301 keyboard error hp

301 keyboard error hp

Keyboard interface test failed (improper connection or stuck key). 303-Keyboard Controller Error. Keyboard buffer failed empty (8042 failure or stuck key). 304-. Buy Original New for HP 9Z.N6MSW.301 NSK-CC3SW 01 701485-001 US Keyboard with Frame: Laptop Replacement Parts - Amazon.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on. The IBM error 301 POST code means the keyboard is not responding correctly. You could have a stuck key, or the keyboard cable is faulty and not.

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HP Pavilion 14-ce series Keyboard 9Z.NF2BQ.301 NSK-XM3BQ L19195-001


HP laptop

HP ProBook 450 G6 G7 455 G6 G7 455R G6 G7 Keyboard not working?

Laptop HP ProBook 450 G6 G7 455 G6 G7 455R G6 G7 series keyboard not working or Some keys on your laptop are not working. Laptop keyboard Compitable with HP ProBook 450 G6 G7 455 G6 G7 455R G6 G7 series or have it replaced at WS Repair.

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This product is compatible with 67 models


HP ProBook 450 G6 G7 455 G6 G7 455R G6 G7 Keyboard defective?

There can be several reasons why the keyboard of your HP ProBook 450 G6 G7 455 G6 G7 455R G6 G7 series has stopped working. For example, it is possible that moisture has reached the board, causing a short circuit, and you can no longer use the keys. It is also possible that the various buttons release, and you suddenly have a certain letter on your finger while typing. You can't always replace these yourself, making it difficult to keep using that particular button. There is also the ever-present risk of a software error that you can do nothing about. As you can see, there can be several reasons for a malfunctioning HP ProBook 450 G6 G7 455 G6 G7 455R G6 G7 series keyboard.

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    Hinges: Fixing points.

    Dc Jack: Wire, without wire, number of pins and the input.

    Hinges: Mounting points.

    Fan : Number of pins, CPU, GPU and cooler mounting points.

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    LCD cable: Quantity pins, webcam connection and touch or not.

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HP ProBook 450 G6 G7 455 G6 G7 455R G6 G7 Keyboard replacement?

You can have your HP ProBook 450 G6 G7 455 G6 G7 455R G6 G7 series laptop repaired by us, for repair of your HP ProBook 450 G6 G7 455 G6 G7 455R G6 G7 series by experienced repairer at a low price.

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Internal keyboards
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This product is compatible with 67 models

A.3 power-on self test (post) messages – HP DC5850 User Manual

background image



Technical Reference Guide

Error Messages and Codes

A.3 Power-On Self Test (POST) Messages

Table A-2.

Power-On Self Test (POST) Messages

Error Message

Probable Cause

Invalid Electronic Serial Number

Chassis serial number is corrupt. Use Setup to enter a valid number.

Network Server Mode Active (w/o


System is in network mode.

101-Option ROM Checksum Error

A device’s option ROM has failed/is bad.

110-Out of Memory Space for

Option ROMs

Recently added PCI card contains and option ROM too large to

download during POST.

102-system Board Failure

Failed ESCD write, A20, timer, or DMA controller.

150-Safe POST Active

An option ROM failed to execute on a previous boot.

162-System Options Not Set

Invalid checksum, RTC lost power, or invalid configuration.

163-Time & Date Not Set

Date and time information in CMOS is not valid.

164-Memory Size Error

Memory has been added or removed.

201-Memory Error

Memory test failed.

213-Incompatible Memory Module BIOS detected installed DIMM(s) as being not compatible.

214-DIMM Configuration Warning A specific error has occurred in a memory device installed in the

identified socket.

216-Memory Size Exceeds Max

Installed memory exceeds the maximum supported by the system.

217-DIMM Configuration Warning

Unbalanced memory configuration.

219-ECC Memory Module

Detected ECC Modules not

supported on this platform

Recently added memory module(s) support ECC memory error


301-Keyboard Error

Keyboard interface test failed (improper connection or stuck key).

303-Keyboard Controller Error

Keyboard buffer failed empty (8042 failure or stuck key).

304-Keyboard/System Unit Error

Keyboard controller failed self-test.

404-Parallel Port Address Conflict

Current parallel port address is conflicting with another device.

417-Network Interface Card Failure NIC BIOS could not read Device ID of embedded NIC.

501-Display Adapter Failure

Graphics display controller.

510-Splash Image Corrupt

Corrupted splash screen image. Restore default image w/flash utility.

511-CPU Fan Not Detected

Processor heat sink fan is not connected.

512-Chassis Fan Not Detected

Chassis fan is not connected.

