery, etc. The fixes for this error include calibrating the printer, updating the firmware, cleaning the registry, and running the power cycle. Through all these fixes your error would have been resolved by now. We will advise you to remember everything you got to know here to troubleshoot this error in case it arises in the future. If you want to fix HP Printer In Error State. Then you can contact us via telephone or mail.

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What is a 49 Error and how do I fix it?

In general, a 49 service error stop error 7b a situation where the printer cannot process a file that has been sent. In some cases the file is corrupted and in other cases the printer’s firmware simply cannot interpret that file, 49.00ff service error. In either case, to resolve this issue you should try the following: 
1.  Turn the printer off and check the print queue for the last job sent. Delete that job and turn the printer back on. The remaining jobs should then start to print. Keep in mind that if several users are sending to that printer it can be any one of them that sent the corrupt file. 

2.   In rare cases there can be a printer issue. In order to determine this, the Ethernet cable must first be removed from the back of the printer and the printer restarted, 49.00ff service error. If the printer boots up to ready and you can perform an internal print such as a configuration page, chances are that the printer is working fine.

3.  There are times when you will not see any jobs in the print queue yet when you power the printer 49.00ff service error and it comes 49.00ff service error ready the data light will blink and a 49 error appears, 49.00ff service error. Be assured there is some kind of data being sent to the printer. In this case, you can try initializing the print spooler. In some cases the printer will need to be reinstalled using a new IP address. 

4.  In rare instances that the printer is at fault, 49.00ff service error, the canon mp 210 error e5 likely causes are the network card or the formatter.


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How to overcome Errors on HP printers and MFP&#;s

This video shows a fix when you get sprers.eu errors on your HP printer or MFP. This error generally shows up when printing pdf documents however can occur simply from a communication issue between the printer and the computer. The video shows you how to overcome the issue and update your printer and computer to ensure it does not reoccur.

HP Printer Error sprers.eu
The error message is something similar to this:

Event Firmware Description
FF F60F Device Error

A print error 49 will occur on the printer when trying to print a document, typically a PDF.

This error usually indicates a mis-communication between the printer and the computer sending the document, 49.00ff service error. It can be the communication process itself or a corrupt pdf that has cause d the issue.

Sometimes the printer will ask for a restart and other times it will restart by itself.

One problem may be if there is the problem document stuck in the printer queue that it will cause the 49 error to reoccur every time the printer tries to restart. If this happens you will need to remove the job from the printer queue to prevent the 49 issue reoccurring.

1st STEP – Check current printer firmware
2nd STEP &#; and update your firmware of your printer
3rd STEP – Update your adobe acrobat program

The video below will guide you through this process.

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XXXX printer error what does this mean?

XXXX printer error what can this mean? HP Printer Parts and Support


This error is caused by a few different things. Normally it is associated with a printer’s. 49.00ff service error have read the needs to be upgraded. I have also read and heard other causes for this error. Maybe it is a issue. It could also be a jet direct card believe it or not. Those were just a few of what may be causing the XXXX errors in printers.

The error means a critical error has occurred that caused the processor on the to abort operation. This type of error can be caused by invalid print commands, corrupt data, or invalid operations. In some cases, 49.00ff service error, electrical in the cable can corrupt data during transmission to the printer. Other causes include poor quality cables, poor connections, or homegrown applications (third party software).

Common Causes:

              Old or outdated
              Conflicting versions of 3rd Party
               Using 6 instead of 5
               Old or outdated drivers
               Packet Loss or Interference on
               Bad data cable

Recommended actions:

Below you will find different steps to try and get you printing again. Keep in mind performing some of these steps may delete some of the settings in the printer (IP info and internal printer settings).

1. Press CANCEL JOB to clear the print job from the printer memory.
2. Turn the printer off and then back on.
3. Try printing a job from a different software application. If the job prints, go back to
the first application and try printing a different file. If the message appears only with a certain software application or print job, contact the software vendor for assistance.
4. If the message persists with different software applications and print jobs, disconnect all cables to the printer that connect it to the or PC.
5. Turn the printer off.
6. Remove all memory DIMMs or third-party DIMMs from the printer. (Do not remove the in slot J1.)
7, 49.00ff service error. Remove all devices from the printer.
8. Turn the printer on.
9. If the error no longer exists, install each and device one at a time, making sure to turn the printer off and back on as you install each
Replace a or device if you determine that it causes the error.
Remember to reconnect all cables that connect the printer to the or computer.
If the error persists, 49.00ff service error, replace the .
Replace the and calibrate the printer if needed.

