0x36b1 error code

0x36b1 error code

getting this error on the job in the logs,. CreateProcessW failed. CODE=14001 ERROR_STRING=This application has failed to start because the application. "Windows API LoadLibraryEx returened error # 14001 (0x36B1) " Build the Release version of your code. "Failed to start process for Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition: The application has failed to start because its side-by-side.

Think already: 0x36b1 error code

0x36b1 error code
0x36b1 error code
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meesh42 wrote:Back again

Having another issue, this time the world of google has been no help. I run the steam edition of FSX and today I got this message:

The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuation is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail (0x36B1)

whose had this error, and could anyone shed any light on where to start looking?

Had a look at this out of interest. What I found is:

1, 0x36b1 error code. The error code 0x36B1 is not unique or specific to FSX-SE, but instead is a "steam" error. Other steam games, such as Warhammer, reports 0x36b1 error code same error.

2. It seems to be a problem with one of the "redistributable" dependencies, specifically 2005. Not all redistributables are "cumulative", 0x36b1 error code, meaning new updated redistributables do NOT ALWAYS incorporate the "previous" version.
(Even though you may have the latest redistributable installed, you still (also) need 2005. Hence the "side by side" message.)

3. I cannot find any "quick" solutions to the fix the problem. But I would suggest the following:
Follow the path as in the red oval. Your installation pathmay differ, but main thing is to get to "steamapps > common>FSX >_CommonRedist > vcredist > 2005.

4, 0x36b1 error code. Then, run those two exe's, so as to do a re-install, with the hope that a "re-install" may do the trick. (Otherwise download 2005 from MS website)


Hope this helps or at least points you in right direction.

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