4198 runtime error

4198 runtime error

A Runtime Error error code is caused by a Hexadecimal formatting error. That format is the most common one that software programmers. I am getting an error on the last line of code, with a pop-up that states "Run-time error '': Command failed". I have no idea why. Runtime Error might associate with links. If you have links on your origin word document where it is being printscreened, try remove it and see if that. 4198 runtime error

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Run Time Error

Have tested again, stepping through the code with F8 and it runs, yet when I try to run from the command button it errors.
When stepping through and having opened the word file, I close it down, it informs me that the sprers.eu template has been modified, would I like to save changes? I'm presuming that my word file must still be open in the background somewhere and when I am trying to execute the code it is showing that the file is read-locked?
This error is commonly encountered when a read lock is set on the file that you are attempting to open. Possible reasons for this:
<DIR>Another user has the file open, either on the same computer that you are using, or on another computer.
Word crashed at some point in the past and left a read lock on the file.
Another application has an exclusive lock on the file, preventing Word from opening the file.
A custom application is running and 4198 runtime error opened this file (possibly on another user's computer). It may have opened the file using an incorrect method.


.SaveAs error for Word (Error Command Failed)

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    .SaveAs error for Word (Error Command Failed)

    I 4198 runtime error a long macro that fills out a table in Excel, then opens a Word document, pastes the table into it, 4198 runtime error, and saves it to an inputted file path. I am getting an error on the last line of code, with a pop-up that states "Run-time error '': Command failed". I have no idea why, since I have basically this same exact code in 4198 runtime error Excel file, and it runs fine without any errors. I've tried using Google to find a solution, but I've found nothing. I did read that this sometimes happens on Acer machines due to a cloud add-in, but I'm using a Dell machine. Any help would be appreciated!

    I will paste the last part of the code here:
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    Re: .SaveAs error for Word (Error Command Failed)

    Thank you! I cannot believe I didn't catch that- such a simple fix!

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