Microsoft Docs">

After following all the above steps, Wait till the test to finish. Your PC will now restart. Let it boot & fix the error.

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Solution #4: Check The Hard Drive For Errors

When facing the SMART hard disk error, you’ve to check your drive if there’s a physical problem leading to a HP smart hard disk error 301.

  • First of all, click on the Start then My Computer/This PC.
  • Choose the hard disk & right-click on it.
  • Then, go to the option Properties. Make a tap on the Tools
  • In the option Error-checking, you have to click on the Choose Now. (Only system administrators have this permission).

check hard drive

  • After this, tap on the automatically fix file system errors.
  • Now, scan for & attempt recovery of bad sectors.
  • At last, click on the Start.

Solution #5: Cool Down Your Hard Disk To Fix Smart Hard Disk Error 301 HP

Sometimes, the ventilation issues might also cause the hard disk error 301 HP. For the normal functioning of your hard disk, accurate ventilation requires to be maintained.

However, if there isn’t sufficient ventilation, a hard disk will surely exceed its maximum temperature. Due to this, you might get this error when you turn on your system. So, to eliminate the ventilation issues, ensure that the coolants are functioning properly. Apart from that, always try to clean internal components regularly.

Solution #6: Reset the Hard Drive

Likely the connection between a hard drive & the HP laptop may have loosened because of physical damage, shock, etc. Make sure that the firm connection between a hard drive & the motherboard via reseating your hard drive.

Though, you should be very careful while you play with the internals of a laptop as it might further harm your system/laptop.

Note: If you’re not aware of a hardware part, just skip this solution.

Solution #7: Change The Boot Priority Order

Simply turn off your laptop & then again turn it on. Instantly start by pressing the BIOS key generally, the F10 key in HP laptops & desktops, continuously till you get the BIOS screen

  • Firstly, use the left/right arrow key & go to the ‘Advanced’ tab
  • Next, using the up/down arrow key, you can move the selection to the ‘Boot Order.
  • Then, press the F10 key to save the changes & exit a BIOS.

Fixing 301 Hard Disk Error Code Issue

Otherwise, you can also press F9 continuously when pressing a power button to enter the boot priority order. Make use of the up or down arrow key & choose your hard disk to boot Windows.

Recover Files From Hard Disk After Fixing 301 Hard Disk Error Code Issue

If you have tried all the overhead methods, then you would be able to fix smart hard disk error 301 HP. But, in the case, while applying the above methods, if you have found that your system’s hard disk data gets deleted then do not worry anymore.

You can try the best option that is Hard Drive Data Recovery to recover data from hard drive, external HDD, memory cards, USB flash drives, digital cameras, and many more.

This software offer a preview option that is available in a free trial version, it helps you to check if your lost files are recoverable or not from the hard drive. It supports both the OS: Windows and Mac respectively…

Download Data Recovery For WindowsDownload Data Recovery For Mac
* Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable objects.

Here is the step-by-step guide to recover stuff from an external hard drive in no time using this fully-featured tool.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Smart Hard Disk Error Be Fixed?

Yes, of course, the system Smart hard disk error can be fixed by applying the solutions mentioned in this post. But remember that, before going to solve this problem by above fixes, do not forget to take a backup of your crucial data of hard disk.

What Causes SMART Error 301/302/309?

The collection of bad blocks is enough reason to generate such SMART errors 301/302/309. Apart from that, physical damage to a hard drive, outdated or misconfigured BIOS and virus attack could also lead to such sorts of error codes.

How Do I Fix Imminent Hard Drive Failure?

To fix imminent hard drive failure, try the below troubleshooting tips:

  • Use Command Prompt
  • Perform a Quick Disk Check
  • Run System File Checker
  • Check Bad Sectors of The Hard Disk
  • Seek Help from The Experts

Can I Reset My SMART Hard Drive?

Actually, you cannot clear or reset the Smart hard disk because; SMART is an audit of drives history & is upheld by the disk itself.

How Do I Fix HP Smart HDD Error 302?

You can fix SMART HDD error 302 by using Hard Drive Self-Test. For this, you have to turn on your computer >> press the F10 key on the keyboard to boot in to a BIOS Setup. Then, select the Hard Disk Test to check for errors and fix them.

Final Words

I’m sure this blog helped you to know how to fix smart hard disk error 301 HP with easy approaches. All these solutions are very easy to apply and I am sure one of the fixes will definitely be going to solve the hard disk 301 error HP.

However, after using these methods if you found that your hard disk data gets deleted then you can easily recover data from non-detecting hard disks by trying the best Hard Drive Data Recovery tool. You need to just download & install this software and try the step-by-step guide mentioned in this article.

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