There are also different steps you can take if the previous steps don’t help.

You can switch from 6 drivers to a 5. 5 is a much more stable choice and is suitable in most environments that do not require PostScript drivers.  

For a PS printer:

1. Open printer Properties.
2. Go to "Device Settings" tab.
3. Disable the option "Postscript Passthrough" under the "Installable Options".

On the the JetDirect Card can cause the problem.
Sometimes upgrading the JetDirect helps.
If it continues replace the JetDirect card (usually 49.00ff service error N).

To continue printing try to: 

1.  Turn off the printer
2.  Disconnect the data or cable
3.  Clear the print queue
4.  Turn the printer back on
5.  Re-connect the data or cable
6. Try a

CAUTION when performing a you will delete settings and printer settings.

7. If software related try installing updates for the software.
8. Can be associated with connections on routers, switches and even ports.
9. Replace the USB or Cat5e cable.

  This regasm /tlb i/o error can also affect monochrome and color M-series multifunction printers. In some instances after upgrading a LaserJet M-series upon rebooting the 49 error will occur. As soon as the printer is connected to the the error appears, 49.00ff service error. Disconnecting the printer from the seems to prevent the error from occurring after the upgrade. The problem seems to be with the Authentication feature. The file might get corrupted during the upgrade. is a secure method for authenticating a request for a service on a .  It enables a user to request an encrypted ticket from an authentication process that can be used to request a particular service from a hermes n900 network error. The user’s password does not have to pass through the .

        The following list shows some of the printer's and the levels which might be affected by upgrading the .

PRINTER                               UPGRADING FROM                         UPGRADING TO

Mmfp, Mmfp     or earlier       or later
Mmfp                         or earlier       or later
Mmfp                         or earlier       or later
CMmfp                       or earlier       or later
CM / mfp           or earlier       or later
CMmfp                       or earlier       or later
M / mfp             or earlier       or later
C Digital Sender     or earlier       or later

      If the error is related to a corrupt configuration file, one way to try and prevent the error from occurring is to clear the settings from the printer before upgrading the. You can access the authentication configuration from the embedded web server of the printer, 49.00ff service error. This feature will be found on the settings tab of the embedded web server. Web Jetadmin can be used to clear these settings as well. The restore factory settings command which can be accessed from the of these printers can be used, but in doing so all the configuration settings will be reset to factory defaults. Install the upgrade and test. If there is more than one printer that will be getting upgraded I would suggest you test one thoroughly before proceeding.

         The CM / printer might experience some problems when booting up where the printer stops at stage 5 of 6 or hangs and might display a C This could be caused by corrupt values. Starting with revisionthe values are no longer being written to the. These are now being written to directly to the. The following procedure should allow you to get past the reported boot progress hang internal error false position scx-4220 the C02 error.

CAUTION when performing a you will delete settings and printer settings.


CAUTION: Initializing resets the serial number, the event log, the page counts, the calibration settings, and the card. Use the SERVICE menu to restore the serial number and page counts. You 49.00ff service error need to reconfigure any computers that print to this product to recognize the product. Initialize only when absolutely necessary. In most situations, use to reset product variables but still retain the needed values in the SERVICE menu.  Before initializingprint a configuration page and a supplies status page to gather the following information:
 ● Total page count
 ● Serial number

Turn the printer l2 freya runtime error and remove the cable. Turn the printer on and perform a partial initialization. (Turn the printer on, when the display starts to count the memory press and hold 3 until all three lights on the panel are lit. Press 9 one time, and then press and release START, Press 6 one time). The printer should boot past stage 5 and 6 of the boot progress now and not display a C  Cancel out of the wizard setup screens. Turn the printer off and connect the cable. Turn the printer on and perform a. (Turn the printer on and when the server error 403 roadsync shows the memory counting press and hold the 6 key until all three lights on the are lit, release the 6 key. Press 3 or 9 to scroll to and then 6 to select). Flash the latest available to the printer.

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You can watch a thematic video

49 Errors in HP Printers


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